Suzanne Roshan, Arjun & Mehr at Renu Chainani's collection preview

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Buddies, Suzanne Roshan along with Arjun and Mehr Rampal graced Renu Chainani's latest collection preview at Eastern Treasures, a lifestyle store.



SuZANNe and Mehr , Arjun Hritik.....always look frail and unwell....its one thing to be fit and active, its another to be frail unwell due to booze drugs.....its like their working factory shifts or working 18+hours a day....they have nannies, no jobs, party and attend events all of the time...what r their expressions always showing they are stressed, tired, unwell?
If they were fit and lived a healthy life style, you would see it on their face example: Shilpa Shetty, Bipasha Basu, Bhagashree, Sri Devi, Madhuri,
they def need sum Vit D3 Vit C, Bcomples .....something!!!

Sussane has sad droppy eyes, as if she is always tired and washed out her, husband is wealthy, I think she should have eye lift surgery.

PV please post.

Now i know for a FACT he is into men...

Arjun and Mehr look cute but Arjun seems very tired.

coke addicts!

First time I've seen Meher letting herself laugh.

They all look whack especially Suzanne what is up with her face ??

The Roshans and the Rampals have become great friends over the years, nice.

Suzanne should avoid wearing black, really dulls her complexion. Colours like navy, teal, orange would look nice on her.

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