Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif are saturday night chilling with Shweta Bachchan and Nitya Mehra

Sidharth Malhotra, Katrina Kaif, Zoya Akhtar and Shweta Bachchan were seen chilling at Baar Baar Dekho director Nitya Mehra's new abode. Zoya shared a cute photo from the dinner party.
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It was a fun Saturday night in Baar Baar Dekho director Nitya Mehra's new abode. The filmmaker was joined by Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif along with Zoya Akhtar and Shweta Bachchan who all had a fun and intimate dinner party. 

Zoya took to Instagram to share a photo of Sidharth, Katrina, Shweta and Nitya cuddling up to each other.


Zoya's caption reads as, "Stayin’ Alive #saturdaynight #buddiesandredwine #4nonblondes #lookslikeanalbumcover #wallart #nityasnewhome @nityamehra19 @shwetabachchan @katrinakaif @s1dofficial."

Adorable, indeed!

This isn't the first time in recent weeks that the group has partied together. They were also spotted at Shweta's house along with Abhishek Bachchan and Karan Johar as they let their hair down and partied all night. 

A glimpse at the videos from the dinner party put the old rumours on an overdrive of a relationship brewing between Sidharth and Katrina.

Meanwhile, Sidharth's next film is the Kargil martyr Vikram Batra's biopic. The movie, which is being helmed by Vishnu Varadhan, goes on floors this year.

Though the official announcement hasn’t happened yet, a source close to the film had informed Pinkvilla that the crew has approached Katrina for the same. "Katrina Kaif has been in talks with the team and the actress has given her nod too. Katrina initially had given a chunk of dates for Bharat for which she was approached. However, things didn’t work out in that movie which is now being done by Priyanka Chopra. When Katrina was offered this movie, she was more than happy to give her dates. The official paperwork is yet to happen," reveals our source.


Sidharth has suddenly grown so old for me. Always hanging out with oldies and acting opposite oldies. As a fan, I am sick of it. He has to understand young girls are his fans and they lose interest in him if he is always seen with these old ladies. No offence to them, but they are all old for him to hang out with.

I prefer to see him with old people who are real friends and not with young fake people

You think these people are real friends? Something about Shweta comes off as fake to me. And everyone knows Kat has been called a fair weather friend and only friends with people and calls when she needs something. What kind of friend is that?

Swetha Bacchan needs a life. She is just piggy backing on her famous relatives. No way anyone famous would look at her twice if it wasn't for her connections. She has nothing going for her. No job no accomplishment no identity of her own. Even her kids and husband don't seem to miss her. What a sad existence. At this point she's just dead weight. Not useful to her family or society at large. I know of many parasites like her, only difference is she comes from money so she doesn't feel ashamed.

She does have a life. What is your problem if her daddy can afford to give her a good life? Who knows what she has gone through. And nobody questioned her lifestyle when she lived with her husband and was still unemployed. Stop judging people - it’s real, some people have money and they can enjoy life without struggling

Why is Shweta acting like she is in her 20s? Doesn't she have kids to raise?

Maybe because she never got to live like a 20 year old - She got married early. Her kids are old now. Why shouldn’t she live her life and find happiness?

So Kat and Ash had the same boyfriend, Ash was hell serious in the relationship. Now Ash’s Sister in law is partying with Ash’s ex’s ex girlfriend.. how easily such things happen in Bollywood, damn so much to learn from Bollywood.. Hope both aren’t gossiping on Ash..

Bollywood is so clicky man

Alia -RK closeness is Only for brahmastra, they are trying to create a rumour to stay in news.
Sid-Kat do seem like a perfect pair, but if they really were dating, then wouldnt allow friends to put pix out there.
Shweta has moved to Mumbai to attend all these parties, get togethers, pajama parties, housewarmings, shadis, launches, fashion shows, etc etc.

Katrina kaif is always as good person as always be good always I love your style and energy ok dear

lol ok kat now stop self praising. we all see how GOOD person you are after what you did to Salman, DP and now using your PR against RK and his parents along with your BFF Alia.
post it pv

Lol ok dp stop spreading hates iin everyones post, after what you did to ranveer, rk-kat, now using ur pr against rk katrina pc alia

This friendship seems odd

Katrina took sidharth and alia took ranbir. How are they bffs?

It's like Kat was waiting for Alia's move to take Sidharth for her

nobody understand it. It's so crazy lmao

except neither can katrina take siddharth nor did alia have him.

Sidharth is a free bird cannot be tied

It's bw everyone is on a relationship marry go around lol

Love this


Is Big B helping Shweta Bachchan also to movies? another fake accent, another Nepotism!

lol did they bff's just have a bf exchange ah man bw

If they’re trying to make their nasty exes jealous, I hope it’s working


Katrina's face is the longest

N most beautiful

I love both


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