Salman Khan, Junaid Khan & Rani Mukerji at Brabourne Stadium for ‘Junoon’ Celebrity Cricket Match

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The charity match was organized by Aamir Khan's son Junaid Khan. Junaid organised this fundraiser twenty20 celebrity cricket match which was played today at Brabourne stadium between Bollywood stars and physically challenged individuals.


wata cute butt!!!!!!!!!!!!! drooooooooooool

i like it everything about you,really you are the best.

Rani, I love you!!

hiiiiiiiiiii salman,i am bigggggg fan of you.i watch your every movie.some of them i watch hundreds time.i want to meet u at least one time.

rani looks cute

@Wed, 2012-05-02 05:28 — Anonymous

Junaid doesn't look very dark to me, tall and handsome i agree. But where do you see him as dark, he looks quite fair from this pic

Rani is soooooooo CUTE! I'm so happy that she was dressed simply and casually for the match and just went there to have fun and not to get attention. Compare this to when Priyanka went to the KKR matches and dressed up like a cheap cheerleader and flirted like a skank with SRK and hogged the limelight.

Salman looks damn good as well. I want him and Rani to make a movie together. And Junaid should start acting, he is cute!

the picture with rani arbaaz and sallu is so adorable!


Salman looks hot and Rani cute :)

WOW is there any part of salman that is not sexy, move out of the way John, the sexiest butt award goes to Salman Khan ... so peachy LOL

I think Tiger needs a bodyguard

Rani is so cute! She should hook up with Salman. They make a good pair :)

WOW Salman kis chakki ka atta khata hai, he is Beauty personified, he is one man who is getting better with age. Amazing. Long live Salman.

Salman looks so cool and OMG Aamir's son is so grown up! he looks very smart

salmans bodyguard is so over possessive.. i think he has crush on salman!


if junaid khan organised it, why didn't his dad make the time to attend?
also, is he a philanthropist?
isn't he very young to be organising a cricket match?
but kudos on him.
my onl thing is bollywood celebs vs disabled ppl seems a bit unfair. it should have been a mixed group vs mixed. (ie some bollywood celebs and some disabled ppl in each team)

Queen Bee Rani & Sallu bhai look so good together!!!!!!!!!!Junaid used to study in my school(his sister still studies there),he got 90% up in his board exams so he's very smart,plus he's tall,dark & handsome & must be very talented & versatile judging by Aamir's track record. He's 100% film material,he should enter Bollywood & give zor ka takkar to his mamu Imran Khan!!!!!!!!!!

I see SHERA everywhere..LOL

sooo hottt hai Allah!!

Aamir' son is soo tall and Handsome. total hunk!

Junaid is very handsome. He is superstar material !

Junaid is stud!

Rani is looking so cute and this gray color color doesn't really suit her..she is petite so she is going to look young forever:)

salman looks realy good very well tonnes body
and rani looks cute too

salman and rani has same size boobs :D:D:D:D

Junaid is so freaking tall but how come if his father is so short???? Anyways I don't find him handsome or hot, maybe a bit cute but he totally looks like a NERD! Salman is aging but keeping himself.

salman khan is so handsome y are u not like other people who ages and look horrible,but u no u look more handsome the older u get

OMFG'!!!!!!! I luv these pictures! Salman looks yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! How can he look sooo good! It's unbelievable and I luv rani and salman together, they should totally get together! And Samir's son look good as well, he should get into ,Obie's totally

Rani and Salman should get married!

Ilove love love Salman khan and Rani my Queen i love them

Salman khan and Rani wow they look hot together i love them and i hope they do movie together

Salman and rani looking good them

Salman is really looking effortlessly HOT! He's not shirtless yet he looks breathetaking! He looks better as he grows wine..gets better with age.


I was going to say the same thing @filmychica. LOL
Either ways, it's very sweet and smart of Junaid to organize this event. He must be a bright kid to use his star power to organize this event. :)

Filmychica lol you made me look! Cute indeed ;-)

didn't notice anyone but Salman in the pics... looking good

They should do another movie together soon! They look so cute together

junaid and his father's best friends.salman and sweet.salman looks sexy and rani looks so beautiful with mini make up.i love their chemistry on screen and off screen.
junaid looks tall and attractive.

junaid is quite cute! he is tall and has a good body..he should definitely enter b'wood..i can see him competing with arjun kapoor and for that matter even Imran khan (as actors in Bollywood have a life span of many years)! that would be fun to watch.

So good to see rani and salman together after a quite awhile ...
sallu hot and cute as always....

There are three awesome things in these pics!

1) The ever-so-gorgeous Rani.
2) Aamir's dapper looking son JUNAID. Indeed a stud.
3) Salman's super-sexy butt. Aww.

salman is the best

Salman Khan's sister is carrying the newest Celine bag...nice. never pegged her as a Fashionista...major props for carrying that bag

all the pic is nice good to see Salman khan and Rani i love them and Jr.khan doing charity is good God bless them
flimychica. you are funny. he look hot and sexy Salman

everyone needs to loose some wight BIGTIME!

Junaid Khan should get into movies!!

Luv Salman. He has really grown on me lately. He has such a golden heart.

junaid is tallll!

haha Rani is a cutie! love her with Salman!

couldnt help but notice Salman's ASS in the two pics lol

salman & rani look sooooo cute:)

Rani is so cute and tiny :)

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