Spotted: Uday Chopra and Nargis Fakhri hide their faces from the paparazzi

Uday Chopra and Nargis Fakhri were snapped in the city.
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Uday Chopra and Nargis Fakhri were snapped in the city today. 
Uday was clicked outside actor Imran Khan's house. The actor, who is looking different yet again hid his face from the paparazzi. Uday was seen wearing a black shirt a pair of blue jeans. He teamed it up with a black cap and grey sneakers. 
The salt-and-pepper stubble added to his age making him look completely off. His latest pictures are going viral and it comes as a surprise to his fans who had a different image of the actor in their head. He always used to keep fitness before anything else. 
Also spotted was Nargis Fakhri, who was clicked at the airport. She came back from Delhi after attending a fashion event. Fakhri wore a long black top and jeggings, with a long black jacket. She hid her face with a white cap and rounded her look by wearing a pair of sandals.
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In 2016, it was reported that Uday broke up with Nargis over a text message and immediately after that she left for New York without completing her work commitments. Rumour has it, Nargis had a nervous breakdown post-breakup. 
But, Uday released an official statement saying they are still close friends. He said, "I normally don’t respond to gossip, but the press has been reporting a lot of fiction disguised as fact. I would just like to clarify that Nargis and I have been and still are very close friends. The press has done a wonderful job of creating stories out of thin air and I applaud their creativity. However, these are all untrue."


Thunder Thighs!!

Uday should buy some clothes or his buddy Karan can donate some.

He's gotten way out of shape but she looks good as usual. It seems like filming keeps him healthier than living a normal rich man's life.

Uday has commitment phobia. Shamita and Tich (Tanisha) got fed up left him as they were more into him than he was. Here he is the one who want marriage, not sure why Nargis thinks she has a career but that is why she is the one delaying it. PV please post.

Are they back together?

Kangana's new leaked email talks about Uday and Nargis on and off affair...there is no smoke without fire guys..

They weren’t even together so why would PV post their pics together n suggest with the title that they been spotted together .... And Uday doesn’t have to worry he’ll still is and will look better in shape than TubbyShrek in Dhoom

Uday hasnt acted in years so I dont think he can be scrutinized at all for looking "different" as you say...and honestly he's in his forties and thats how normal men look! Also its adorable that they have managed to stay friends although im low-key shipping for these two to get married...they both are such kind and fun souls!

SURE. And if it was a former female actress then she would be the butt of all internet jokes. This is how normal men and WOMEN look.

LOL the only reason i didnt mention Nargis as normal looking was because she is NOT average looking. the girl looks hot even in this hideous outfit...although yeah I agree with whole gender discrimination issue....rules are always different when theres a woman involved

When are you both getting married? It can't be because Nargis doesn't want to. Uday must be the one delaying her

I will help him after marriage for a small fee. Nargis will enjoy.

What are u waiting for uday...u can get another girl for sure..but not a better girl than nargis... she is not ur typical bollywood heroines..dnt lose her buddy

They were both happy and healthy when they were together... they shud really consider getting married.. she is not a gold digger like many heroines... she could leave her bollywooy carrer in a jiffy n move on with life d way she wants instead of hanging around fot petty impressed

I love Nargis Fakhri.. There's something really Good that strike when i see her face.. Also Lisa Haydon.. These girls give out a good soul vibe..

Why you guys are after uday, really?? I find nothing wrong with him, just a usual phase where people let go off a but and put on some weight.. For crying out loud, leave them alone..

I don't like his tattoo

You'll need to leave them alone

They both put on weight and dgaf to all the trolls...kinda cute..

they both seem chill

They should get married!nargis is a good soul..!!

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