Rani Mukherji attends IFFI 2013 in Goa

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Rani Mukherji attended the opening ceremony of the 44th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa today. Also seen here are Rekha and Huma Qureshi.


Rani please come back to Bollywood! I am sick of watching actresses who can't act! Please make a dhamakedar comeback :)

I do not like Rani's joora

Beautiful sari. Rani, please, do more films. :(

Very regal.

She looks beautiful. I love the whole look.

Damn Graceful!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gorgeous Rani.

Very beautiful as usual

Jade M. Thadal- Rani didi you look awosome, elegant with everything you have on today, i love the make-up, outfit, the earings are little havy but everything is great no complains; God bless you always Rani and Jesus and i love you a lot. xoxoxo

Love Rani:)
Kitty always seems to be focus around corners when Rani is in centre.lol

All these stars on the post and still your focus is on me, awww. I'm flattered. :)

Use Burnol :P

What is your mobile number?

She looks beautiful but I really don't why she insists on dressing ten years older than her age. It's her outfits that age her because her face is still lovely and she doesn't have wrinkles or whatever. She needs to hire a stylist. Fast.

lovely. she has the most pretty, feminine face

Such a pretty face but hate the sari and jewellery


Ahh, she looks so beautiful. Head to toe perfection.

me loves Rani!

she looks so cute, like an indian doll. and very young, very hard to believe, that she is over 30!

Rani is looking elegant but her Sarees make her older than she is.

Aunt Rani :)

Rani looks nice

Wow what happened to Rani. She looks like an old aged woman

Agree :-)

Rani looks absolutely gorgeous and glowing and the sari is beautiful! No complaints.

Rani looks very beautiful and elegant. Her appearance exactly matches the atmosphere of the ceremony. I love this image of her.

Rani looks great!!

Rani is gorgeous.i never liked her for her makeup sarees or earings but her EYES cover it all.

She is truly a legend among her comtemporaries.still working with roles like "mardani" and "ayyian" when others have been washed up years ago.

She looks magnificent. Glad she went for something new and change. Her smile can lit up the whole world!

I really like her here, she nailed the ear cufflings, best look imo.

oh no! she already has a really round face, and the holding her hair up like that makes it look even bigger. jwellery too heavy. the whole look makes her look 50. even rekha looks younger here :( why rani?!

Rani looks pretty but hate her hair and earrings

Not liking Rani's saree, earrings, or hairstyle. Nay for the look overall.
But can we please get more of Huma?

very pretty

Rani looks gorgeous, her eyes, man. Is that Madhavan?

Awww is that Prem Chopra in the corner? We don't see much of him anymore, he's a legend! :)

More Rani pics please!!! :D

She looks pretty but can you please post more pictures?

I dont lyk her sari but she luks gud

Nice but need more pics


Need better pictures please

OOMGGG i love your display pic :)

She looks really nice... Like a proper Rani!


Hmmm... She looks exceptionally pretty but I don't like her hair this way, it's too... severe. She suits wavy, loose hair. Glad to see so much of her recently. Cannot wait for Mardaani although I have a horrible feeling it'll be delayed. Sign more films, woman!

She looks stunning. So naturally beautiful

Hmmm... Her face is beautiful, her sari seems nice but her hair I'm not feeling. She has amazing locks, get them styled nicely!

Jewellery and hairstyle are really bad

pretty rani

Wow, she has got such great skin! She looks lovely, positively radiant!

Gorgeous Rani!!!! Love her

Beaitiful, beautiful, beautiful

she looks radiant. smile lights up her face. so nice to see her around these days

Face is gorgeous, skin is glowing but from the side, I don't like the sari. Maybe it looks better when seen properly but she doesn't suit these heavy saris-which is what it looks like from the side. I think out of all the actresses, she wears a sari the best, especially Manish Malhotra's and a simple Sabyasachi. But not these thick, heavy ones. They just unnecessarily age her.

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