Sridevi & Aamir Khan at the NDTV Greenathon 2012

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As part of the NDTV Greenathon initiative, Rs 8.89 cr was raised & 508 villages lit up.

Sridevi who is currently making news for her comeback movie 'English Vinglish', was seen at the event in a beautiful Manish Malhotra saree.

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Loving Sridevi's whole look.She is looking superb.

"it looks like she stuffed SRK s underwear in her bra."
Ha Ha oh my god.

Sridevi looks fabulous!! She is such fashionista!!

SriDevi is looking absolutely stunning and gorgeous and Aamir s so sweet.

shes suddenly so curvy!!


RT@vikramchandra By now NDTV #greenathon has lit 1000 villages and helped nearly half a million people. #happy #proud@priyankachopra

All are looking superb. My PC roxx.

Sri devi nose surgery is pretty obvious. Stop bashing PC for that only.
Her height is actualy 5'6.5 which she had said in one of her previous interview. Even shahid wears heels at many places.

Mon, 2012-05-21 13:55 — Anonymous

Absolutely agree with you !!!!

Sreedevi is looking absolutely fabulous and so charming.

Sridevi is radiant. I saw the show.. she is so shy even to dance on her own hawa hawai while on the other hand Madhuri goes on and dances at her age on Sri's I love you. I love Sridevi because unlike Madhuri she doesn't have a fake smile. She smiles when she wants to. While Madhuri just keep smiling like a statute and you wouldnt even differentiate her pics from the same even bec all she does is smile and smile.

And to Madhuri fans who say Priyanka and Sridevi are botoxed I would say to them if they are using botox then they know how to use it because they dont have the botox syndrome like Madhuri. Madhuri's cheeks are going to explode any day from excessive use of botox.

Sridevi looks so beautiful, classy, elegant and dignified as usual...She is the real DIVA of Bollywood!! I love her...can't wait for her movie!!!

Pc is overacting and she thinks she is the best. She really needs to b calm down


sri looks mind blowing...

both ladies are simply awesome...

Sri n PC both look gorgeous...

both ladies look awesome...

Oh, Priyanka,look so hideous -- it looks like she stuffed SRK s underwear in her bra. May be someone walked in while they were engaged in ----------oh crap

Priyanka is about 5'7 1/2" or 5'8". She would not even qualify for Miss India if she were 5'5", idiots. Don't forget that she won the Miss World competition, you can't fool all those judges on something this obvious as her her height.

Ooooooooooooooooooola la laaaaaaaaaaaa Sridevi is so awesome.

Saw this function on TV yesterday and Sreedevi looks so beautiful and young,Sreedevi is such a gracious lady and so down to the earth,moreover,i love one thing about her very much is that,she is not atall fake.

oh wow..... big padded bra for priyanka.

sridevi looks like hema malini

oh i love aamir.he looks sooooo cute.

SriDevi's nose job looks horrible..her face looks frozen..that colour doesn't do anything for does that feel!! stop yapping on about PC

Both ladies are looking great..I love sri sari..Its elegant..I agree Priyanka height is definitely not 5'8 I think its 5'6 or 5'5..

Lovely lovely Sridevi.

Sreedevi and Piggy Chops are the two most beautiful ladies of India,just look at SRI,she is glowing beauty.

Anyone who has ever done ANYTHING to make themselves more beautiful than they actually are, have no right to comment on others....puhleez

Each time i see this actress named SriDevi and my heartbeat goes Dhak Dhak,she is awesome and fantabulous.SriDevi is so elegantly sexy.

cant believe how gorgeous Sridevi looks for her age! she should be the one representing us in Cannes and Oscars.. she can give any amount of Meryl Streeps and Jane Fonda's a run for their money (strictly in the looks department) ;)

Sridevi looks amazing and classy. PC is full of botox and looks like a fake boob from LA.

Aamir is very decent he keeps his distance from actresses especially the younger generation of actresses, in return they all speak highly of him want to work with him and they respect him as the senior Khan. I have never seen Aamir grab any hot actress and hug her and forcefully dance with her at every opportunity. Aamir did not dance with PC. Even Shahid did not. Only a Srk could not resist. He made Cyrus request it.

Ok does PC's backside look a bit more endowed or is that just an illusion? Just wondering.

Shweta Tiwari did a tribute to Sridevi at Greenathon hence shes there too!

@ Fiza_Khan ..priyanka lies about almost every little thing. Someone once ask her about her contact lens, and she said her eyes are real and when the place is cold it changes it's color to blue. WHAT NONSENSE!

Sun, 2012-05-20 17:07 — Anonymous
Pc and her new boobs. lmao. looks amazing, love her pants. looks like she bought a couple hundred in LA, Because that's the only style you'll be seeing her in now. She has to impress srk with the fat bottom.

LOLS..your comment is too funny. Yeah, I also think she bought a couple hundred of jeans in every different color in LA.

sridevi looks far more beautiful and pretty than PC

is Priyanka wearing high heels?!
I dunno why she lies about her height, she says she is 5'8, when she is clearly 5'6. I mean I have met her in person during the red carpets...she does not look 5'8 WITHOUT heels....maybe WITH heels...but not without.

Must agree,sarees are just made for Srideviji.She is so very beautiful.Waiting for her new film English Vinglish.

is the dancing girl in golden pants Shweta Tiwari?

I just think that SriDevi is the lady who should be going to the Cannes,she can steal the whole attraction with her aura and fashion,just superb.Priyanka is also looking nice after a long time.

Both look amazing

Sri n PC both look awesome...


Sreedevi is so young and fabulous.

sri is superb...drop dead gorgeous.

Sridevi Sari is beautiful. Short man Aamir Khan is here.

I am SO in love with that saree. It is BEAUTIFUL!

priyanka just came from L.A u can easily tell how her face is swollen up full of botox..

Look at the last picture and you'll see what botox has done to both Priyanka's face (specially her nose part) and to Sridevi (her smile, cheeks etc)

I like Sridevi's saree, and wish Priyanka chose something more sensible and apt to wear for this event.

Also I noticed sri devi coming out more...shes smart as shes releasing her movie english vinglish shortly....going to these tv shows will make people remember her again.

Sri devi backs priyanka haah ofcourse....both are man stealers!!

All I can see is priyanka wig.

is she taking tips from sri devi, how to get's a married man attention, and finally snatch him away?

are those chairs that they are sitting on made out of old papers/books? cool

i think one actress who looks most beautiful in saree is sridevi....loved her chandni look....

Sridevi always had a knack for beautiful Saris. Lovely

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