Soha Ali Khan takes daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu out for a drive

Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu welcomed their daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu in 2017. Today, Soha was spotted with daughter Inaaya in the city. Inaaya was nestled in her mom's arms and was looking adorable.
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Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu had the best year of their life in 2017 as they were blessed with a baby girl who they named Inaaya Naumi Kemmu. Today, Soha took her adorable daughter Inaaya out for a drive. Inaaya was nestled in mom's arms and was peeping out of the car's window. 
Check out the pictures: 
When asked about her life post becoming a mother, she stated, "It’s no longer about my life, and that’s the most definitive change! Up until now, I have been independent, and liked very much to be in control of my schedule when it came to going to the gym, and getting minimum 10 hours of sleep every night. I used to look after myself. But now, everything is about her."
"It is difficult for someone like me to relinquish control to someone else. But now Inaaya controls what I eat, when I sleep, whether or not I can watch TV, go out or not - she’s the boss," Soha added.
Soha, in an interviw, said that she’ll support her daughter in whatever she chooses to do. “Whether she wants to be a full-time mother, astronaut, actor, or architect, I will support her. I want to give her a good foundation and be involved in her life. I want to teach her my values. And then, ultimately, I want to be able to help [make] her dreams come true,” said Soha.
Soha feels lucky that she had her mother Sharmila Tagore, to help her out in this new phase of life. "My mom keeps saying that it’s been such a long time since she became a mother, after I was born. Things have changed completely. She was here for a month after Inaaya was born. She said ‘I will look after the house, your diet and make sure you are healthy’. We have some nurses as well, there’s a doctor and a paediatrician, but ultimately, it’s about me, Kunal (Kemmu; her husband) and Inaaya, and we three are figuring it out together. There are people to guide you. But ultimately, you have to do it all by yourself," she said.


I swear when i looked at the picture and read the headline i thought that was taimur in her lap and the nanny would be holding her daughter, but then i realized the picture didn't swipe more to the left and that was the whole picture :O

These with uniformed nannies are everywhere! Don't these new mommies have any self confidence?

Why is nanny laughing they're supposed to look miserable like Mira's nanny

i think kareena gave birth to twins and gave one to soha as she barely even has time for taimur


Darling baby.

How does she have light eyes? I know Saif's family has pathan/afghan ancestry. (don't say it out loud though. The true blue english lord saif would be far too embarrassed.) But even with the pathan ancestry, they all had dark eyes. His father, and all the pictures of his family on the internet (including one of his great great grandmother in a head to toe burqa - ssshhhh! saif is english. surely that cant be true) show dark eyes. Does someone on kunal's side have light eyes? He himself has darkish/ sanwala type skin which usually goes with dark eyes. Can we assume the rest of his family is the same? The more confusing thing is that the baby has blueish/greenish eyes. Because more often than not when people of the indian subcontinent have light eyes they are in some hue of green/hazel but never proper blue like firangis. Of course her eyes might darken a bit and become green but it is still interesting to study how genetics can work. My great grandfather and several other ancestors had green eyes but he was unable to pass on that recessive gene to any of his offspring due to them marrying people with dominant brown eye genes. The green eyes hadnt shown up in any of the four generations since but now my brother had a girl and her eyes are greenish/ hazelish which is surprising. His wife's family has completely dark eyes all the way. So it is interesting to note how genes can work.

GREAT post!

You seem to be so jobless to write such a long meaningless essay

Kareena donated her eggs

Egg donation

I didn't even think about that when Soha announced she was expecting but now I think you are right. Egg donation is a precious gift for women who can't have kids but if it's what she did, she clearly opted for european eggs

It is not just blue eyes, even her features look like Kapoors

Inaya is more beautiful than taimur.

Kunal Khemu is Kashmiri, that explains the ligth eyes

That explains nothing, darling. If it's not in your DNA than forget it. The little one is very pale and has big blue eyes. That is definitely some doctors work! That's the latest trend in Bollywood anyway. Sanjay, Karan etc. they all have these designer babies. Pinkvilla, please post!

I have no scientific evidence but most often when you adore someone during pregnancy, your baby tends to resemble that person. Soha might have adored Taimur so much that her baby resembles him.

Thanks God you mentioned you have no scientific evidence

Bebo has green/hazel eyes but karisma has blue eyes and their late grandfather raj kapoor had blue eyes so taimur may have got his blue eyes from them and for inaya maybe 0 kunal side of the family has light eyes.

Blue eyes have to be in Saif Ali khan for both children to inherit them

Even Inaaya looks like Randhir Kapoor. How is that possible?


Kareena definitely didn’t give birth to Inaaya but we all are sure she has Kareena’s genes somehow

The eye-colour enigma lol. It is kind of weird when both your parents have brown eyes but it is not impossible given the lineage but again not all Kashmiris have green or blue eyes.

Kia Kashmir Kashmir ? Most Pashtuns ( if real and not converted onea who took last names of khans) have colored eyes, red faces and golden brown to blonde hair. I see Saif and Mansoor Patudi red face and light hair.I've seen their extended family and they have colored eyes. Patudi was married to Sharmila Tagore of Bengal but Soha is married to a Kashmiri Khemu. So it does make difference.

She is so cute just like our little T.

Awww she's so adorable,soha can we get a pic of inaaya and taimur?it will be a treat to the eyes to see the gorgeous siblings together.

Oh my, another Taimur!

At least she holds her own child!!

Conspiracy theory alert. Yes as soon as bebo gave birth she got pregnant again and gave birth again after nine months to inaaya then gave her to soha. She did all this while being spotted sweating out at the gym loosing her pregnancy weight. I'd say its the strong pataudi genes because of which both the cousins look so strikingly similar. Inaaya is cute just like her Lil cousin brother. Lil beautiful doll

Strong Pataudi genes have forgotten Sara and Ibrahim then

He is half-Kashmiri.

Taimur female version, they look like real siblings.

Inaaya can be passed as Kareena’s daughter, she doesn’t look like Soha at all

Actually Soha look slike Kareena in the face shape and if you look at a young Amrita she will totally remind you of Kareena. The heart shape face in the kids and Soha is from Sharmila Tagore

And she looks like Jaya Bachchan also

I'm eagerly waiting for a pic with both the Lil cuties. Soha recently said her and bebo tried taking photo with them but completely failed as both would look in different directions. Guess we'll get to see their photo on inaaya first birthday which is in September. Hopefully we'll get one soon. Both are super adorable.

How can bebo have twins who are 9 months apart. She's clearly soha daughter. Yes she does look alot like taimur. Probably the strong pataudi/khan genes. Both are equally cute and super adorable. May God bless them with good health and protect them from every harm and evil eyes.

Wow both cousins have beautiful blue eyes. Till now I thought taimur got his eye colour from his mum side as his great grandfather late raj kapoor saab had blue eyes and his maasi karisma has blue eyes but looks like even blue eye colour runs in the pataudi genes too. Both look soo similar but equally cute

Taimur and Inaya looks same

Soha;s daughter looks more like Baby Kareena and Taimur.
Two beautiful babies in the family with beautiful blue eyes, wow!

So cute!

Such a beautiful baby! These nawabi genes are superb. You see it passed down to both Soha and Saif's babies.

she probably had taimur's photos all around her, all throughout her pregnancy. that's why her daughter looks exactly like taimur.

Pinkvilla post this comment

That's not Taimur ??

Conspiracy theory alert: kareena actually had twins and gave one to Soha??

have more beautiful babies soha!

Did not even read the headline, at first glance, i thought it's taimur.they do look alike.

I first thought its taimur

Oh soha you have to bring the twins taimur and inaaya in one pic! They are so gorgeous.

If Inaya and Taimur’s eye color were like Saif and Soha I wouldn’t be so surprised but these two babies are so much like Kapoors

Gosh she is completely like Taimur

How does she looks like Taimur and Kareena?

Beautiful baby ...

yup taimurs twin

just stunning.

That's Taimur's girl version

Beautiful Lil doll

This is literally taimur,did bebo give birth to her too

Baby is so cute...I dunno why are their nannies dressed like that..why can't they wear normal clothes.

Sad how they make their nannies wear uniforms. Soha's face aged badly. Baby is cute

That's Taimur's twin!

wow a tai coincidence!!!

She looks like Taimur!

Beautiful. The nanny seems so happy as well.

For a while I Thot she is holding taimur..
Gosh.... the resemblance!!

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