SEE PIC: Deepika Padukone loves spending time with her besties

Deepika Padukone took to Instagram to share a picture with her best friends.
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Deepika Padukone is indeed a stunner and there is no doubt about it. The actor took to Instagram to share a picture wherein she is seen posing with her best friends. She captioned the image as, "#besties @divya4488 @sneha_ramachander." Her smile is surely enchanting and the actor is enjoying the break post Padmavati controversy. 

Deepika's movie Padmavati has been the victim of many controversies but the actress keeps her head held high and has full faith in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's magnum opus which also stars Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor.

Talking about the movie with a leading publication, Deepika said, "While we are filming, we don’t burden ourselves with the high expectations. I think now the film is complete, we are just excited. We are feeling confident but also keen and eager to show this film to people because we have made it with so much love, passion and enthusiasm. We hope the audience like it and I know they will. We are all getting this feeling of love already before its release. I can feel Padmavati is heading towards being something really special."

On Bhansali, Deepika added, "It has evolved to a point where we don’t even need to say much to each other. From Ram Leela to now with Padmavati, he has given me such strong female characters. In some ways they are so similar to each other, but in so many ways they are so very different. He has brought out the best in me as an actor. He has nourished and enriched me as a human being. I think our relationship today is full of trust, honesty and there is a lot of comfort that we share."


#besties @divya4488 @sneha_ramachander

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Aw she have friends l thought she lonely

Gorgeous girls and heartwarming pic

Such a cute pic. Wish kat too had some REAL friends of hers who stay loyal to her. But sadly she has no friends of her own. First Salman friends become hers later RK friends becomes her friends , but she was ditched by them. Now Kat is faking to be everyone friend to stay in news. Those cheap people are using her and not loyal to her at all.

Adorable pic. TBH, your true friends are those who are with you before you become successful. BW people fake friendships with stars for benefits. Glas DP is not fake and faking to be other actresses friend like a certain actress does,
post plz

Such a sweet pics. Lol at haters who said DP doesnt have any female friend.on your face.

Alia effect catching all other actresses.

Lol who tf alia...that woman even have friends in the industry because of Kjo and hee being less threat for other actresses because of her average looks.

So cute, I wonder if her friends knows about her relationship with RS? Do they share such details with friends?

Beautiful friends. Love you Deepika, you are so adorable.


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