SRK performs at the Stardust Awards 2014 ceremony

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Shah Rukh Khan worked his magic at the Stardust Awards 2014 ceremony as he shook a leg for his HNY numbers. SRK won two awards including 'Star of the Year' and 'Best Actor in a Thriller Film'.

SRK's big Diwali release 'Happy New Year' brought him the results as expected. After hitting the jackpot at the box office, the movie got him the first award of the year, which will be followed by more in the coming awards season, we're sure.Colleagues Deepika Padukone and Farah Khan also won awards for the movie.

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The second pictures!!! *_*

people voted... He won..Then congrats. Sick of silly people comes here to give lectures. He didn't take anything from anyone.

I am ashamed of SRK, I am ashamed for his fans. SRK launches trash movie, his fans to vote for the garbage movie to worthy actors with a decent movie did not receive the award ((((and then these same fans complain that SRK has ceased to produce good films like My Name Is Khan. And why do SRK? trash films like new Year Chennai Express earn a lot of money at the box office, and then SRK receives the award. There is no guarantee that a serious film earned much? There is no guarantee. so SRK of excellent actor turned into a clown, and dancers perform for money at weddings. Forgive fans, but it's your fault, his blindness killed talent in the former actor and now a clown SRK

Save your essay to your favorites elsewhere. Just because SRK done two commercial films back to back doesn't mean he is a former actor! He always mix his works from off beat to commercial ones. He even was supposed to have Raees this year but didn't as he injured last year. And it is nothing wrong in dancing and performing to earn money for an actor. At least better they foll people and make social stuff and take money for it or raise his fees to the sky for a film. Now Go watch whatever films you like and actor and spare us your stupid theory.

Great pictures. Nice photographers for a cognate rather taking pictures with people from the too and weird angles. SRK is looking his getting sexier. Very well balanced body and nice neck.

Congrats to him and all the winners. It I would be nice if fans stop focusing on others and mind their own actors and favorites. My favorite actors of all time is tabu and SRK and both won in their respective places.

When this will be in TV!? shah rukh looks superb.

Looking great as usual. He can rock any clothes. Suits, casual and what not.

I love this man.XO

keep rocking SRK. You deserve it all as we voted for you. People who have problem go mind your actors and go vote for them.

I voted for all who won so congrats for SRK as well as I voted for him. He was the best in the category they put him in. cheers.

Stardust was so desperate to have SRK for many many years and they even gave him awards before and he didn't come. wonder what happened this year. Looks like someone passed away from the time when this magazine has the scope of SRK's affair with Deepa Sahi.

Second picture!! *_* he knows how to make a sexy entry! Love it.

If he wins an Award at every Award function, I will be convinced that it's paid for.

he didn't in many of them through the years even National awards when deserved a couple of times went to Saif and some other stupid performances. Not sure an award based on voting make people that uncomfortable. It is silly. By the way, I did vote for Tabu and Kangna and SRK and all won. So what the point of just targeting SRK. It's his fans who made him win those. Go do some research on the voting thing online and you will know. But guess one wants to believe what want to believe.

I like how he looks. Short hair looks great on him as well.

when this be on air?! I wanna see SRK and Madz performance.

why no show live in India!!!

Looking great! Now as usual we have to wait for days and days to watch this!

I have no shame in saying that i voted for SRK. I have this thing...if you put SRK in any category I would vote for him...simple. hehe

Love what he wears. he has the most stunning hairline and hair of any male. Looking damn fab.

Same old same

He looks really fine and good. Congrats for the award.

There are many other categories but people choose to target SRK what he got! I don't think SRK did the nominations and hell he better go and accept if he won by voted like this one. Because his FANS wanted him to so he should go there and thank them for that.

I fail to understand why SRK always the target when his fans made him win! It is unfair how he's questioned about everything.

HNY was a huge success hence many voted for the couple on these categories more. Haider&Mary weren't huge still won for Drama.

He won his award by votes so congratulation. Looking great and very fit as well. Bless him.

His fans voted for him when the nominations happened. So not sure why people are whining! You better went and voted for others insisted then.

He becomes his own caricature with every cr... movie and worthless award. At the end he really thinks he´s a good actor and does good movies only because of all this paid awards. HNY was´nt even a hit. All this is really fake.

I agree he is the biggest superstar in Bollywood but that doesn't mean he is the star of the year.

Well he didn't put the categories by himself. And whether we want to believe it or not his fans voted for him like mad for this when I checked twitter. So basically it is his fans who gave him this one.

The truth is billions of people can be fooled just like that.

Ugly truth!

Love how SRK is humble and touches Big B's feet with respect. Love SRK and Big B for their acting prowess, talent and big heart in terms of charities.

Doesn't he get bored of winning worthless awards?? I mean, how can he prepare a different speech each time?

He should go and get them. Simple, as his fans voted for him more than others. ( go check online polls). I saw many voted nonstop. So, it is his due to go there and thank every single time if possible.

Repetitive these actors have become,where is dancing?It is not even live,look at Govinda dancing live in NDTV cleanathon and inspire us like that at his age.

falling down at the feet of your seniors would not earn you respect. It is the ethical actions that you take would make the world see what kind of a person you are. The desperation for awards even after winning (3/4 th of them by either buying or manipulating) more than thousands, you yearn to prove a point to people. Why? I don't understand SRK. He clearly asked for so many popular awards for 'HNY' so that he would perform at the function. His far too many wisdom quotes in tweeter and magazines doesn't reflect at all in his actions. If he changes this attitude, he can be an even bigger star.

Love what he wears!! He looks fantastic.

I voted for him so congrats!!:D

Awesome!! Can't wait!!:))

What the hell is he wearing ? DP and him are very good dancers tho.
does anyone know when it will be possible to watch the awards?

Shahid better perform! As this is his year all out! Srk gets award every year for being himself. I hope at screen awards shahid-SRK host together again!! Saw their old awards hosting n they r just best together! Why cant anybody cast them in a movie like brothers! Karan johar should make KKKG type film with them!

Then u should have voted for Shahid more. We SRK's fans voted & voted & he won.Simple. Your favorite won something so focus on that.

people rather spend time nagging about someone win something and not bother to vote for what they think deserve it. Same thing going to watch HNY and then think why Haider is a flop! Now go search twitter many new online polls...No one care about them here but when certain actor's fans did the voting they surprised why he won! LOL

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