Rani Mukerji celebrates Durga Puja

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Rani Mukherji was spotted at the North Bombay Sarbajanin Durga Puja celebrating Durga Puja with her family.

We couldn't help but notice that ring on her finger. Engagement ring, we're guessing!

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She is really beautiful

Oh my God, she looks so beautiful! She carries saris so well & face is just lovely. Adore this look on her

She looks so pretty!

wow rani you are looking so beautiful..i like everything about this look..:)

Super Gorgeous


who is that man in white? he looks drunk and he is hugging her inappropriately in a temple. and she always has this cunning look in her eyes. the old rani is definitely gone. she is chalak now.

That's her uncle & you sound utterly moronic.

Looks like she took too much of an effort to turn up at the pooja pandal.

rani looks good no matter whats her figure she carrying it well

She looks huge here and when is she getting married?

I don't think she looks huge and who would know when she's getting married, I guess when she anounces it we'll know.

Looks like she is married got ring on her finger and red bindi on her forhead sign of married woman plus she has put on so much weight. I saw her here in sydney during the concert she is so small and her face and body is all round. She has nice face.

Does anyone know when is she getting married please??

Rani is so beautiful!! Love her!!

She looks great!
btw Any updates on her and Adi's love story?

Rani is so beautiful!!! Love her sari, her bangles, and of course, that FACE!!!!


Beauty personified!!

Ahh, she looks so beautiful. Head to toe perfection, those eyes and that smile can brighten up anyones day!

Hahaha jealous ppl get a life,,rani is queen and this is no 1 post today,,p

why she looks sooooooooooooo fat in this saree?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rani looks pretty, her mom has a nice smile.

Like her saree, Rani luks gorgeous

No. 1 Post on PV :D .. here comes the queen of hearts my queeny Rani Mukherjee

i like rani's saree style than vidya's..

yes flop queen ! lol

Not! Hit or flop her performance is always praised. You're just a hater.

man, she's RICH! Bahu-rani of the Chopras, look at all that gold she's getting drowned in!

Rani always wore a lot of gold to Durga Pujas. Check out her previous appearances.

#1 post

Her face is a killer!!! A true beauty.


Rani!!! Lose some weight and sign a film with SRK as soon as possible!!!! I was watching KANK yesterday and oh my god!!!! You both look fab together!!!!!


Most popular post!


No 1 post

she didnt attend with her cousins this year ??
where is kajol , sharbani mukherjee and ayan with her at this durga puja ?!

She was coming back from the temptations tour on the first day & couldn't make it. Think she was with Kajol today.

She is a goddess. Look at her! Her eyes, smile, skin! Hardly any make up yet she she looks knock out. Most gorgeous woman

This is an old pic from the Mukerji's puja in 2010. Think it's so cute how Rani and Kajol are with Ayan!

it's not Kajol in the pic!!

^^ that's not kajol, it's vaibhavi merchant.

Lol I know, I meant in the other pics on other posts, Kajol is shown close to Ayan. I was referencing that. Don't think I explained myself properly :)

Its not Kajol but the choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant.

Pv pls post this..

I know, I was referring to the pics on a Kajol post that was still up :)

Naturally gorgeous

She is such a natural beauty! No designer clothes, no celebrity make-up, just her regular hairstyle and yet she looks simply stunning. This is how any normal woman would go to a pooja celebration. It is easier for us to relate to her!

she looks fat in this sari !

She looks amazing! No one wears a sari like she does, even her mother's! Love the minimal make up & hair, she really does look beautiful. Love her. There are pictures from today's puja, so please post them too.

hi NotImpressed! I don't know who you are but we pretty much share exact same views on everything..great minds think alike I guess...haha

Rani is gawjus! Love her so much

hate this short actress!
- barbie girl



Most beautiful woman

She's gone fat, especially the arms. Looks less refreshing. Saree is nice but those big borders at the end of the saree don't suit short people, it will make them even more shorter. Good actress nevertheless.

I think it's the same anon posting again and again below. We get it...you think she looks good! :)

STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL! She looks incredible!!!


Also, love how we can see her freckles. It's nice to have someone who isn't trying to create a new layer on their face with make up.

Seeing her look so lovely makes me sad. Why won't she sign more films? She gets great offers, with her as the protaganist yet refuses. Wish she'd hurry up and sign something. I miss her onscreen. Mardaani is months away :(

And PV, please post this. I don't think you posted a comment of mine in ages. What's the problem? ;)

here comes the sari queen.

omggg rani you look so beautiful!!!! love this actress so much! please update this post with new pics!!!

Love the sari too.

Absolutely freaking stunning. Love, love, love her make up! She looks incredible

She is so gorgeous, it's not even funny :( How can she look so good with natural make up & zero surgery? She looks like she's in her twenties here!

Bengali Tigress. Gorgeous. Can't take my eyes off her.


She is always a delight to watch..exquisitely gorgeous !!

The man in the white kurta is Deb Mukherjee (Joy Mukherjee's and Shomu Mukherjee's brother).. Rani and Kajol's uncle. Shomu Mukherjee was Kajol's dad.

Thanks for telling us who he is . Wonder if he ever acted in movies!


she is a flawless beauty... love her eyes and smile

Eeeks! She looks so pretty! Love you, Rani!!!

This woman is FREAKING gorgeous! Look at her! Does she even age? No surgery, no botox & she looks better than most actresses still around. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Bengali beauty... Love her

So, so beautiful. She gets more gorgeous every day. Love her make up.

Rani why are you soo gorgeous. Please come to Canada. We would love to see you!!

She is a sweet face. I love her golden eyes and smile

She looks beautiful ! Can anyone tell me who's the man in the white kurta ? He looks very familiar ! He was in the other snap with Kajol & her children too!

He's Deb Mukherjee..Ayan's Dad

THAT boy mukherjee, rani and kajols uncle...they were two brothers the famous joy mukherjee who passed away recently and boy too tried himself at acting but was not as successful as his brother.

That's Deb Mukherjee, Joy Mukherjee's younger brother. He's Kajol's dad's brother, and a cousin to Rani's dad. So he's an uncle to both of them. I remember his a famous song from the 60s picturised on him called "Jane kaisa hai, mera deewana". Look it up on Youtube: it's beautiful, and Deb was pretty handsome in his younger days much like Joy.

Finally.. She celebrated Durga Pooja.. :D.. Soo happy :) :D
She's looking drop dead gorgeous and beautiful ..

She looks in her twenties. Man she rocks!

Now this is what I call a beauty with class.

She looks exquisite. Really liking the sari on her


Aditya Chopra is one lucky man to have this beauty. I Feel jealous :(

She looks really pretty here, she was telling the reporters that she was at her tour abroad so didn't have the time to shop for sari for the event, so she borrowed her mothers. I found it super cute!!

Very pretty saree

She is so gorgeous that its not even funny. Rani Rani hay :D

Rani's mom is such a lively person, she always has a smile or a laugh on her face :)

Her makeup is always perfect to the core, I also love what she wearing. She looks fresh and so young


A Star, a Diva, an Aura.. that's Rani Mukerji for you!!

Such a delight to see her every time we get her pics.

Is that...... whats that on her left hand?? Is that... her engagement ring?

It sure looks like it, and a two carat beauty at that! She's had it for a while now. At a book launch it months ago it was attracting too much attention and she put her hand in her pocket.

thanks for that reply :) I missed the book launch news, thats why I was kind of shocked. It is indeed a beautiful ring!


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