Taimur Ali Khan's expressions in these photos as he exits the gym are too cute to miss

Taimur Ali Khan is one of the favourite star kids and has a lot of admirers. He is also paparazzi's favourite. Today, the boy was snapped outside kids' gym in the city.
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Taimur Ali Khan is paparazzi's favourite and the boy has joined a gym a few weeks ago. So, just like his mum Kareena Kapoor Khan, even Taimur gets snapped outside his kids' gym.
Even today, the munchkin was spotted outside his gym. He looked adorable and his cute expressions will surely leave you with a smile.
The little boy has become internet's favourite star and is as popular as his parents Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan. 
Not just us, Taimur’s parents too can’t stop gushing over the toddler. “Taimur is always chilled out. He is so gorgeous. The only thing he doesn’t like about me is that I kiss him about 20,000 times a day. And he (Taimur) keeps pushing me off. Saif says why are you doing this. But I always feel like hugging him,” Kareena had said in a recent interview.
Check out his pictures below:
During an interaction with a leading magazine, Saif spoke about the attention Taimur receives from everyone and how it doesn't bother him much. Saif stated, "Attention is a funny thing. The more you avoid it, the more chaos it creates."
Taimur turned one recently and aunt Soha Ali Khan had mentioned in an interview, “Taimur is at an age where he wants to explore everything. He is now able to hold things, his grip is getting stronger. He is also into snatching things and throwing them away. Inaaya is too small now and so we are constantly scared to have them too close to each other. Especially Bhai (Saif) gets really worried whenever Taimur tries to get closer to where Inaaya is.”


First Picture I am always very curious, Hi I know you by now.

Taimur is super beautiful kid.
He does not like shoes most of the time he does not have shoes on.

Taimur is cute and the nanny seems to be very loving. They both are being overexposed by Kareena's PR people.

Taimur is very adorable kid. Taimur has Rajkapoor strong genes they way he looks at the Camera he is only one year old it is amazing.

Taimur the Show must go on.

Can i just eat him up .He is so cute yarrr

My Baby Is So Gorgeous. Love to him

Gym, pout, party and Taimur. Kareena has lost it

Kareena sign a movie and stop overexposing your kid

This little one has no fear. No reluctance. He stares right back at cameras. No wonder he has everyone crazy in love w him. I know paps are getting weird but I love him! Eyes!!

Oh My sweetest cutest Rosogulla getting to see his mom and dad wrk out... So cute

Taimur is not the only one who goes to a baby gym. A class is open there so obviously children do go and attend it its not only attended by Taimur in fact tushar son too goes to the same gym

Nanny must be working out instead of the cute sleepyhead..She looks fitter than before

A gym? At his age? One would have thought the vast grounds of the family estates and fresh air would be what the child needs.

It is a Play School for kids people are calling it Gym.

In this school they sing, clap, dance, they do exercise drill etc.

They live in Mumbai where the space is limited..baby gym is not for working out, it for them to just play with other kids.

wait she is working on only one movie and still we never see his mom with him.Too busy trying to become invisible in the gym. And people were ripping Ash apart for being there with her daughter constantly and not getting back into shape immediately. ladies and gentlemen having a baby does not mean push it out and then get back to your before baby life. It means redesigning your life around the child.

So much more cuter than misha!

Shahid and Meera will cry

Never compare one baby with another.. all are guileless and angelic

Poor Taimur wish mommy could be with him but instead she is at her own gym

wth is a one year old gonna do at the gym


While Deepika, Kangana, Anushka, Alia are in the news for their work, Kareena needs a one year old baby for publicity

She's overdoing the Taimur's pictures now

Poor baby working hard to keep his mother relevant

Nanny has lost weight!

sweetest laddoo!!!!!

This kid is overexposed.

The nanny has become equally famous ;)

She looks so kind and loving

Precious Lil angel

Chalta firta roshogulla. Love you baby T❤


curious Tim.

Randhir kapoor small version

Randhir kapoor

A gym for kids? that too for a year old baby? crazy stuff.

God Bless Him

Is that samaira lolo daughter there with them being the door

Baby T looking soo cute

Awww.... can we have a real close up shot of this cutie please.

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