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Sonam Kapoor bags the Best Actress(Romance) award at the Stardust Awards

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The gorgeous Sonam Kapoor attended the Stardust awards 2014 held today.

The actress was nominated in the Best Actor - Romance/Comedy (Female) category for her performance in Khoobsurat and she went on to win it.

Dressed in a black Elie Saab gown, Sonam looked stunning.

Karan Johar and Saif Ali Khan hosted the awards while the likes of Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit performed.The show will be aired on Colors on January 2015.

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The haters tears are a sight to behold! Sona was a vision that night! Best dressed of the evening.

why didn't fawad win an award?

Looks like its raining awards. Everyone got a drop...


best actress Sonam is as bizarre as best film HNY.

As sonam's fan..i dont care she won award or not..and feel happy she attented the can always see her.. hmm about she won..even she was shocked..that she haters just is so short..dont fill ur life with hatches...ciao bellaaaaa

omg she looks SO GOOD

She looks stunning but wait best actress?? Papa bear worked so hard to arrange this one. Only if she could work this hard on her acting other thn wearing princess dress every single time she steps out.

This girl surely knows how to dress

Its a messed up world.

lol sonam won an award? *laughs incredulously*

PLEASE try something with your life then focusing on someone else!!

goodness she looks so hot

For me there is not much difference between Sonam and DP.Only that DP has done two movies better than Sonam (Cocktail and CE).Rest is same same.They are better than Katrina though!!!

Agreed. Sonam & Deepika are equally as talented (the only difference being Deepika has better script sense). Sonam's Khoobsurat & Raanjhanaa is equal to Deepika's CE & Cocktail (respectively), while Sonam's performance in Bewakoofiyaan is equal to Deepika's in YJHD. Even Sonam's Mausam & short role in BMB (not screen time wise, but overall performance wise) was just as good as Deepika in Ramleela . Anyways, I love them both and wish them all the best!

PS. I don't think Katrina is actually bad. She was great in New York, ZNMD, Namastey London, Bang Bang, and even her short role in Dhoom 3 was pretty good. Plus she has amazing screen presence and her dancing is generally flawless. She just doesn't appeal to all sorts of roles (the rustic, traditional Indian roles like Leela from Ramleela, Paro from Devdas, Zoya from Raanjhanaa, Dolly from Omkara, etc.).

PV, post this please!

I remember what Kangana said when asked about awards.She said its ok if you give me award for a performance,that's a good thing.But then they give awards like "best smile" and "Best saari" which makes you feel ridiculous.But I guess Sonam deserved it considering that every heroine wants to work in Masala movies and how overlooked romantic genre is!!!

This is ridiculous.

This awRd is worse than her acting. Nonsense every is getting a award.rediculous

Omg why? I couldnt stand her acting in that film she was so bad in dialogue delivery , Fawad was saving grace

anybody and everybody got an award. Next year Bipasha will win Best Actress Horror. Tapsee Pannu will win Best Actress Housewife category, Shruti Hassan will win Best actress Comedy Sequels Category. Kangy was right....these awards are meaningless.

hahahahahahaha lol, this one cracked me up BIG TIME !!!

love what she is wearing.

She looks stunning as always, but if her acting in Khoobsurat can get her an award then I don't know what will happen to the future of Bollywood

Nepotism. Honestly, people, she doesn't deserve this. Oh for an influential father.

sonam is the most beautiful girl in the industry....perfect features, fashion style, height, bone structure, such a genuine person

dp fan but have to say sonam is absolute class in the way she presents herself...2nd most gorgeous girl in bw after dp

Yay sonam u did it

Really, I don't understand. She isn't a good actor and we know it.

humm ....whats new doesn't take much effort for her to impress her fans

Umm... it doesn't take much effort for any star to impress their fans! Like literally, a star could fart in public and the fans will go "wow what a fart" or "flawless fart", so this does NOT apply just for Sonam. PV, post this!

so beautiful


well deserved win for sonam

gorgeous dress.. super gorgeous girl

yay... happy for sonam....... keep going gurllll!!! u look gorgeous

WTC...she does not know how to act.

Deepika should have won this award!

Congrats Sonam.... your first award after being in the industry for 10 years

LOL, Nice try!

Insanely gorgeous but I like her smiling all the time !

BEAUTIFUL SONAM... fashionista of bollywood

sonam looks drop dead gorgeous...yay to team KHOOBSURAT

stunning....once again u nailed it Sonam...keep on faiyaaahhh..

Aonam is just so gorgeous stunning and an elegant girl!!! Dress and confidence


Give me this dress nowwwwwwwww
Sonm stunning

Woohoo so happy Sonam won!

She looks amazing!!

What is she is wearing,this dress revealing her body to much , yet she fig at otgers for objactifing themselves. #Hypocrical pv post.

Wow. Jaw dropping although not deserving of the award

What a joke! Parineeti should have won for HTP! At least she was critically acclaimed in her movie

I was thinking the same, this is SO unfair. Nepotism.

Well deserved! Sonam kapoor

Yaaayyy looks really good

she look gorgeous , black befitting her

since when is she attending awards? didnt she hate the concept of awards? maybe she is finally getting one so she came

lol..they all don't believe in awards whilst they're not winning any

WOW - that dress - love love love

I have to say she has really grown into a beautiful women through the years. From Saawariya to now there is a big difference.




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