Ranbir Kapoor gets clicked outside a clinic

Ranbir Kapoor has been reportedly not keeping well last week. The actor was advised bed rest by the doctors. Today, he was snapped outside a clinic in the city.
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Ranbir Kapoor had been sick last week due to which the fashion show where he was about to walk with Deepika Padukone was postponed to this week. Despite keeping unwell, the talented actor has been completing his professional commitments and was snapped at an ad shoot last week.
Today, Ranbir was snapped outside a clinic in the city. The actor was seen in a wearing a white T-Shirt and red track pants. He teamed it up with white sneakers and a black cap.
Ranbir was clicked while making his way towards the clinic and while entering his car.
Check out the photos below and tell us about it in the comments section.
Meanwhile, in an interview with a leading daily, the actor spoke about the importance of a friend circle and stated, "It’s very important, especially in my profession because they keep you grounded, make you humane, and give you a reality check."
Ranbir revealed that his one true friend in Bollywood is filmmaker Ayan Mukerji while the rest of his friends date back to his school days. 
"That’s all you need when friends are together," Ranbir said while talking about what he does to unwind - go for a drive, watch movies or play football with his mates.
During a recent event, Ranbir got candid about the one drawback of stardom. The actor said, "Stardom isolates you more from the world because a lot of people want your time and attention. I also think it is a bit sad because nobody should be isolated in life. But apart from that, I am pretty much the same person."

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