Taimur Ali Khan enjoys a carousel ride with parents Kareena Kapoor Khan-Saif Ali Khan in this cute photo

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan are currently holidaying in London with their son Taimur Ali Khan. We got our hands on a few photos from their vacation.
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Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan are currently in London holidaying with their son Taimur Ali Khan. The cute family are having the best time of their life and several pictures from their vacation started making the rounds on the Internet.

Now, we got our hands on a few photos of Saif, Kareena and Taimur. In the photo, the trio is seen enjoying a carousel ride. Kareena is seen wearing a monochrome shirt with blue jeans a black leather jacket. While Saif wore a blue checkered shirt and a purple sweater with a brown coloured beret hat. Whereas Taimur looked cute as a button in a red checkered shirt, blue jeans and blue sleeveless jacket.

Check out the photo below.

Another photo became viral where Taimur is laughing his hearts out.  He is seen sitting on a chair wearing a yellow T-Shirt and grey pants with a blue sleeveless jacket.

Isn't he too cute for words?

Meanwhile, Kareena and Saif shot for a commercial while holidaying in London. Talking about it, a source stated, "Kareena and Saif have been roped in by an international brand and two will be shooting for a commercial while in London. Kareena left a day earlier since Saif was shooting for Navdeep Singh's film. The concept of the commercial is fitting for the glamorous couple that they are. They will return to the city by the end of the month. The couple's fans have another reason to celebrate as there was also news of Saif joining social media soon."

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Taimur resembles his grandpa Raj Kapoor so much, maybe he is his reincarnation!

Imagine if he also has his talent.

sharmila tagore's genes are very strong too! Those tagore eyes.

He Saif me chehere pe hamesha 12 kyo baje hote hai.. look at him, such a stuck up he is.

If Saif karelia did leak this photo I'm sure Saif would atleast smile not make that face

Exactly Its LONDON you ghetto desi's are everywhere with your phones . so stop it.

Who are you ghetto Indian? Btw the Plc in which ur fav Karena and Saif live, looks very much ghetto..

Pretty obvious that Kareena and Saif leaked these pics.

So what if they did , its quite sweet to see a sweet family esp this cutie Taimur, better than seeing leaked pics of PC by her PR on her random dates with her new boyfriend and puppy rat, I'd much rather See Taimur any day MASHALLAH BLESS HIM.

I love these three together. Taimur's smile made my day

Why is Saif dressed like that? lol, I mean in this weather in London? and so weird, you are on a vacation.. What era you are living?

These two are such FAKES, using their sweet kid for publicity. but yes this Rashagulla is so cute, he is always so happy and smiling, love him..

Okay Aishuma

Ok Karela

so cute..

Private citizens of Westminster abbey!


Look how evil saifu looks not facing camera but eyes on camera

Enjoy it Bebo you have earned it. So many people were after your comeback film an spread as much negativity as they could. They thought the film will flop badly and will end your career. They called you so many names but you proved them wrong and emerged victorious. Now the film not only took highest opening for a female centric film but also earned 120 crs worldwide. So many congratulations to you. But I hope you do more movies because we really miss you onscreen.

saif is having a ball

Hahaha country gentleman. As the other poster said, welcome to 2018. Also you clearly have never been to London if this is how you think a rich posh guy dresses. Saif looks like a wannabe who is stuck in the past/is trying to approximate a look and has failed miserably.

That's how you do it Aishuma

Our Rosogulla has Paprazzis follwoing hm all over the world.. He is sooooooo much like his great grand father Raj ji

Taimur is always happy and smiling. He doesn't look scared clinging to people's arms or trying to break free. He walks confidently unlike you know who

People call Kareena dumb but look how she has maintained a perfect in her personal and professional life. Her comeback is a big hit. Now she's holidaying with beautiful family. Her kid is always smiling and she lets Saif get involved in Taimur's life so that he has a normal childhood and doesn't get deprived of his father's love. Well done Kareena

What a blessed little family. May they keep smiling forever

Kareena and Taimur have the same smile. Adorable

Aaw what a happy Lil guy. No matter what hater say but he's clearly being loved by his parents.

And why is daddy Saif looking so grumpy? Did Kareena force him to ride carousel?

he murdered a wild boar and everyone knows about it now. that's why he is grumpy.

!!! The pic of Taimur laughing with eyes closed, he looks like his great grandfather Raj Kapoor. My goodness he is a Kapoor all right


Just open it to see baby T ,such a cutie.

Who leaks these pictures seriously??

Will Kareena lie through her teeth and say that these photos are also by the Indian paparazzi. I'm sure no one in London knows them

How do these pictures even come out?! Saif is not even facing the camera and he looks depressed lol

What a happy little kid. If he was neglected would he be always smiling in the pictures or just generally when he is captured by the paparazzis? You should see little kids from broken homes how they always look sad and scared and rarely smile. I've worked for an organization for such kids. Taimur is very much loved by his parents. That's why he I always laughing an smiling. Look how they are also accompanying him on the ride. Cute little family

That's how you do it! When you're on vacation with your child you don't leave his/her father behind so that your kid won't be able to bond with his/her father. Look how Taimur is in the protective arms of his dad on the ride while his mother is sitting right beside him. That's how you maintain the right balance and let your kid know that both his parents are going to be there for him.

The natural smile on Kareena's face (and not stupid pout) when she is with her family speaks volumes.

Haha looks like Kareena is enjoying the ride more. So cute.

Such lovely pictures. What a beautiful little happy family

My Heart......sigh...he is such a happy Child ..God Bless

Who on earth dresses like that in london? Saif is so out of touch with reality. Poor Kareena to be stuck with a fuddy duddy

If Kareena happy with him what is your problem??

A country gentleman visiting London dresses like that darling!!! Poor you..to be stuck in the abyss of your own ignorance..

No Lord Lieutenant or squire would be caught in public attired in a purple jacket .

Country gentleman? What era are you living in!

Full set of teeth.

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