Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif make for a perfect frame in this still from Bharat promotions; check it out

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have been super busy with the promotions of their upcoming film Bharat, and this picture from during the interviews is winning hearts. Check it out here.
Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif make for a perfect frame in this still from Bharat promotions; check it outSalman Khan and Katrina Kaif make for a perfect frame in this still from Bharat promotions; check it out
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Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif will be seen sharing screen space once again with their upcoming film Bharat and well, we can't help but admit that everyone is super excited after all. While the fans have been eagerly waiting for the film to hit the screens, the actors have been busy with the promotions and are often spotted before their appearances on various reality shows or ahead of the interviews. And today, we came across yet another picture of the two shared by Salman Khan himself.

Salman shared a picture on social media and in the frame, we have both Salman and Katrina busy looking at the camera. Seldom do we see too many pictures of the duo from during the promotions and so, this picture here is nothing short of a treat for the fans. Salman wore a black t-shirt and layered it with a black and red checked shirt while Katrina put together a chic ensemble in red and white. Both of them made that frame look just perfect indeed.



#Bharat Promotions

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Meanwhile, recently, Katrina spoke in an interview and went on to say how irrespective of whoever was chosen before her, doing Bharat was in her destiny and that she is glad that it came her way. She also went on to say how Priyanka Chopra might have her own reasons for not doing it and also mentioned that when she read the script she loved it and so, here she is.

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When 2 people are trying to hide their relationship from the world, for so long, especially when fans cares for Salman so much and wanted to know who is his partner is, is then no true relationship. Love and relationships bounds two people together so hiding it for so long makes no sense for many people.

Stay open minded. Don’t stay bitter. Goodness may knock again.

May Salman and Katrina both find their true love. If true love comes their way they may think of marriage then. Till that time good to focus on career.

Salman already has found his true love in Iulia. They are in a relationship from 8 yrs.

Both Salman and Lulia have never accepted once that they are in relationship in last 8 years and left people and fans guessing. Same was with Katrina. Not once they accepted their love for each other. Then it is not a true love. True love flaunts and celebrates Love to one and all without any fear because they found something best and precious of their lives and the let the world know. It is never hidden for so long.

If it is not true love relationships can't last for 8 yrs. Katrina is single crying over her breakup.Look at Iulia how happy and secure she is. Look at Kat's body language. She looks disturbed

Iulia is beautiful

Sallu loces iulia. Shes so gorgeous and young

Pls marry iulia. Make small cuteeee babies with her

Stood this marriage and baby thing why always show women to be desperate. Salman marry iulia. Sal kat have no feelings for each other. Kat may find someone else

Howcome Salman said openly that Katrina left me at Kapil Show?. Felt so sad for him at that time. He should know that many of his fans would feel sad hearing this for him.

Salman and the team thinks and is feeling confident in every interview that Katrina will make big name for herself in this movie and will be a turning point for her henceforth.

Ranbir stop playing PR games with Salman and Katrina - get a life and concentrate on your ill father and your boyfriend

Look at kat and her cheap fans or PR .As soon as they get a article on pinkvilla they start with useless comments like get married ,have babies ,u look beautiful together and all other shit .Kat and her fans are beggars who begs for literally everything.They are shameless creatures .Do whatever you want to write but salman will never marry this escort katriba even in his dreams .

See katrina's promos .. her acting is soo horrible, you can't even listen to it twice or thrice her way of talking really suckss

They're getting too irritating now,hope the movie flops massively (as salman already knows)

Katrina has made her career and proved her self already. Salman also does not need to promote her. Hope they get married

Katrina has made her career because of salman and failed to prove herself as an actress and as a star who can bring audience to the cinema.

Salman get married to iulia. Kat is happy single.

Looks like katrina reads pinkvilla comments and trying too hard to come out of her same hairstyle comment by tying a pony!..

both of them trying too hard to look young and very much in love..Failed attempt!

This movie seemed to have so much potential, but bitter Salman is giving me bad vibes. It's like he knows something has gone sour in this movie. Everyone else when they're sitting on a flop, they start to desperately over promote every little detail, remember Aamir gushing about Katrina's songs and how talented Fatima was before Thugs? Meanwhile, Salman actually has said in not as many words that PC sucks for leaving, Katrina has no life for joining, and he can't really act so this movie is a struggle.

Agreed with everything you said. His bitterness sucks the life out of the movie.

Salman and iulia ki shadi honjaye

Salman pr... stop showing Katrina to be desperate n wanting to make babies. If she wanted to marry she would have not gone for ranbir. We know Salman is with iulia. May he marry the most gorgeous n generous iulia vantur and have as many babies with her. Kat fans are fine if she is single and happy.


ok Ranbir get a life and go play with Ayan now - it’s past your bedtime. No need to troll, save your energy for other stuff!

kat stop talking to your EX RK , we all know you are trying for him too, Go and sleep with your criminal. its your favorite and only way to get work
pv be fair to all and post

Seeing the comment section... its PR game... get married have babies... next comment coming despo kat.... lol someones on fire... poor minions

There are only two people : one is katrina PR begging him to marry her and other one is a Kat hater who is replying.

Katrina ka career banate nabate, salman khud doobega!

As the release date coming closer, Salman is panicking ..I have never seen him doing so muck promotions/interviews before for any movie. Looks like he knows that Katrina was a mistake..

Salman thinks people are crazy for katrina and him to see..just wait for a week and see how many are crazy for you two..LOL

Salman doesn't want to get married..he wants to live a free life. He he had to marry he would have done long back. He thinks media or audience still want him to see married and he still tries to get a question about his marriage..But seriously, does anyone care if 54 yrs old man marries or not?

Jobless and despo katrina is here begging her EX to marry her and to make babies

Get married soon

Get a life katrina soon

kat and her fans can go to all cheap levels .but sallu will never ever marry this prostitute.

They look gorgeous together pls be together I'm not salman or Katrina fan but u guys look awesome together and anyone finding fault in this pic is a jealous hater

Who ever says I am not a kat fan is actually her fan. They don't look good with each other. You are a paid fan

Their kids would look amazing though!

They wont have kids so chill kat pr

They need to get married asap.

You need to get a life asap

Plzzzz get married.... Salkat is made for each other......why not get together forever..

Please stop begging Katrina. You are not made for him. He deserves better.

Salman & Katrina look so good together, they should get married, I think Bhai still has feelings for her

Sallu has NO feelings for her. He loves ilulia. Stop begging him to marry his ex.

They always look married to me ! My love for Salkat is something else

Lol Hello desperate Katrina aunty,

No need to get married. Just make some babies together. We will be forever grateful.

It's high time now they should just married and make babies

its high time for despo kat to stoop begging her ask and other girl Bf to marry her. leave him alone

Can Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif just get married already.

Stop it despo kat

Salman & Katrina should just get married.

Katrina should get a life and stop begging her ex to marry her

Salman and Katrina will get married soon Wait and Watch salkat haters

Keep dreaming katrina. He wont marry you.

I wish Salman and Katrina get married.

Keep wishing despo kat



Salman get married to Katrina.


Just get married guys.

get a life despo kat

Please get married already.

Please kat stop begging your ex

Salman and Katrina’s wedding will happen soon enough

Haha Katrina keep dreaming. He is your ex and wont marry you

Love them they are match made in heaven.

lol in your dream katrina

Salman make babies with Katrina please

Katrina stop this nonsense. He doesn't want babies from you

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