Sunny Leone, Daniel Weber and Nisha welcome Noah and Asher to India

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber were clicked at the airport with their kids today.
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After adopting Nisha, Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Weber welcomed twins Noah and Asher in March this year. The couple opted for surrogacy and Sunny had shared the happy news with her fans. Today, the happy family was clicked at the Mumbai airport. Sunny has got the twins to India. 


Sunny spoke to a leading daily about motherhood and opting for surrogacy. She said, “We had been planning it for many years, but were waiting for the right time. We found out about our three children on the same day – we got an official confirmation letter of Nisha’s adoption on June 21, the same day that we were doing the IVF transfer of the boys. It was like God has planned something special for us. In eight months, we had three kids.”


She also said that their family is complete now. “We’ve been wanting to have kids for long and now, we are one big happy family. Our life has changed for the better. This is like the biggest hit story of our lived. The amazing thing is that Nisha shows empathy towards the twins, it’s nice to see her acting as an elder sister, Sunny said.


When asked how she is handling all the mommy duties, Sunny said, “I don’t want to praise myself, but I think I am doing really well and so is Daniel. We never had any experience of handling infants. We adopted Nisha when she was 21 months old, so we are new to infancy stage. But now, we are managing and discovering something new everyday.”


She also revealed that she is planning to bring the kids to India “really soon.”


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So cute! Unpretentious real love.
Blessings from down under

What a beautiful family!

Their daughter Nisha has the face of a doll soooo cute...just look at can anyone stop pinching those cheeks or hugging her...this is one cute family for sure.

I pray this family can pull parenthood off well. I also wish the couple the best as they have a heart of gold.

Respect her so much unlike people like KJo who could've helped so many beautiful children like Nisha that need a home

actually a single male can't adopt at least in its not fair to criticize him or Tushar for sarogacy

Well even if he could we all know he wouldn't cuz he just wants a white baby

This little Nisha cutie is one of the cutest kids I have seen - just look at that sweet face aaah she is too darn cute...good luck to this family hope they are really as nice and genuine parents as the pics show.

Such a nice human being she is ... her interviews reflect the same

real heart warming post. God bless Sunny/Weber. keep it up. Thank you PV.

Happy family. Too cute

Such a genuine person she is

How wonderful. I have twins and a singleton. We have the most magical time.

they look so happy

I see Daniel being more hands on than sunny. What a triple whammy for them.. nice to see that.

Hands on parenting done right. :)

How cute <3

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