Salman Khan shares picture with Katrina Kaif and the rhyming caption is what has all our attention

Not that Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan sharing one frame was enough, Salman Khan's caption is totally winning hearts. Check out this picture right here.
Salman Khan shares picture with Katrina Kaif and the rhyming caption is what has all our attentionSalman Khan shares picture with Katrina Kaif and the rhyming caption is what has all our attention
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Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are indeed a perfect on-screen pair and while fans sure can't get enough of the two, one has to agree that they make for an equally great pair off-screen. Both Salman and Katrina are keeping busy with Bharat promotions, we don't see the two pose for pictures together often, and when they do, fans can't stop gushing over them, often, for not so good reasons, but the fact remains that they can't get enough of the two and we don't blame them.

And well, Salman shared a picture with Katrina while they were out for promotions and well, while the picture is sure adorable, we just can't get enough of the caption he put. Looks like Salman has indeed taken Katrina's advice to up his Instagram game seriously, and well, it is for everyone's good, we must say! He also seemed to have taken some inspiration from Katrina as he chose to use Hindi for the caption. Check out the post and the caption right here:



सीढ़ी , साड़ी , लड़की #Bharat #Promotions @katrinakaif

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Back 2 back promotions

A post shared by Katrina Kaif (@katrinakaif) on

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Meanwhile, recently, Katrina has been in the news for her interview where she opened up about all things love, heartbreak, and the past. The actress seemed to have let her guard down and did open up about so many things, letting it all out, once and for all. She also spoke about how she has grown both personally and professionally, which is why so many things have come about.

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Salkat shuld
marry.......katrina stop being ungrateful n be nice to Salman

Despo alia asking ranbir to marry and have babies with her.hahahaha.alia is such an insult to her fans .Cheapralia opening her legs to all men will get her karma..

Dear despo Alia get a life and stop begging

God what crazy jealous people. Such mean comments. She is so stunning.

Reshma Shetty trying hard here to Mesa, go polish junior B career which is destroyed after marrying fakwarya oberio ....

2 men in one frame

Despo kat asking salman to marry and have baies with her.hahahaha.Kat is such an insult to her fans .Cheaprina botox buddhi will get her karma

Salman you are looking handsome. Good looking guy you are.

Desperate and ugly losers!!!

She looks terrible is in a saree. Doesn't have the natural grace required to pull off the look.

Their relationship has possibly gone through every possible up and down in life and stood the test of’s heartening to see them share such a strong bond even after all that has happened over the years...

katrina hair extensions can be easily seen. she uses fake hair!! to hide her over botoxed face by covering ibe half of her face

Ufffffffffffffffffff when both of them will marry

Never. Salman is with Iulia Vantur. He just like to throw chappatis for beggars

Despo Katrina calm down

why do salkat always talk like a married couple god bless them.

Despo Katrina chill. They never talk like s married couple.

Salman looks good with every actress but with Kat there's always something special after so many times they still look fresh nd real on screen

Get married soon

Katrina get a life.

Their kids would look amazing though

The way he looks at her


Jealous Katrina. Stop

No need to get married. Just make some babies together. We will be forever grateful

Despo Katrina control.

It's high time now they should just married and make babies.

Its high time now Katrina should stop begging her ex Salman to marry her and leave him

Royal couple

They are not a couple neither royal.

Can Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif just get married already.

No desperate Katrina he wont marry you.

Salman and Katrina will get married soon Wait and Watch salkat haters

Keep dreaming despo Katrina.

Salman and Katrina will get married soon Wait and Watch salkat haters

I wish Salman and Katrina get married.

Sallu has this taunting grin on his face whenever he's with Kat for movies. Kat doesn't get it. She's a beggar.

He does not he really cares for her and some would say he’s in love with her just by the way he looks at her

Katrina keep wishing


Dear despo Katrina get a mife and stop begging

Salman get married to Katrina.

Katrina stop begging your ex to marry you.

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Please stop begging.

Salman and Katrina’s wedding will happen soon.

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Love them they are match made in heaven

Salman make babies with Katrina please.

Katrina stop begging your ex to makeas babies .he doesn't want babies from you.

Katrina is not his friend but a user who has cheated on him and now is back only when her career is faded and to dumped her. Never seen anyone calling their friends ANYONE.

Wait, Katrina will soon start begging her ex Salman to marry her and make babies with her.

Well done Ali.. The best decision is to kick her botox face out of Tiger3... And dont let her promote Bharat she is so irritating and lies as soon as she moves her swollen lips.

Kudos to Ali for calling a spade a spade lol Kat is honestly looking like an opportunist now.After she benefitted & secured the role,she is lying with a straight face & acting holier than thou like Miss ‘I lobbied for the role’ din’t want it so badly

She has been lobbying for it for a long time. Tagging Ali in every post on insta and whatnot. Dunno why she is acting innocent all of a sudden

itni straight face insult ke baad Katrina fans should boycott the film ASAP

She has been lying through her teeth in every fuckin' interview

Go and see her intervew with Ali Abbas Zafar on zoom... Ali Abbas Zafar is a no nonsense guy, that's why I guess he gets along so well with Salman.
Loved the way he exposed Katrina's lies Sitting right beside her

I am a salkat fan but aaj Katrina ne apne sab fans ka bharosa kho diya

Katrina please wear better saris , these look very bad

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