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Sridevi shares an adorable childhood picture of daughter Jhanvi Kapoor

Sridevi posted a picture of a young Jhanvi Kapoor on her Instagram page.
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Sridevi is a doting mother to her daughters Jhanvi and Khushi Kapoor. The veteran actor is often seen sharing pictures of her beautiful daughters on her Instagram page.

Last night, Sridevi shared a childhood picture of Jhanvi and it's too cute for words. In the photo, Jhanvi is seen looking at the camera in an adorable way.

We can't stop gushing over Jhanvi's cute look. What about you guys? Let us know in the comments below.

Earlier in an interview, when we asked Sridevi if she was nervous for her daughter as she will be embarking on a new journey, the actress said, "Yeh har maa ke andar hoti hai. When any child is going to start a new career, you are nervous and you are excited. So it is basically all kinds of feelings put together and I'm feeling the same."

Sridevi, even today is considered as a fashion icon and many consider her to be their fashion inspiration. But do her daughters Jhanvi and Khushi seek fashion advice from their famous mom? Sridevi revealed, "Well, I take inspiration from them. They guide me and I enjoy that. They are...Aaj ka hai (They are the new generation). They know better. They know what is in fashion. Sometimes you are in your own world. As a mother, I have other things to take. But, I enjoy asking them and we share. Sometimes, they ask me whether it looks good or not, what to change. The same way even I...we share each other's taste."

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She's got the kapoor's hairy genes. Look at her hand.

These 3 women should spend some money and get Bonnie something that fits.

Ye sab drama kya hai Sri maam! Rukh jaao, light on that video on youtube was classic lol

Even as a child she wasn't looking good

Sonam, is that you?


Her nose is so different

sridevi eyes.

ofcourse now we will only get to see her side poses from childhood diary. because you know

and of course everything under 10 years. we can forget teenage pics.

Fawad, c'mon, even you had a nose job. Where are all the before pics,huh ?

Nose job haha

It could also be because Jhanvi is all set to start her work in Oct-Nov and Sridevi got emotional about it, and put this post on how fast her little baby has grown. #PessimistMind

lol so mean

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