Sussanne Roshan's business-cum-leisure dinner date

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Sussanne Roshan has been making many a headlines post her split with husband, Hrithik Roshan.

On Tuesday night though, Sussanne was snapped entering the premises of a popular Mumbai restaurant, Nido albeit not solo. She made an entry with Raman Macker.

Raman and wife Ambika Hinduja have been good friends of the Roshans. The Roshans even attended their wedding in 2009.

It appears that it was leisure-cum-business dinner for Sussanne as she posted the photo below on a social networking site quoting, "The Design Boys".

Raman(seen in the far right) might be helping out Sussanne in her business ventures. Sussanne runs a luxury furniture store called 'The Charcoal Project' and a boutique called 'Bandra 190'.

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I didn't click on this link initially, but I had to see the hooplah since it's been the top post for the second day in a row. I still don't get the hooplah, and people here are behaving as if she dancing on the streets naked.

I would have had no problem with Sussanne if she moved out of her marriage for whatever reasons. Would blame Hrithik but it is pretty clear that it all she does is partying. I am not saying this based on these few pictures but its been almost 2-3 yrs. She was always spotted with Arjun n Mehr and most of the time she looked high. Hrithik tolerated her wild behaviour and when he tried to discipline her, she left him. If you connect the dots it cleraly points that she wanted a free life with no strings attached. How can a husband tolerate such nonsense. When he broke his silence, she left him alone and even snatched the kids from their father. In all this its the lil ones who ll suffer the most coz they ll be torn apart btw their parents.

I'm not blaming her at all .They have been childhood sweethearts.If you watched their interview with Simi Garewal you could see that she was madly in love with Hrithik but later on there were a lot of speculations about Hrithik and Barbara back when they were shooting for kites probably those were true to some extent and after years of suffering silently she took this bold step?If not which woman in her right mind would leave a handsome, famous, rich, husband like Hrithik? I don't think any woman would do that except for very strong reasons.The wonderful thing is after a long time now she looks like she is actually smiling from her heart.

Smiling from the heart ? She is barely smiling and whatever expression she has is alcohol induced . Haven't you noticed his skinny she has become post split ?

I agree. She looks high and if this is what you call happy then i don't understand what happy is. She is a selfish woman who just thought about herself. She left a man like Hrithik who loved her with all his heart and still does. Sussanne's family is still very much in touch with Hrithik and still support and love him. Isn't that proof enough or else which parents in their right mind would support their son-in-law if he had cheated on their daughter. Hrithik is devastated post the split and she is enjoying her parties. Though very soon she will realise the mess that she has created and regret it.

oh phulease...she ditched him when he was recovering from brain surgery so she could 'follow her suunshine'. please dont make her into a beacon for downtrodden women. she wasnt downtrodden..she is a selfish women who couldnt understand the values of her more dominating and conservative husband and thus cheated on him and left him when he was his most vulnerable. this is the modern indian woman

So i guess Hrithik and Sussanne are not patching up a few days ago this news was all over that Rakesh Roshan and Sanjay Khan met Sussanne for a patch up. And Hrithik has bought a separate house too and is willing to reconcile but now this woman i think is not willing at all to patch up. What kind of a woman is she for whom work is everything throwing away a 17 yr marriage just like that also with two kids. She didnt even thought for those children being deprived of their father's love a second chance can always be given to a mariage for kids. Heard in the news that the kids are also missing their daddy a lot now. Its too much Akshay was a huge flirt but Twinkle didnt left him, Gauri didnt leave srk though he was involved a lot in Priyanka and Hrithik was a guy with a good reputation all around still she broke this relationship. Even if Hrithik was wrong a marriage can be given a second chance for kids sake atleast but she is too much. She is certainly not a role model for independent woman. An independent good woman is the one who takes care of er husband and kids with work both thats a role model not her.

What so narrow minded about being at home with kids???? Partying is more important than kids??
10 hours ago - It is dinner with friends, not a vacation. How pathetic can your comments get!

Some how this seems to have been done intentionally. So many pictures and so clear.??

We don't know the reason behind their separation, so don't be speculative and write random hate remarks or judgmental comments. It's their problem , many marriages don't work and outsiders who have no knowledge of the real problem should just zip it !! Be happy with your lives and stop hating !!

Give her a break. Stop judging so much. If she goes out to a working dinner once in a while and smiles doesn't mean she abandons her kids. Be more open minded and be kind to people. She is a human being. Her marriage is a work in progress. Please think of her like she could be your sister. I love Hrithik and her as a couple. I wish people would give them space to work. Dont start silly and wierd rumors. Post this pinkvilla.

she used hrithik for fame buisness n all huh my foot if interior designers get this fam thn y isnt our oscarwinnig costume designer bhanu athaiya goes unoticed y dont i c her in any mag cover bollywood i tell u


Sussanne: after work, stay home with the KIDS,they live with 1 parent now
30 minutes ago - Thank you for sharing your narrow minded view.

If you were a parent you would know, and if you are then learn to know what good parenting is all about! at this young stage her kids would need a mother not just to meet their needs but to nurture and care.that's called MOTHERHOOD

well said

What so narrow minded about being at home with kids???? Partying is more important than kids??

Post her split she gave an appearance and told the reporters "Work has never been a distraction, EVERYTHING else IS" ! now what should i make of her statement..everything else was a distraction?? her Family was a distraction, the love and relationship and trust was all distraction? two little healthy precious kids were distraction? and all these years what was she thinking? WHY NOW HAS WORK BECOME THE PRIORITY? there's a belief that MOTHERHOOD changes everything about you, because you not only give birth to a life ,but you give birth to a family. If its due to Hrithik's infidelity, it's all too painful and sad!The kids need a healthy and stable family in the early years of their lives ,i just feel sad that TRUST is gone too soon for this couple.

What a bunch of jokers !!!!!After all the Sussanne bashing for "moving on" turns out it was just a dinner with a business associate.

I hope you have the same response IF Hrithik is spotted with Katrina or his other female co-stars :)

after work, stay home with the KIDS,they live with 1 parent now, they need you more than your business associates NEED you!
dont run away from LIFE,from EMOTIONS, go through them, find your INNER PEACE first and be there for YOUR KIDS!
i never bashed her saying shes having an affair, but i find the whole "im very happy,im partying it up, ive moved on" a facade , i find she probably did drugs and partying to run away from life's truth or her own drawbacks or hrithiks weaknesses....-i find all that shallow when you are a SINGLE mother, you should after work, be home for your kids during this phase maybe be over hrithik,but your kids won't be this soon!

Sussanne: go ahead and stay at home coz Anonymous above has taken it upon herself to put dinner on your table. In fact don't work at all, coz Judge Anony will also pay school fees and help you run ur home. And by the way, be aware that work timings for any businesswoman have been reset by the Judge so be home by 3.30pm (so u can open the door for the kids).

There you have it. She was having dinner with a bunch of friends/associates and people came up with wild theories. How quick the public is to judge others!

Well i have never seen any pic of hrithik with a bunch of girls and he sitting in the middle and having dinner or lunch with them this is very disgusting she could have atleast sat properly this is not done sitting between men from all sides even if they are her colleagues there is something called as ethics also and knowing u are a mother and a wife too this isnt cool or modern i think

Yeah , she should have sat 2 tables away from them!!! And then they should have been provided with loudspeakers and mikes to hear what the other is saying.

Having dinner with a bunch of guys is disgusting? And who are you make the rules to say whether this is done or not...! What ethics say that you stop being your person after you become a mother or a wife....?? Man...Education is such a waste on people like you.

I don't know what village you come from (and probably should go back to) but married women with kids can continue to be who they were and if they want to drink, smoke or socialise with people of the opposite sex....then that is their damn business! Get with the times!

Guys, Leave her alone. It's her life, she can do whatever she wants. Hrithik is no saint. He cheated on her with many many women. Socking I know, but it's true.

It's coming to light that Hrithik has had more than just one affair - first there was Kareena Kapoor, then Barbara Mori, now there's talk coming out about his liaison with Priyanka Chopra on his shoots with her too. Now as much as I adore Hrithik as an actor one has to wonder about the way he has treated Suzzanne down the years. Word has it she felt neglected and left alone with his parents, looking after his two sons. Then the arguments started with his mother Pinky. Now if this is true it goes a long way in explaining her erratic behavior of partying and rumored drug taking. I feel sorry for her......but that's Bollywood for you. Is there any marriage in this industry that has survived the test of time? Hollywood and Bollywood have so many good looking people in them, and any star who is married is going to be tempted by the Devil. If Roshan genuinely wants her back he is going to have to PROMISE to keep his paws off his leading ladies.

Shut up! There was no murmur about PC! Stop talking nonsense

IF she was UNHAPPY, then she should have left Hrithik there and then. What justification does she have to do drugs, or go out of control at parties and stuff? Which graceful and level headed woman does that? And why are the feminist are out with daggers in head baying for Hrithik's blood. The woman is not always right and the men are not always wrong. While Sussanne was in the marriage with him, she was a druggie and bad looker, now suddenly she is a free spirited woman, who has an independent mind? Why? Because she walked out on her husband? WOW! Just wow! You guys are really hypocritical.

Wow! Some people really think from their everywhere but their heads. Hrithik had nothing to do with Kareena Kapoor, they were just friends and it got out of hand when Kareena wanted something more than just friendship. So they stopped working together. A fact that was again stamped when Hrithik walked out of Shuddhi. He really dislikes Kareena. Barbara Mori - He again was accompanied with Sussanne on the sets all the time and WE HAVE PICTURES TO PROVE THAT. So shut up. It was a publicity plan and blind people believe it. Nothing has been said or written about Priyanka and him. So stop spreading shit.

geez, i cant believe the backlash she's getting, all for what, having dinner with some friends... we don't know anything hence, we shouldn't be judgmental

She tweeted the pic with purpose set sick minds at rest

#1 post? Please leave this woman alone, her estranged husband is the star not her.
2 hours ago- He is not anymore with flopped films.

60 minutes ago - That's India and Indians for you :-)

This post is wrong in so many ways.
Highly pathetic!

This post is wrong in so many ways.

First of all what is wrong with everyone? Why can't she attend a dinner party with a male friend. Oh my goodness it's not like she went on a date with him alone. And even if she did it may be just a networking dinner who knows. As for Hritik being a family man, there is not just one reason why one may consider divorce. I know several couples where the husband is a "family man", whatever that means, and is extremely abusive to their wives,who are unfortunately independent modern women. It's never easy to divorce ESP if you have kids so let's not demonize Suzanne nor victimize Hritik. Life's too short and one can only make others happy if you are happy

#1 post? Please leave this woman alone, her estranged husband is the star not her.

OK so if she was out with such a huge group of people (last photo), why make a fuss about one guy who was there? What's the big deal?

Yess Yess Yess...Now Hrithik is all mine! *Evil*

I have been a big fan of hrithik all these years and i remember the first time i found out she has married this so called muslim girl from this ultra modern and fun loving family of Feroz Khan and Sanjay Khan i wast too happy as they have known to be very modern and glamorous family. And certainly a lot of ppl didnt respect them for that. And Hrithik was quite a sensible, mature and grounded guy i was wondering how did they got clicked in the first place coming from two drastically different families as they spoke abt it on Simi Garewal 's show. and when i saw suzanne for the first time i just found her extremely fair skinned woman with droopy eyes who wore according to me very skimpy clothes. But then again one thing was clear hrithik was madly in love with her and so as a fan of his i also became her fan. But i now i feel yes they were very different from each other she is too partying type and Hrithik is reserved type but its still sad to see them throw away those 17 magical years together. Suzanne's background wasnt good her father cheated on his wife had an affair with zeenat aman and drinking and partying is everything they do.

Only one way to find out, call up the guy and ask him directly instead of speculating needlessly on a website.

Hrithik is decent enough and has always been. I am glad Sussanne is out of his life for good. Of course its been a long relationship for them and it will take time to get over but its better for him to be away from a woman whose life revolves around parties and drugs. Seriously she was blessed with such a beautiful life and she messed it up big time.

It is healthy and normal to keep relationships and social interactions alive and be out with other people no matter what gender or age they are. To shut oneself in isolating oneself from the world fearing others or having a closed heart is what is not healthy. I am glad she feels ready to be meeting people. She is a strong woman. She is trying to be healthy and normal and is showing courage. That's how it should be. We cannot make our heartbreaks centerstage. We cannot afford to remain in that state. We have to move on at some point for our emotional and mental health. She has a business to run and kids to look after. She has to be aware of her health and take care of her health. And by being out like this, is one way of taking care of oneself and the relationship (be it business or personal) one would like to value.

Wow i am surprised with this woman. I am all for a mordern day independent woman but she is far from that. What she is showing is someone who is carefree and egoistic. If she isn't a film industry how come the media knew about this dinner date. Obviously they have been informed that's why they covered her. She is showing the world she's independent. I am not biased towards Hrithik but he does come across as the more sensible partner. He is leaving no stone unturned for his kids. Spending quality time with them and making all arrangements in his new home. Whereas she is busy partying with a bunch of men. Seriously i am glad she is out of Hrithik's life coz he doesn't deserve a woman like her. I wish he finds his soumate soon.

And don't you wish it was you

i totally agree with you . im modern, independent and i am a working mother too,but even if you have moved on then please do it in a respectful sensible graceful manner.
Hrithik is seen with her sister Farah her parents and kids, that shows he tried to work it out, he still respects her family, and he isn't on a party bachelor mode.
Lately all we read is Sussane partying it up here,there, everywhere like she is trying to prove shes happppy! (dinner with mehr rampal, then clubbing with zayed etc) these pics? u dont need to prove ur happiness girl! deal with life,dont run away from LIFE,from how your kids feel abt this ! ppl who run away from emotions always go to DRUGS n PARTYING,better to deal with situation and find inner peace first then party it up!
at times like this, focus on the KIDS. (what she works all days n at night just chills with friends? parties on weekends?)

U R right...

Thank you! After reading a series of bizarre comments trying to paint her as an angel, a saviour for all the bechari women in Bollywood by conveniently shifting blame on the guy it is refreshing to see someone who can say things as it is and this is coming from a girl, who is a fan of neither!

If she was unhappy she has a right to leave the relationship but show some respect woman, it was a god damn LONG relationship.

Hrithik comes across as a very decent, respectful and down to earth guy. There is someone better written for him and he will find that love when he is ready for it again.

Calm down guys. Catching up with someone over dinner does not mean she is dating him. Grow up all of you and quit judging people! Thanks

Her eyes seems more "awake" here than she has in years, maybe she was going through a lot with the marriage on the inside. We shouldn't judge. But Hritik was a sweet husband in the media's eyes, I remember going to his heartthrobs concert and the manager wasn't letting us meet him because he was with his wife and they wanted private time together, whereas all the other actors were walking around the hotel lounge without a care for their wives. I really wish they had worked it out.. I always wanted a husband like Hritik

Why are people criticising her for leaving a rich, famous, handsome husband? If you are not happy in a marriage then what use is fame, money and looks? The way I see it, it shows immense courage on her behalf as a mother of two kids, to leave her husband (of so many years) and all the security that came with his surname.

As people have commented below, you never know what goes on behind closed doors, the image we have of Hrithik is the one served to us through the media, the least reliable source of information. Nobody commenting knows them personally. I think that as a man or a woman, it take tremendous courage to walk out of an unhappy marriage, especially against pressure from family and friends (and in this case the public).

As for children, they are better off with two happy parents living apart from each other than with two parents who are forced to stay unhappy together.

In the end, it is their decision. If they are happier being apart, the best of luck to both of them. As for Suzanne, I think she is setting a great example for other celebrity wives who put up with their husband's infidelity or unhappy marriages in order to cling to money, fame and security.

Im happy she looks sober here. Hope she stays far away from the drugs and the Rampals.

hrithik had affair with barbara no one will judge him but everyone is going to judge his ex-wife at least she is not living star wife shadow got her own business and is independent .

80 percent of her business investment is from her husband and father in law who also recently paid for the losses her business has made over the year. Independent- my foot. She got it on a silver platter, unlike her sister who worked her way up.

Just a thought in my mind ' is she thinking of her little innocent kids at this moment' ? ..what MOTHER would have their kids go through the trauma of this degree,unless it was an abusive relationship,where a husband would give you scars on your body and soul .. it would be understandable for a woman to make a decision. Was she tired of being a wife? being a mother? after all these faithful loving years of a beautiful relationship WHY NOW that she decides to leave her HOME? Was Hrithik a cheat ? a liar? an abusive husband ? who is he behind those closed doors?no one will ever know.It is all too sad just thinking of the little precious ones.

I don't suppose it was an acrimonious separation , bcos the families are still on cordial terms . HR is friendly with the Khans while Rakesh Roshan was photographed sitting & chatting with Zayed Khan for that movie with Ameesha Patel . Even before all this , one rarely saw him living the wild life . He seemed terribly into work & came across as a nice ,polite , very good looking if boring young man . By 'boring' , I mean there were never any really spicy stories of him doing stuff with all his heroines & the rest of the female population (excluding Kareena & Barbara) like Sanjay Dutt , Ajay Devgan or even the younger Saif ...No infamous scandals like Salman , no nasty controversial comments about other stars, no fights ...nothing . She seems very outgoing & chatty by comparison. Dunno who this bloke is , but if this relationship is not meant to be , I hope he finds some one special soon.

havent seen a single pic of hrithik ever where he is partying with a bunch of beautiful girls and drinking he is a very sensible man. on valentine's day too he was with suzanne's mother and his kids and otherwise he is working for bang bang. He is certainly a very dignified man full respect to him

looks like desi katie holmes

You wouldn't think she was a mother of two young sons would you? Party party party's not all about you Suzzanne! Roshan is better off without her.....seriously! >>:(

and in contrast u hardly see a HRITHIK ROSHAN party party party..he just works n queitly had a family birthday...what a contrast..hrithik is better off without a woman who just either works n parties n drugs lol.

It's a relief to see someone notice that.

Suzie does not look gr8. Needs to change up the hair and gain some pounds methinks.

hope they get back together...

Why is she still sussanne roshan? they are divorced infact may be they have divorced but its not officially out as yet by them

she has officially separated from Hrithik. She is free to go anywhere with anyone. if she is moving on, whats wrong??

why is a woman judged so harshly? She is doing what makes her happy. at least it is better than living a lie like other star wives who stick to their surnames even if unhappy. no need to call photogs though!

well a good woman will never be judged harshly and she is not i seriously cant understand how can she be so happy leaving hrithik what was wrong in him he is rich, famous, successful, young family man who loves his parents and kids a lot then why? she knew him from 17 yrs and was their love so weak that it just broke away and is she wasnt happy she could have left him anyway before why now a sensible woman who is mother of two would never leave their father like that especially when he is unwell had a brain surgery recently its too much. Suzanne should have atleast some humanity with in to leave a man like hrithik at this stage in his life.

She knew him when he was not a super star and married him once he hit the lime light, she was in the position of power when their relationship started and now he is this huge star I bet you power will shift and he has the upper hand. And his whole family depends on his success for their survival his father does not produce movies for any other person except him, Sussane will be feeling sidelined in the scheme of things mind you she is not from a poor background her family's profile is bigger than Hrithik's , so there is bound to be ego clashes.
This is my on take with what am suspecting and there is a lot that involves a marraige we would never know, it is not all about money, something could have really gone wrong somewhere for her to up and leave, we don't know who Hrithik is behind close doors, you and I don't live with him in his house.

Forget what we see in the movies these stars are human and they have flaws they are not perfect. You are just outside and not know what is going on in that house, Hrithik might not be the easiest of people to leave with mark my word. It takes a lot of strenght not become arrogant and hard headed once we come into great fortune from a place lack.

So stop judging Sussane you don't know what really happened between this two.

Pv please post.

I agree in bits...there is so much more that can go wrong in a marriage than just 'an affair' which seems to be the only thing most people associate with when a relationship breaks. It MAY be what one of the reasons for a lot of marriages to break but NOT always and that stereotype is disgusting to read. As is the point where people think she turned to drugs. drinking, partying because of HIM. She is no 16 year old- a 38 year old woman, mother of 2 needs to learn how to behave like a responsible woman irrespective of the situation.

I would certainly disagree on the part about arrogant and hard headed when it comes to Hrithik, there is not one person in the industry who does not vouch for him as a person...and it is difficult and pretty much impossible in this industry to put up a pretence that too for 14 long years.

All said and done, no one knows the truth except for the two of them, but what's irritating is how everyone seems to be pointing fingers to Hrithik saying HE was the one who caused her to become this way. That's such a pathetic statement to make. How is it his fault if she did turn to

Nothing is every like what it seems to be on the outside. The image we see of Hrithik is the star image that is presented to us. Sometimes, somebody may have a great career, be a great friend, father and son but cannot be a good husband. You don't know what the issue was with him so you're in no place to judge either Suzanne choice for leaving him, his "goodness", her sensibility or the strength of their love. It is their life. Plus, what is this nonsense about her being stupid for leaving such a rich, famous husband with two children? Honey, wake up. I think you're stuck in a time warp. This is not the 1960s. Women don't need all that for stability or support anymore. They can carve their own paths. But maybe that is beyond the realm of low-level thinkers like you.

If Suzanne wants to move on, let her. If Hrithik was doing the same thing, people would say "good for him" but now that she is trying to make things work for her, suddenly its "she's not a good woman." Oh please. Let's be real here. This whole bullshit that you talked about is not about love, bad decisions, happiness or values. It's about the fact that her despite being a woman has left her husband and that is something that backward thinking people like you cannot digest. Peace.

No matter how much independent and modern a woman gets she always needs the security of a man thats how God has created a relationship called MARRIAGE. We all need a partner in our life. If career was everything then aishwariya rai wouldnt have married and become a mother she was Miss World and she had all money and success of the world. The fact is marriage is a very sacred thing and when u have a relationship of 17yrs suddenly its not very ethical for a woman to break a marriage just like that. She was always a superstar wife for 13 yrs and right now they were on a beautiful journey with two sons growing up getting aware of their father's stardom. She enjoyed all these years as Hrithik Roshan's wife and the world knew her just for that and today also mind u she will only be known as Ex wife of Mr.Hrithik Roshan the tag will never go. So what kind of future she wants for herself i fail to understand. Her husband was not a flirt, wasnt a cheater he has a good reputation never fought unnecessarily with other actors, in fact he just expressed his love for her at every show on national tv. He madly loved his family his wife and kids whats wrong in such man i dont know. Yes we dont know whats happening behind closed doors but still the way Suzzanne's family is supporting hrithik i dont think he was at fault for this. it was her choice entirely what i dont get is why on earth will u end a marriage altogether she cannot reproduce those years with another man can she?? she is already 37 and u do need a life partner. Also must say is aging very badly if Partying is all she wants to do then its a waste of life i say. And this is not independence this is selfishness.

We will never know what happeneed between this two, if she is always out partying and dinning out, something is wrong where, someone here wrote that Hrithik is a very normal guy to the point of being boring, that is he is not wild and maybe he started taking his work too seriously and began spending less time with Sussane. Observing Sussane who is always seen out and about, if she is just gracing only occasions and events it is ok, the rest of the star wives do the same but if it is smoking and drinking in night clubs then I take exception to that. But people at times grow to become different in a marriage at times for the better or worse. I always wonder may be Sussane has always been the out going type than her husband who is shy and more resevered.

Her family looks like the out going and fun loving people where as the Roshans look like very conservative people.

Some thing went wrong between this two but we will never know.

Pv please post

May be she is having an affair with him. This woman has seriously lost all her respect in the media. She is too modern after such a big public split from Hrithik Roshan no girl would turn out publicly like this, she is insulting him too much as if he was such a bad husband. I dont think he was so bad. She has given no respect to this 17 yr relationship very sad for those two kids they needed their parents together unfortunate. I still feel they should reconcile atleast for them but i guess the love and respect for each other in their relationship is gone.

leave her alone guys why people have to judge others

he is ambika hinduja's husband....

She's lost weight.

that white and blue shirt worn by a guys in 6 th photo ..what is that LOL

Hardly mystery man- ambika hinduja's husband raman .

i like her spirit so fresh and inspiring

Such a typical desi mentality, One can not even go out for dinner with friends, it has to be a husband , lover or BF..Sick people.. She is single and she can do whatever she wants get a life people..

My god she's so pale! And the damaged blonde hair makes her look even worse.

In one of the pic guy with blue pattern on shirt looks like a sanjay kapoor .. is he the same ...

Everybody deserves to be happy, so i guess it's a good thing she's moved on. I just feel it happened too quickly (not that there's a stipulated time for these things). But when you get out of a relationship of 17 years, you'd think you need longer than a month to get over your partner? I just wish Hrithik was in the same place as her :S He wants to reconcile and she's seeing someone else. Messy situation to be in.

Who knows when the relationship actually ended. It was made public only recently..we cannot comment on these unless we really know and are close to the couple.

How do you even know that she's moved on? She's just out for dinner with friends. Hrithik had moved on even while he was married.

What rubbish !! How did he move on ? To whom did he move on to ? And no crap please - give names and proof .

He will get there eventually. Atleast he has given the relationship the respect it deserved and grieved for it. Maybe it's for the best, for both.

She is not a celebrity, she doesn't owe anyone anything and its her life. Why is it anybody's concern? She isn't happy with her marriage ans she got out of it and is trying to get on with her life. Why is it a crime for a woman who is soon to be divorced to date another guy when its perfectly okay for male superstar's to cheat on their spouses/ girl friends?

Boy has she aged very badly. Anyways hope both Suzz and Hrithik move on with their lives and forget about the past. You can't help but pity the kids who've witnessed their parents falling apart at such a young age.

Why do ppl say she does drugs? That's a terrible rumour to spread if its untrue. I have always seen her with her children being a hands on mother so please stop these untrue rumours. Focus on all her positive attributes

Is hrithik dating Katrina ???

Man or men o.O?

Wow if im not wrong that so called man definitely has some not so good habbits. Made for each other .

oh, God.,...she's not part of the film industry..photographers should just leave her alone..let her find what she's looking for herself...any man seeing this many photographers will just run!

Exactly, she isn't a part of the industry so how did the press know where she would be? Let's not be so naive.

Yes, it really takes a lot to be this strong and thick skinned

i dont think if it was not serious she would come out i think its a friend.. and seeing a women with a male dosent mean she is in love! I hate this society! Yakhh

She needs to eat more.

I don't like to draw conclusion and given her demeanor, it could well just be a friend. After all, don't we go out friends of the opposite sex for dinner?! Not that I would think of her any more or less if this was someone she was interested in. I just don't think it's anyone special because it seems too soon to bring someone out so publicly. She knows the repercussions of doing so. The public would shun her!

comon don't hide the obvious look at them they don't act like ' just friends'

So she wasnt having an affair with Arjun. *He* was. I knew it!!

Looks wealthy and like second husband material - no egos attached!

good for her. shes an independant strong willed woman

Wow Im actually pretty sad..Hrithik & Sussanne were just so good together, I was hoping they would sort out their differences and reconcile :(

So what? It could be a male friend not a new 'lover'. These "journos" are worse than those moti auntys in the neighbourhood who see you with a male friend and get a stomach ache thinking about your alleged affair with him. Deplorable.

She has a right to live her life as she wants. If it was Hrithik with another woman Indians would not consider it a big deal...Totally male dominated society. Sad....

I think that she has moved on.

I agree with the comment below; she is a very strong and independent woman. I remember in an interview, Hrithik said that he liked her because she didn't fall all over him and act desperate like other women that he dated did.

Rab ne bana di jodi...Looks like they have similar hobbies :P

She is a strong independent woman. I like her style

wow the KAT is out of the bag LOL

And who called the photogs??

HAHAHA! Anyones guess. Good for him, he will finally go for someone who deserves him.

Don't know about the mystery guy but the security guard in the second picture looks mighty perplexed!

I knew it, she has someone else. She won't leave hr just like that .

its hr who left u bewdi psycho

For who? Pray to tell! He has been spotted in LA, London, Singapore everywhere on his own- and please don't say Katrina because we all know that is BULLCRAP! She was/is with Ranbir. There are pics of Srk and pc at events beyond work, rk-kat, rs-dp on vacations of cosying up but NONE for Hrithik. If he is wrong, blame him but clearly he is NOT the one looking high, pissed drunk and in the news for drugs! He has dedicated his time to his work and kids while this is the 5th incident in the last 1 month alone where Sussanne has been spotted drinking/partying by the press. If this is what makes her happy, so be it, no need to judge but dont hold him responsible. It's her choice and hers alone.

And if he was at fault- her full family wouldn't be running behind him. From her sister to mom, dad and brother- they cannot stop raving about him and vouch for him while his family has clearly cut all ties with her.

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