Taimur Ali Khan's biggest fans are parents Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan; here's proof

Shashi Kapoor's son Karan Kapoor shared an adorable picture from Taimur Ali Khan's first birthday celebrations in Pataudi. In the picture, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan are seen staring at their baby boy.
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Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan have the cutest baby Taimur Ali Khan and like them, we can't stop gushing over the little munchkin. 
Yesterday, Shashi Kapoor's son Karan Kapoor shared the candid of the cute family where Saif and Kareena are seen looking lovingly at Taimur while he is busy opening his gifts.
Today, Karan shared another picture and it is indeed a sight to behold. The photo is the closeup shot of Kareena and Saif talking to Taimur and they are smiling whole-heartedly. 
Karan posted the photo with a caption stating, "#taimuralikhan #kareenakapoor #saifalikhan #family #pataudipalace #makemoments #pataudidiaries #familyphotography #blackandwhiteonly" 
They are so adorable and how!

Check out the picture and tell us about it in the comments below.

Meanwhile, in an interview with a leading magazine, Saif spoke about the attention Taimur receives from everyone and how it doesn't bother him much. Saif stated, "Attention is a funny thing. The more you avoid it, the more chaos it creates."
The actor also spoke about how much he has been enjoying watching his stunning wife transforming over the years. Saif further said, "I love that she’s such a committed, concerned mother. She’s always been a very loving person, but having Taimur has just brought a different love and warmth to her. When she carries Taimur, he looks so much like her; he’s an extension of her."
As reported by a leading daily, during an interview for a show, Saif revealed that Taimur is called Tim by his family. 

Credits :Instagram


Kareena's eyes looks like Bran eyes in Game of thrones when he goes to past. LOL.

Was he created in a lab,such a beautiful happy child.

Flop Saif-Kareena need Taimur to be in news. How the mighty have fallen.

Without Taimur, his parents can't be relevant.

Any child is going to have the parents as the biggest fans. Please post only if these celebs are doing something extraordinary.

Now this is what I love! Two happy doting parents to a little boy who already seems to have a cheerful personality of his own! No clinginess...no over protectiveness...fear etc. Just lots of love and space and letting him enjoy the world doing his thing.

Hi Bebo.

Publicity hungry family releasing pictures daily through their PR, sister, cousins, fiends, gym instructor, makeup man, dress designer and everyone else. Kaalaakandi is Saif's twelfth flop in a row and if he is still getting film offers I can only pity hindi film industry because nepotism sucks and it is taking the standard of films down

Blessed family picture!

Nanny is bringing him up and is the hands on mother...that's why his real parents are looking so fresh and relaxed and happy to pose with him. Parents who really look after their babies look haggard and sleep deprived. They are privileged. Nice photo.

nice pics..thankfully no legs&calves to take away from taimur

Taimur makes me want to have children! Such beautiful child and a beautiful family. Their haters make me laugh. Look at them? Look at the hearts in their eyes. Saif and Karen have always been a real romance and their love has grown into family.. Taimur isnt being raised by a nanny he's being raised by a very real, down to earth couple that knows what's up.

he is obviously well loved and doted on by his parents and family.Burn haters!!

Two beautiful parents, of course, we would expect their boy to be beautiful!

cute tiny Tim

Awww this pic just melted my heart.. what a beautiful family!

God protect them at all cost❤

Looks like the Lil munchkin said something in baby language that got a huge smile on his parents face. Soo cute photo may God bless them and keep them away from all harm and evil eyes

When aradhya's pics come out people go awww..
When hrehan and hridhan pics come out again an awww
For abram again an awww
But if taimur's pics are out kareena and saif are trying to stay relevant through taimur. Hypocrisy

Stunning family with a stunning black and white picture. This picture reminds us of Golden Age 1960 shows on TV..
Karan Kapoor has done an excellent job this is an award winning picture.
Beautify family with a beautiful and charming kid.

Never been a fan of kareena and saif but yeah I'm obsessed with their little boy ,I just love taimur.

Good joke, Kareena.

Beautiful pictures i Black and White. What a beautiful family.
Taimur is a very beautiful and charming baby..
Kareena & Saif enjoy your moments you are truly blessed,.

MashaAllah..May Allah protect them from evil eyes

He is ditto Kareena :D

For haters information, Karan Kapoor who is a photographer, took these photos and posted them today. Kareena is not responsible for guests taking photos of his son and there is nothing wrong in taking photos and sharing them. All celebs post photos, videos, boomerangs of their children every day and night but only Kareena should be bashed? Your problem is with Tainur’s beauty and Kareena’s happy life.

There are lot many beautiful kids in the world, why would anyone have problems with Taimur's beauty? We have problem with his good for nothing parents.

My little Gorgeousness. Mwah

Look at Kareena and Taimur. Taimur has definitely inherited his cheerful personality from Kareena

So beautiful

God bless them

Breadth taking. pure magic.

I really wonder what this baby is made up of? He is something else. God bless.

This is heartwarming. What beautiful smiles

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