Taimur Ali Khan's inquisitive expressions steal the show in these adorable photos

After spending quality time with his father Saif Ali Khan, Taimur Ali Khan was spotted in Mumbai city with his nanny and it's his inquisitive expressions that steal the show.
Taimur Ali Khan is too cute to handle as he gets spotted in Mumbai city.Taimur Ali Khan is too cute to handle as he gets spotted in Mumbai city.
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Taimur Ali Khan is one of the cutest star kids of Bollywood whose adorableness increases as the days go by. The two-year-old has wormed his way through a million hearts with his chubby cheeks and curious eyes. If it were up to us, Taimur would be this age for the rest of his life but every moment, Baby T is growing taller and a lot cuter, if that was even possible. It's no surprise that Taimur is a hit amongst the paparazzi and is as famous as his parents - Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Today, post spending time with his daddykins, Taimur was spotted in Mumbai city along with his trusted nanny and bodyguard. As per usual, Baby T charmed the paparazzi and us with his adorable expressions that will make you coo with happiness. Taimur looked cute as a button in a blue dialogue tee which was paired with white shorts and white sneakers. The chote nawab was seen curiously gazing at the shutterbugs while holding something in his hand. Check out the photos of Taimur Ali Khan below:


We adore this kid and how!

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Earlier, in an interview with Pinkvilla, Saif Ali Khan had gotten candid about how Taimur has changed Saifeena's life. The actor shared, "Our timings have changed. We've become more responsible. We sleep earlier. We wake up earlier because he is up at the crack of dawn. Your mental timetable is more based around him than around yourself. And that's a welcome change. I like a bit more stable routine and he is helping me do that. I'm very happy about it!"


All Kareena doing sending photos from abroad gosh woman get a bloddddd y life

Everyday PR photos of the child by the attention seeking flop nepotism couple Kareena and Saif. There is no way that the security guards at the building gate would allow paparazzi to enter these residential parking areas. Kareena and Saif are using their son to stay relevant

God, people need to get over this kid. It's unhealthy for him to be around so many cameras and it's just weird for people to be obsessed with a little kid due to his fairness and blue eyes! He is JUST A KID, the obsession is due to the way he looks. Saif-Kareena need to take some drastic measures to keep him away from this mess, they started it.

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