Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's INSIDE wedding photos scream of eternal romance

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja tied the knot on May 8, 2018, during a gorgeous Anand Karaj ceremony. Sonam shared some inside photos from Vogue's latest issue who covered their fairytale wedding.
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Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja joined the list of newlyweds, this year and they had what could be rightfully termed as the WEDDING OF THE YEAR. The two were surrounded by their family members and close friends, including those from the world of Bollywood who blessed the now married couple. 

During the traditional Anand Karaj ceremony, Sonam made for a spectacular Indian bride as she donned her favourite designer Anuradha Vakil's creation which was a red and golden embroidered lehenga. The look was accesorised with multiple necklaces, a beaded matha patti and jhumkas. Anand made for a handsome groom in a dark beige Raghuvendra Rathore bandhgala which he paired with layers of royal neckpieces and a beige safa.

Sonam and Anand's wedding featured as the cover story in the latest edition of Vogue and Sonam took to Instagram to share some inside shots from the fairytale ceremony, which screamed of eternal romance.

Check the pictures out:

We love this couple and how!

Meanwhile, when Sonam was asked about Anand, the actress gushed to Vogue, "He’s non-judgemental— with everybody. Very open-minded and progressive. I’m a little conservative and close-minded about a few things, and he’s taught me to see the other side, to look at things with a lot more compassion and care, to be a little more pragmatic and practical, as I can be very emotional and quick to judge sometimes, which is not nice."

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Aww Rani!

So cute <3

I had no idea that Rani was so close to the family! Actually, Anil and Rani have always been close but I never realized they were this close.

She is competing with Akash-Shloka's photos.

Rani -- My Laddoo looking so cute in this pic. Love to see her happy and smiling always.

I just wish people would stop being so negative. Be happy for them!

Sonam's PR... Ambani's and hans are taking all th elimelight... Quick, release some "pictures" from the wedding

Not sure why Sonam is still milking from her wedding, be happy and stay blessed, no need to do this 24/7 publicity, there are lot of jealous people around,.

When you do this particular ceremony, you're supposed to be sad. It's a departure from leaving your childhood and everything behind into your mom's aanchal. Not be happy that you're throwing around some puffed rice and act giggly again.

I am a South Indian and I didn't cry during a similar cermony. Are you being cynical only because she is from filmi family

There is no 'supposed' to .... She's ready to take on married life. She's going to be as close to her parents as she was before and her husband is not going to suffocate her and her identity. It's a new dimension in life. Nothing and no one is getting left behind... Get it??


idk but sonam starts to look humble and cute after marriage

Feminist wearing Chuda and Maang Sindoor....just like regular non-feminist brides

so sonam had two outfits for her wedding day !!!

Rani must be quite close to ANil she attended every function and seemed to actually participating.

Rani is very close to Kapoors...she was an integral part of all wedding festivities unlike Kajol & Aish who were not even invited

sonam debuted with rani remember

Awwww Rani!

This looks so beautiful.. They both look genuinely happy and so much in love...!!

Completely agree

Lucky girl!

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