Sonam Kapoor at a Chopard event at Cannes

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Sonam Kapoor attended the Chopard party last night wearing a Naeem Khangown.

Sonam looks chic here. How do you like the contrasting ruby ear studs and clutch?

P.S: This photo was tweeted by the 'Cannes Film Festival'.


What a cheap tacky fabric! The bow was made to look elegant but is disturbing her face!

Not impressive!

Y do u pll compare sonam n ash? Ash is ash sonam has ways to go don't think she will ever be as successful as ash

she looks very beautiful..her make up always look amazin

Fri, 2012-05-25 02:16 — Anonymous

Nay. This dress overwhelms her tiny physique.

she dosent have tiny physique.....
the dress is ok......the make up lo real team always made the Indian actresses (aish.sona)looks not good they are better without this painting ..
at lest she looks cute an real ...

Fri, 2012-05-25 02:16 — Anonymous

Nay. This dress overwhelms her tiny physique.
she dosent have tiny physique.....
the dress is ok......the make up lo real team always made the Indian actresses (aish.sona)looks not good they are better without this painting ..
at lest she looks cute an real ...

The style of the dress is absolutely fine. It's one of those red-carpet styles and Sonam once again emerges with good fashion sense. I'm not too keen on the print of the dress. It's a good print but gives this gown a sort of "casual" look.

though sonam looks good the dress overwhelms her

Nay. This dress overwhelms her tiny physique.


like always she looks amazing.everything about her look is perfect and i really love her gown.she is sooooooooooooooo classy.

this is perfect and sonam its a yayyyyyyyyyyy
i dont know why ppl say that she is not dressed stylishly when she is wearing such a glamourous dress btw they may be the haters and no 1 needs to tell that she should dress up well then the media will love her as the cannes organisers themselves has posted this pic but u girl rockkkkkkkkkkkkk

who cares about sonam kapoor . who is the guy , he is so hot!

Very cool sonam but not good but very good

Cool, tweeted by the Cannes festival itself! Go Sonam! :)

Makeup also is too heavy, especially under eye makeup.

It's unbelievable but Even aishwarya chose to dress more glamorously than her. and she is so young. then why she dresses so old for her age. she should be wearing sequins, figure hugging gowns, thigh slits, cocktail dresses. all this that she wears makes her look boring sometimes. the only reason why there are not too many pics of her out from this event is that she's dressing too non-glamorously in front of the mediA. even they loose interest after a while and that's not the idea. SHE should know that she is representing a brand there, she cannot just dress so conservatively and look like a BUDDHI. she can look thousand times better, she could wear elie saab or versace or jpg. After seeing this picture, nobody can say that she is representing a brand, even older ambassadors who were invited at the party, were more glamorously dressed than her. Im dissappointed. The makeup too, should be cleaner. And she is so beautiful and gorgeous. when she keeps grinning and smiling from ear to ear it looks slightly annoying, even to the person who is taking the pic, she should try and be more graceful and poised infront of the shutterbugs. Just work on these things Sonam, and the media over there will also love you.

she look the gown..her makeup and hair is done perfectly

I don't like her outfit, its too dadi ma

Sonam looks great!! Perfect for this event!

from far, I thought that was Imran Khan with the beard!



The pattern is so overwhelming and does not photograph well......more than Sonam, this gown disaapoints and has zero elegance and glamour which Mr. Naeem Khan is known for!

Fantastic! I love the smile, just makes the look 10x better.

Her face lacks something. Its soo perfect and simple but also soooooooooooo boring and no x factor


She looks really good

breathtakingly beautiful.

I would have liked it if that bow was not there on her shoulder.

Not liking the dress at all. Sonam is always wearing black and white at Cannes. Why can't she wear color?

@Thu, 2012-05-24 11:43 — Anonymous
what's the matter? can't handle one negative comment on Sonam? Ash gets a lot of them anyway.

her face looks pretty, but the dress..i don't know, still debating...

Sonam looks stunning!

Obviously the face will look pretty with all that caked make up duh. Now dont bash me with comments like, Ash has make up too and blah blah because I know people here would. I am not even talking about or comparing Ash here. They are all the same! and she is trying TOO hard with her weird dresses and sarees these days

I have been following up on Cannes almost everyday and I must say Sonam just does not make the cut. She looks really awkward and unpolished. I have seen even non-stars like Kelly Brook bring their A-game to Cannes but Sonam - I don't know how to put it without being vulgar - she just is very a country bumpkin. It's a fact...I have no idea why certain sections of the media (read Sonam's PR!) constantly try to ram it down our throats that Sonam is a fashionista - just look at her Cannes 2012 appearances alone - so personality...nothing.

OH NO.....The print is so meeeeeh, color and fabrics looks too heavy, and the bow completely overwhelms her face! This is a FASHION DISASTER: A woman should never let her dress wear her!.....

sweet00parul,u r an Aish fan right?Hmmmm...just check what she has worn at Cannes and then come back and comment ok?Thankyou :)

Her face looks gorgeous, but I'm not digging the dress!!

she looks gud, bt dnt really dig the dress,esp the bow or watevr it is.

Watch Ashs fans flying in sonams post to leave nasty comments.
It's,good to see fresher, younger and actual talent at canness.

She is gorgeous but her outfit sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

her face looks good, but don't like the white spots on the dress

Just Wow, is that the rumour I heard, Abhi is smitten by Sonam, Bipasha. And Deepika beauty----
And he recently made a comment he doent sleep in the same room as ash.

Already regreting he married Ash.
I guess he is going to be like Sr. B., he was head over heels with Jaya, and after the kids, he totally lost interest in Jaya.
Beta is following dads footsteps atleast in women's regard ----

One thing - the heavy eye make-up is making her look older than she is. Even wrinkly. She should have kept it a bit more light and muted and clean. Otherwise, looking good!

Sonam luking absolutely gorgeous.

Wat happenned to her?

gorgeous!! very nice dress

prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and classyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

@smitag ... this is not one shoulder gown...

she looks stylish and lovely.. thumbs up!! :)

Her dress is bad...
She thick eye brows looks nasty... she looks scary while the man looks scared..

she's looking beautiful as usual! love her

Love her look!!!

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