Ranbir Kapoor heads to Bulgaria for Brahmastra; Rishi Kapoor-Neetu Kapoor holiday in Paris

After celebrating mom Neetu Kapoor's birthday in Paris, Ranbir Kapoor has headed to Bulgaria to shoot for the second schedule of Ayan Mukherji's film Brahmastra.
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Ranbir Kapoor’s family recently headed to the Paris to celebrate his mother Neetu Kapoor’s 60th birthday. After the birthday celebration, Ranbir Kapoor headed to Bulgaria to start shooting for the second schedule of Ayan Mukherji’s Brahmastra. Ranbir stars in the film with Alia Bhatt and has already wrapped up the first schedule of the film earlier this year.

It has been a month of celebrations for actor Ranbir Kapoor. Riding high currently on his latest Bollywood success Sanju, the actor had more reason to rejoice, as his mother Neetu Kapoor celebrated a milestone, her 60th birthday in Paris.

Rishi Kapoor planned the special birthday and the whole family arrived in Paris to celebrate Neetu Kapoor’s birthday. Daughter Riddhima Kapoor Sahni shared photos and videos from the birthday celebration on her social media account.

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor have continued their holiday with daughter Riddhima in Paris. They shared a photo of them enjoying lunch near the Eiffel Tower.  Neetu Kapoor posted a photo with mother-in-law Krishna Raj Kapoor, daughter Riddhima and grand-daughter Samara Sahni. She captioned it, “Super charged to see the Eiffel Tower”

Riddhima Kapoor Sahni had also shared photos as the couple enjoyed a day out at Disney Land.

Check out the photos here:



Super charged to see the Eiffel Tower

A post shared by neetu Kapoor. Fightingfyt (@neetu54) on

Brahmastra is slated to release in August next year. The film is the first of the trilogy being planned by director Ayan Mukherji. Ranbir Kapoor said that the film is a supernatural romantic fairytale at heart. He had shared while promoting Sanju that he is ‘terribly excited’ about it.







Grandmother Krishna jee is very beautiful. She is very classy and elegant. She always dresses very nice and makes a statement with her clothes.

for a second i thought that was kareena

Ranbir Must be hanging out with aish for sure

If she is as stunning now, imagine how krishna jee would have been in her young days. yet raj kapoor strayed so much. men have no taste.

Apple does not fall far from the tree! Look at the grandson, left great beauties, for .... Less said then better.

Bollywood wants to flaunt their wealth.. Yuck!

Woww grandma looks classy

Ridhima's daughter looks stupid.Have seen her video once and that was fake and i cringed while watching that

Just an over possessive woman. . Kudos to Babita who never gives any interviews about her marriage or for that matter wash her dirty laundry in public.

Seems like grandma is close to Rishi’s family.

Grandma is the most beautiful woman in the family. Ridhima is stunning as well, should’ve joined films when she was younger.

She is no ordinary Grandma. Grandma's name is Krishna jee. She is Mrs. Raj Kapoor and sister to Premnath and Rajendra nath and her children are Randhir, Rishi, Reema, Rita, and her grandkids, her bahus are Babita jee and Neetu Singh and grandkids are Karishma, Kareena, Rabir, Riddhima,Aadar, Armaan, Natasha, Nikhil, and more and her great grand kids are Samaira, Kiaan and our sweetest Rosogulla Taimur baby. Her devars are Shammi , Shashi and Rajiv Kapoor.

She has three sons

It doesnt matter she's related to famous people...that shouldnt be someones claim to fame! She's beautiful and well loved though! :)

Thank you for the family tree.

Riddhima was always clear she didnt want to be an actress. There was loads speculation but she was firm. Neither did the Khan sisters ie Susanne, Simone, Laila.....

Riddhima was raised with the expectation she would be married off. Neetu has said the same. She was raised in typical Kapoor fashion, her father is a chauvinist and her mother regressive. I assure you she was not firm, it was simply not an option. They did pathetic things like invite her favorite actor Salman Khan to her wedding to make her feel like a princess; imagine the irony that her brother was brought up to be such a stallion that he would steal Salman's girl from under he nose. More importantly she was never allowed to be close to the Kapoor sisters probably because there was concern for their influence, it's no mistake that they only came closer after all 3 girls are have been married/settled/become mothers. Neetu and Riddhima have always been jealous of Babita and her girls because Babita was gutsy enough to leave and raise her girls to be women of substance. Meanwhile bechaari Riddhima gifts her jewellery to build a profile in spite of being 30+

Everyone chooses different paths in life. Riddhima never had any aspirations of being an actress and whats wrong with that?... no need to bring down her parents ... they got her educated at least.

And what exactly is ''woman of substance'' IMO most women are! Riddhima works but most housewives who work at home too...unless its socialites who do nothing and have a army of servants to manage the house and kids!

What education? NO Kapoor is educated. Most are High School drop outs and at most a High School pass. None have even studied acting. And her backward parents are the problem. Look at Ranbir and how his parents speak about his women? A spade is a spade. And what is a woman of substance? A woman with a sense of worth and identity in herself. Not in her name, not in her parents, not in her husband, not in her children, yes we find aspects of our identity in these roles but it shouldn't be your whole identity. Riddhima doesn't work, she is a socialite. Her jewelry aren't hand made treasures, she just approves designs and gives them to celebrities, it's a token hobby that gives her a space on social media. And housewives don't work, they manage their home, work is a public, social and civic exercise that working women and men do alongside running a home.

Birthdays in Paris, weddings in Italy & God knows what else. What is Bollywood coming to? There is a place called India, damn it!! Now how about a birthday in Ghatkopar or Borivli?

LOL, best comment.

their granny is so elegant.

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