Suhana Khan looks gorgeous in an off-shoulder dress while holidaying in Venice

Today, we got our hands on a photo of Suhana Khan during her holidays in Venice. She is seen with a friend while chilling on a boat. Check out her pretty photo.
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Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan's daughter Suhana Khan is currently studying in London. The 18-year-old is completing her education is there and often visits Mumbai to spend a quality time with her family. Suhana, who has been media-shy, made a stunning magazine debut by featuring on the latest issue of Vogue India magazine. Her cover and BTS shots went instantly viral on the Internet and she went on to become a talk of the town for the whole week.

Now, amidst all hullaballoo of Vogue magazine, Suhana is chilling with her friends in Venice. We got our hands on a photo of Suhana with a friend enjoying her time on a boat. She is looking pretty as ever wearing a white off-shoulder dress with floral prints all over it. She is seen posing for the camera with her friend. Isn't she looking beautiful? Check out the photo below and tell us about it in the comments section.

Meanwhile, while talking to Vogue, Suhana reacted to online trolls by saying, "I still find it hard because people feel like they can judge you. Especially on social media. Pictures from my private Instagram account get leaked. There are so many people talking about you. They don’t know you, and they don’t know what they’re talking about, but they’re just talking. And that can mess with your self-confidence. I keep telling myself that haters are going to hate, but I can’t honestly say that I don’t get upset by it. It’s annoying, but I keep telling myself other people have bigger problems."


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The friend looks very pretty. Suhana needs to relax and enjoy her youth away from Bollywood.

Meghna Gulzar was a pretty girl when she was younger and being Rakhee and Gulzar's daughter, she surely would gotten offers. Even though she chose the film industry for her career but despite her good looks she stayed behind the camera and she is successful. Suhana doesn't even have the looks. There is no harm in choosing the same industry as our parent but at least try to stay behind the camera where she can be more successful like Reha Kapoor or Ekta Kapoor. She is just not the main lead material and I feel sorry to say that.

she needs loads of luck now

When all what she has to show her skin, the paremts must be very proud!

The other girl looks more nice than her

she doesnt look that great

I m sorry to say this, no matter how well she is styled and primped, nothing can make her front cover material..she doesn’t have the “IT” factor...hope she gets herself a good college education..movies may not be kind to her!

she is sexy

What’s the hurry to join film industry..atleast be a graduate! Learn something from your father

The friend is beautiful though. I wish Suhana were natural as she used to be before. Now she looks too forced; too disturbed and trying too hard to fit in

OMG! Here goes yet another Suhana Khan promotion!

SRK's fans better have a gag reflex when this gets shoved down their throats!

SO the vogue felt the need to "whiten" her on their cover!!! Are they adding to her self-confidence by doing so?

I am getting tired of her, not sure why she is so eager to join industry, she has no face and no charisma, she should wait few more years, get a good education, learn acting, get more wise and then join the industry.

She is posing for the paparazzis.. Great going our very own SRK sir's cute daughter, Suhana

The poses are not looking natural. And, I think it is because she is not naturally photogenic but she is cute.

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