Ranbir Kapoor plays a fun match with the kids from Magic Bus

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Continuing with the football mania, Ranbir Kapoor who is also a founder of the All Stars Football Club, a property of charitable trust, Playing for Humanity, had his first media interaction in the capital city just two days before the actual match.

Ranbir played a fun practice session with the kids from Magic Bus, the main organization to which the proceeds of the match will be given to. Magic Bus is a non-profit-organization that works towards an overall development of the underprivileged kids of society.

After enjoying with the kids, Ranbir had an interaction with the media where he said, “I'm fortunate to be one of the founders of the club. Bunty walia came with this brilliant idea and all the profits go to the charity organisations and I think it’s a great cause and we have had a great time. We are practising every Sunday since the last 6 to 7 months. We all are very passionate. I think sports is very important for every individual not only for celebrities, for various reasons - one it keeps you very healthy and so many things it teaches you about team work, team spirit and discipline. I'm lucky enough to play a sporting event with cricketers, they all have a great spirit. It will be a fun match. I have been passionate about football right from school days. I played for the under 14, under 16 and I played for the district but then of course once you get into college and start working you lose touch with the sport. I'm lucky to be a part of this as it makes me play football every week. I always played right up on the wings forward but I would like to try and play mid field also at some game. We are trying very hard, we come from a different industry and when we play football we need lot of stamina and practice. It’s a team sport and we are getting there. Every school should encourage the sport in India because if you start encouraging at a young age the kids are aware."

Managed by GS Worldwide Entertainment, the first match will be played between All Stars Football Club, captained by Abhishek Bachchan and All Hearts Football Club, captained by Virat Kohli, on March 30th, 2013 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi.

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he looks so handsome n pls he does not look forced at all so haters can just
shut up

Ranbir and Ayushman Khurana look similar to me. They look similar just like how Raveena and Twinkle use to look similar in their early days.


who pushed him to be there, better not to come rather look so bored

2nd pic ^-^ handsomee

So sweet of him.

WOW I want his shades !!!!

In spite of hectic schedule and non stop working I wonder how he mange to look so refreshing and handsome.

he is balding actually..i have noticed it too..sad, both ranbir and imran are loosing hair...he does look like he was forced to cut down his spending time with Katrina to do this event! :p

Fri, 2013-03-29 12:37 — Anonymous

he's balding already? :(

EXCUSE ME ? his hair is razored, it diminishes the hair volume and give that bed head look... its for YJHD.... :P NOT BALDING.... not yet ...

who doesnt love an athletic guy. yumzz

he looks bored, it is not his field, seems he was pushed to do it, just some times ago he was late 3 hours for some event in hospital were children waited him, so bad of Ranbir

he's balding already? :(

He is looking HOTTTT in the 2nd picture.

Good cause.

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