Shahid Kapoor cuddles up to Misha Kapoor as they gear up for her 1st birthday

Shahid Kapoor shared a photo with Misha Kapoor on Instagram a day before her birthday.
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Shahid Kapoor is currently on vacation mode as he holidays in London with wife Mira Rajput and daughter Misha Kapoor.
It really is hard to believe that Shahid's munchkin Misha will already be turning a year old tomorrow. Shahid and Mira will be celebrating her birthday in London itself instead of having a grand birthday party back home. 
To commemorate her pre-birthday day, Shahid took to Instagram to share a too-cute-to-handle photo of himself cuddling up to baby Misha. The handsome actor looks at the lens while Misha curiously looks to her left. Shahid looks smart as ever in a dark blue collar shirt and sleeveless black jacket while Misha looks cute as a button in a grey sweater and a ruffled grey sleeveless jacket with white stockings and her hair styled in two small ponytails.



Just about one.

A post shared by Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) on

His caption reads as, "Just about one." 
Earlier in an interview with a leading daily, when Mira was asked about how Shahid is as a dad to Misha, Mira revealed, "Shahid's relationship with Misha started right from the moment when he got to know that I was pregnant. Fatherhood comes naturally to him. He is fully involved and he changed her diaper even before I did. Shahid wants to be connected to her always and I think that's great. Misha is going to have him wrapped around her little finger."
On the work front, Shahid will next be seen in Padmavati which is being helmed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and also stars Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. Padmavati is slated to release on November 17, 2017.


Who cares ? Taimur is the Baby King of the star kids kingdom !

Shahid is not posting actual birthday celebrations pic because he knows PV is busy with popular actors party pictures and his pic wont get much attention now..He will wait and release to get correct attention.Everything is publicity based..

Love Misha but hate Mira, she was too insensitive to take a dig at KK and called Taimur a puppy.She's so fake in front of the camera, and still, acts as if she is mother India when in reality she's following Kareena footsteps.

Looks like they leave misha to the nanny in London according to a comment made here who met shahid mira. Holding misha is just for the cameras for mira  Just to prove she is a hands on mom and she hands her to the nanny once out of the papp cameras yet people judge kareena and call her bad mom who doesn't hold her son in public. She's not fake like mira doesn't need to prove to the world on how loving mom she . And about her being rude and arrogant you can tell by her expressions and attitude don't know why she has soo much attitude her husband isn't even that big of a star . This attitude of hers is making some people including me start to dislike shahid and I was a shahid fantill he got married . After marriage he has changed and  become insecure

Since shahid got married he's become such a insecure person. He can't take the amount of love bebo and her son is getting. Few days ago lolo posted a photo of bebo holding her son lovingly in her lap with both her arms around him and 2 days later shahid posted a similar photo with his daughter with both his arms around her. In the last year he never thought of going on a family holiday but as soon as bebo Saif went with taimur on their 1st international trip shahid went on one too. now he's using his wife to show the world that his wife and married life is better than bebo but the truth will always remain that neither him or his wife will ever reach or compete with bebo personally or professionaly yet shahid fans call bebo and her fans insecure we know who the insecure one is here.

They are trying too hard

How does she have brownish hair when both parents have jet black hair? Just curious - did they color her hair? Do stars actually do that to bring their babies in the forefront looks-wise? Or am I wrong?

WOW!!! this guy gives narcissism a whole new meaning... how many of you think of him as a wannabe Tom Cruise?? both try to project what they are not and both have the top floors this...


I don't get the hate, I really don't. Misha is a cute baby and her father dotes on her. She looks so cute.

God help us with the coming days will be bombarded with shahid articles. Shahid did this shahid did that for his daughter birthday . I also feel like a mira interview will be coming soon boasting on about how good and hands on mother she is. Misha is really cute but her parents are really annoying

Misha is really cute and innocent but her parents not so much. I always find shahid' spice with his daughter very distasteful as if he's using her as a prop in a photo shoot. No father daughter bond evident in the pics he posts.

Misha must be looking for her nanny, she is not even looking at him

Chalo since it's Misha's birthday toh ho gaya 1 week ke publicity ka jugad

Shahid pose baad mein karlena pehle beti pe dhyan delo

Aww very cute pic, Father daughter:)

Poor kareena fans, can not stand that there are children much prettier than taimur, let the children grow in peace, they are all beautiful, not by their appearance but by their innocence and purity.

Uff those insecure Shahid fans have to bring Kareena everywhere.Like their idol, they can't stand the fact that Taimur is loved by many.Bless your hatred heart.

Kareena this, Kareena that! Shahid fans are obsessed

Cant even hold or kiss his daughter as he's too busy showing off

Love her little outfit. Too cute.

So pretty ! IF only Taimur was a girl, it would have been more cute.

boring family

Daddy's little girl!

I'm a bebo fan I find misha really cute mashallah and please don't spread your hate for shahid and mira on misha by calling her dumb. she's just a small child an angel bless her. Happy 1st birthday in advance to this little cutie may she always stay happy healthy and blessed

Doll..muahhh :)

Cute kid average dad

Lovely dad and daughter duo. Stay blessed little one.

Kid looks dumb....sorry to speak hineslty

She is soo cute!

adorable kid

kid super cute dad super average lol

Shahid pr ready with articles for misha 1st birthday

I'm sure the comment section will be full of hate comments. Don't understand why people hate Shahid so much when he's one of the best actors in Bollywood currently.

Honestly hating shahid is acceptable. But showing that on his child is worse. I feel really bad to read some comments about Misha

Kareena's muslim fans, who ironically would have shown the same hate were she not married to a muslim man and had a baby with his skin tone. I think they will hate him less if they knew Shahid's mom is muslim.

How do you know these anonymous comments are by Kareena's fans and also their religion, delusional much?

It's because Shahid fans are obsessed with Kareena and her fans. They are so insecure. And secondly they think Shahid is extremely popular and is hated by kareena fans only. lol how delusional.

Too much of show off

Shahid please stay away from limelight for awhile.

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