Sonam K Ahuja and Anand S Ahuja prove long-distance relationships makes the heart grow fonder in this photo

Sonam K Ahuja and Anand S Ahuja, who married in May 2018, have been in a long-distance relationship owing to their work commitments. Sonam took to Instagram Stories to share a cute photo of the couple having a Skype lunch date.
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Sonam K Ahuja and Anand S Ahuja could be touted as the couple of 2018 as the two tied the knot in May, amongst family and their Bollywood buddies. Since their wedding, the couple has been making time for each other in spite of dealing with heavy work schedules. 

Recently, the pair holidayed in London and Tokyo and documented their journey on Instagram. Post their return from Japan, the couple has been busy with their respective work commitments and have been maintaining a long distance relationship.

Even before their marriage, Skype dates were aplenty for the gorgeous couple and post marriage too, they make it work and have lunch dates via Skype.

Recently, Sonam took to Instagram Stories to share a photo from her Skype lunch date with Anand and it is too cute to handle.

Check the photo out:


In the photo, Sonam wrote, "@ANANDAHUJA, lunch time Skype with him #LongDistanceRelationship."

Could this couple get more romantic?! 

Meanwhile, in an interview with Vogue magazine, Sonam got candid about her first date with Anand and how it was love at first sight for the actress. She also revealed that Anand liked her even though her sneaker game during their first date was extremely bad. In several interviews, Sonam has shared how Anand has always been respectful when it comes to her work and the gruesome schedules.

On the work front, Sonam's latest outing Sanju sees the actress in a small but effective appearance as Ruby. Sanju has already crossed the Rs 300 crore at the domestic box-office.


I don't want to call Sonam Kapoor's married name Sonam K Ahuja. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!


Sonam and PV please stop it. Virat and anushka pda is more than enough for us. Please don't add to the ordeal. I like sonam articles because she brings some wacky stuff into her wardrobe. But why does the whole world need to know how much they love each other?

You people are the ones who need effin lives man.. you wait for her post on PV then comment the SAME thing on all her posts. She's not doing anything abnormal and yeah I'm sure she is a private person- when you have invasive as hell media that ask you the color of your poop then you would make the same statement.
GET a brain.
and you know what PV don't be biased, post it because you only post hate comments on certain posts and i know it now.

Why would you post this on social media? This is sick and desperate

She claims she doesn't like to talk about her private life and then posts everything on instagram! SIC

Please dont leak our pictures and personal informations, we are a very private couple

Please dont leak my personal information.I am a very private person

Why would she share this it’s so private honey ?

Looks like we need to tolerate their idiocricies for a long time to come! And Sonam 'hypocrite' Kapoor calls herself 'private'!!

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