Shah Rukh Khan pays a visit at Dilip Kumar's house; see pics

Shah Rukh Khan recently met Dilip Kumar at his residence and the latter also shared a picture of the two on Twitter. SRK has always said that he admires Dilip saab both as an actor and as a person.
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Shah Rukh Khan has always stated that he admires legendary Dilip Kumar not only as an actor but also as a person. SRK had also said that his mom felt he looked a lot like Yusuf Saab. SRK recently met Dilip saab at his residence and the latter also shared a picture of the two on Twitter. The superstar was clicked while he was in his car outside Dilip saab's residence. 
Check out the pictures:
During an interaction with a leading magazine, he stated, "Actually, I knew Dilip saab as a kid. Dad knew him. They used to live in the same galli in Delhi. I’ve met Dilip saab many times in my childhood. We have been to his place often. Actually, Sairaji doesn’t remember this but her medicines used to be sent by my aunt from London. Years later, when I was working with Ketan Mehta, I saw a picture of Dilip Kumar in his office and I was like oh! that’s me. He looked so much like me in that picture. Or rather I looked so much like him. But my relationship with Dilip saab goes beyond films. Dilip saab and Sairaji have always thought of me as their son." 
Earlier SRK spoke about Dilip Saab when he was bestowed with Padma Vibhushan Award. He said, "Dilip sahab is more deserving than anybody else. Even words like ‘icon’ are very less for him. He is the forefather, the pillar of the film industry... Amongst the last few pillars left. I think what he has received is huge."
He added, "No matter how many awards he gets, it will be less for him because of his art, beauty, Saira ji’s support. He is one of the greatest human beings apart from being the actor. I know them personally so I can say that. It’s a moment of big celebration."


I wish Saira Banu would not call the press every time a celebrity is paying a visit or post pictures of her husband when he looks so sick. Dilip Kumar is in a fragile state and may go any time, why can't they keep this private? Why do these celebrities always seek attention.

they really do look the same age

Dilip Kumar acted in some beautiful movies when he was young. Too bad SRK didn't have the sense to pick atleast a few good movies when he was younger...he could have had a better legacy. It would be nice even now if he picked some well written, socially or artistically relevant films. Doesn't look like this is going to happen. It's really too bad because he has all the opportunities but not the will.

When he was younger he was building an empire under the guidance of his wife Gauri & even now he listens to her and as far as he writes her as a producer it's not going to happen.

I read that comment about yusuf sahab's hair and yeah that is a great point. How in the world does he still have all his hair almost a century of age? He must have great genes.

finally srk with a actor that makes him look young woohoo.

God bless both of you.

They really do look like each other.

90 plus and still so much hair, wow. Is that real hair or did Mr Yousuf Khan get hair implants done few years ago


If Dilip Saab dyed his hair like SRK does or SRK stops dyeing his hair they would look exactly the same

If Dilip had romanced Anushka in Imtiaz Ali film it may have got better reviews

Why can't SRK get bodyguards instead of wasting tax payers money by having police protection?

They PAY for this police protection from their own pocket!! Just like Mukesh Ambani pays a fortune to a dozen cops to guard his and his family's life. The tax payer doesn't pay. Readup before making silly comments.
(PV, please post?)

So is the police always with SRK because he's a tax evader?

Lmao at the first comment

God bless them both

They both look the same age

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