Where has Suzanne Roshan been?

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While Suzanne Roshan has been missing from public appearances with hubby Hrithik Roshan or Krrish 3 promotions, she was spotted at an event related to her personal interest.

Suzanne Roshan was Guest of Honour at the 'Inspiring Conversations' event, where entrepreneurs discuss their achievements and challenges. Suzanne spoke on how she runs her enterprise of designing and creativity. The popular star wife and Interior Designer touched upon topics such as sense of positive energy, time management, business planning, team work, work life balance, delegation of responsibility and so on.

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she is just worst...yuckk

who cares about u witch???????

Has it occurred to anyone that her husband could be a jerk? But no, this is India and the woman is always to blame! Didn't you all watch KWK where Katrina commented on how he always comments on girls' weights and needs to stop? Maybe she is so thin because she feels pressured to be skinny.

you def gave some new perspective to this story. It could be true that there is something going on with Hrithik. When someone is two workaholic, obsessed with his body can take its toll on other person who has to share her life with. but we all put the blame on the woman.

oh everyone can see that u r a jerk su

There lives thrive on their fame, no matter how good or bad it is ! The problems these kind of people have are 99% ego related issues....which needs an inner piece of mind to resolve, rather than getting drugged in parties ! Let's mind our own business people, why the hell we are promoting this a national concern, err...100+ comments for this article !

Whatever she's been up to - it ain't working for her. She looks absolutely dreadful and gaunt in these pics.

I suggest u look up gaunt. She has the perfect figure....... Shes so cute and smiley and elegant.

She has told tat Hrithik will be there for her store launch and praised him for motivating her going ahead...So they r very much together...Oh trust me....hrithik will be on cloud nine now...So I guess she had in-laws clash for sure... Well never expected in-laws clash from Suzanne...anyways can't tell..in-laws r in-laws

if the "hardworking" homebreakers of boolywood are inspiration to women and children, she can be too. if she indeed a druggie(not that i know if she is!!), then she is harming/hurting only herself, noone else.. unlike the homebreakers who are hurting whole families , destroying them...

Hopefully rehab. Although judging by her weight probably not.

Seems like she was really busy with working on the new luxury boutique Nandra 190- while the rest of us are wasting our time on PV:)

haha i totally agree

love :)

we r not wasting time...we are actually destressing...according to psychologists gossiping is actually a stress reliever....Susan needs cocaine to destress...such big is her stress

born with a silver spoon, married to a greek god-esque superstar, two cute little kids, flourishing business even with pretty much very little effort whatsoever. Boy! she has got some real problems. You got to be kidding me. They don't have real problems, heck most of us don't have real problems. You know what real problems are? Those kids in Somalia who find it hard to get a single meal, kids in Africa who have to fire a gun even before they become teenagers, people from Afghan under taliban or those little girls from swat valley. Her problems are usually like one of those from sex and the city stuff. If her problems are real, most of us would have overdosed.

I know what real problems are -_- I worked as a volunteer before for many NGOs and helped few drug addicts - I know their stories. Look, not everyone is same bcoz some r strong nd some r weak. Not everyone can deal with problems equally ~ u dnt have to starve to experience depression. My comment was targeted at someone who said "a druggie cannot be an inspiration." Read my comment carefully ~ it was NOT for Suzanne. Dunno what makes u think to experience anxiety, bipolar disorders, depression, drugs, etc u need to starve or anything.

I did as well mention that some take drugs bcoz they think its fun nd cool (but actually lame).

P.S ~ hope those people suffering from starvation and horrible things get peace ~ we need to help and pray for them as much as possible.

Apologies for misinterpreting your comment. I just can't sympathize with these people who have every opportunity possible in life and yet they just throw it all away and take to drugs even for the smallest of the problems. I just hate people who would get depressed for trivial things like their favorite birkin is out of stock. I just can't sympathize with the likes of sanjuy dutt or fardeen khan.

Of course hunger isn't only the real problem, there are other stuff like lack of freedom, gender prejudice.

well sad hipdontlie. i agree with you 100%

I understand what you mean :) I guess the quote "the more you get the more you want" goes with them pretty well.

Nicely said :)



I guess it is ego clash between her and hrithik...who is greater..

@Bolly-Freak - I wonder why did you change the article's title from yesterday, it was something like "Suzanne R. at ... event" and replaced it with this gossip mongering one?

Even i noticed it...But it is so surprising tat suzanne and hrithik r constantly in the media's eye...but still r tight lipped abt there current separation rumours...and media is not able to conclude anything...seriously surprising

I am sure PV did it :) They often change titles and stuffs to gain more reads.

maybe because roshans dont cast zayed khan

The way i see it shes not answerable. Shes not an actress and is a regular business woman like any other in india.
Go ask hrithik if they are seperated or not

What's wrong with everyone, she is probably busy raising children, busy with her work and I think her husband was sick briefly quite recently. She is not really in showbusiness, married to one.

Idk how these celebs manage to do coke and still look decent. Like Zac Eforn, i was a little shocked when i found out he was in rehab for coccaine addiction-- he look SO great. Aren't drugs supposed to make you look like crap? Even Suzanne, (not sure if the rumors are true, but if they are) looks pretty good for a recovering coke addict.

I agree with fizakhans answer. you have NO idea how much makep goes into creating a celebs face until you see it for yourself. in any case, it all depends on how you define looking "good". to me, susan roshan doesn't look good at all. her face is albino-corpse pale and haggard, and her body definitely is the type of gaunt look one gets from coke use.

I know what you mean. I have always wondered about the smoking part. How do they manage to look good despite being an avid smoker? normal people look horrible if they have been smoking for a long time, but for celebs they don't. Even the ladies!

Makeup - Makeup guys! Look at the amount of makeup tricks these celebs use! Just search for makeup gurus and you will see what I mean.

What's wrong with you guys?
She's a lovely girl, with kind and generous sisters, great family and a fabulous husband and children.
Leave her alone. She looks well and happy. Runs a business, family, takes care of herself.
Quite inspirational actually! You go girl!! Well done on all the effort.

I really like the Suzanne has come into her own. I'd love to hear this entrepreneurship talk from her. BUT....even though I agree I don't know what's going on, there is no showing of heart here because she wasn't by Hrithik's side in his success. Again, I don't know everything and I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but it just looks selfish. ESP if Hrithik has always spoken so kindly of her. What's so wrong that she doesn't want to be seen with him? Sorry Suzanne. Not done.

the truth is that couples do tend to drift apart after several years of being together. it's only natural, especially if one is, or both are, working or traveling apart constantly. usually they develop separate interests after a while, with one parent being more involved in the children's lives and concerns, and even separate circles of close friends etc.

it may or may not lead to an affair or other problems like escapism via drug/alcohol/other abuse etc.

after all, the greatest love stories are are usually the shortest of all :)

If she had been an actress, this space would be riddled with vicious rumours, allegations & speculations worse than rehabilitation by now. Rehab really, I never knew PV comments could be so kind.

no wedding/engagement ring. I'm just saying.

Susanne is adorable. But she looks way older than her age. She should gain some weight n change that hair color.

She looks like she's been unwell . Her face looks drawn & pinched . Makes me wonder if the drug rumours are true after all.

I think they are. There was even an article written anonymously by some journalist saying the narcotics dep was closing on a superstar wife for posession of cocaine. Going to guess it's Susanne.

yes even i read that article and was pretty sure that it was written about her. one look at her and one can make out that she's an addict.

I think they are. There was even an article written anonymously by some journalist saying the narcotics dep was closing on a superstar wife for posession of cocaine. Going to guess it's Susanne.

I think they are. There was even an article written anonymously by some journalist saying the narcotics dep was closing on a superstar wife for posession of cocaine. Going to guess it's Susanne.

Seems to me like she was in rehab, HR deserves so much better than her,sorry.


She looks really happy. Black looks very nice on her.

where is hrithik Suzanne...how long r u guys going to lead separated lives..

She does look really happy and I love what she's wearing here.

must have been throwing those drug parties.

i read an article somewhere tat there is the narcotic division tat is closing on her for having cocaine....but bcos of her high profile and star hubby things are not moving forward..

I hope She n Hrithik resolve thier matter and make an appearance together soon. These two are meant for each other. Its really strange to see them apart.

if it was as simple as u think..they shud have resolved by now...especially when their home production movie was releasing...they wud have done anything for it to work...if their differences were not resolved then..I highly doubt it wud happen now...but lets hope the best for both of them

wow...she is ut after 3 months...there were rumours of her being in rehab...

suzanne looks genuinely happy...wonder wat she has in mind regarding her married life

She looks so pale and frail.

Beautiful. Looking refreshed.

Such a long time since I have seen her smiling. Most of the time previously she looked so tired.

I wonder how would suzanne look in a simple saree?or churidar? she pulls off the above look quite elegantly but, when you are in a common people crowd like seen here, it would've been cool to look indian and not a westerner. oh yes her hair too ..

Shes sooooooo adorable.

I don't know why but her style always comes across as very teenage-y. She should change it up sometimes.

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