Suhana Khan looks uber-stylish in this photo from her European vacation

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan holidayed in Europe with children Aryan, Suhana and AbRam. We came across a photo of Suhana in which she looks absolutely stunning.
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Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan were holidaying in Europe with their extended family since the past couple of days. Children Suhana Khan and Aryan Khan have joined them for their summer break.

Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan have been sharing photos of their children on their social media accounts. While Shah Rukh returned to the city with his sister, Gauri Khan and children Aryan, Suhana and AbRam have continued their holiday.

We came across a photo of Suhana in which she looks absolutely stunning in a white top and pink flared pant. She looks uber stylish with open hair and sunglasses.

Check it out here:

The family holidayed in Spain, Italy and France. Shah Rukh Khan had taken to his social media account to share a photo with daughter Suhana Khan and captioned it, ‘Sun Kissed.”  Gauri Khan shared another photo of children AbRam and Suhana Khan from the cruise ship. AbRam can be seen cuddling close to sister Suhana in the adorable photo. 

Suhana Khan is an acting aspirant and will make her debut on the cover of a magazine next month. Dad Shah Rukh Khan had said in an earlier interview with DNA that his daughter wants to become an actress. He had said that she will have to complete her education first before entering the film industry.

On Suhana’s 18th birthday recently, Shah Rukh had shared a lovely photo of her and had posted, “Like all daughters, I knew you were always meant for flying...and now u can also legally do what u have been doing since u were 16...!! Love u.”




By accepting to be featured in a magazine cover for no other achievement but being a daughter of a celebrity she has chosen an easy way towards fame, which contradicts to all SRK said about his kids, but he is a flip flop man anyway with a dignity out of the window

So what exactly does she do with her life except vacation and instagram? I get it NOTHING!

Believe me , She is not !!!

Believe me , She is not !!!

She's a young woman growing into her own. Let her be a teenager, girly, live her best life and having fun. I know most of you had the privilege to grow up. She's more exposed. Let these girls live.

How naive is your comment, if she doesn't want to be exposed she will insists so. Fortunately or unfortunately for her mother and father she is striving for fame just like them even at this young age rather than gaining knowledge and life experience, consumers, indeed

she looks like sana saeed

Star kids should have private accounts so that the images cannot be picked up and criticized.

They will feel even more entitled then! Just don't give as much importance to their pictures and they will calm down..

Despite Shahrukh behind her, it's not going to be easy for her in Bollywood..

Unfortunately Suhana lacks the looks needed for bollywood...She looks very plain,try hard to look cool type... I think she will go in for cosmetic procedures before her debut.....

pv pls post

Why implants now so young and no guidance - she didn’t need them

She seems over eager to portray herself as a diva.

Perfect. Isn’t she a child? I am not sure.

Subkuch theek thak hai except the face. #facepalm

She looks so behan ji type in dressed in designer western cloths.

She’s overdressed..

How the heck is she overdressed?

Because she likes to expose more of herself..

She has a wow body

Honestly, let her voice her feelings before we start the hate. I remember people hating janhvi too but she has grown so much on people

No Jahnvi hasn’t. She’s a horrible actress who looks way older beyond her years thanks to surgery.

Implants are always showing

Beautiful! Love those pants!!

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