Tamanna & Kajal Agarwal at Ram Charan & Upasana's wedding reception

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Wedding reception of Ram Charan & Upasana Kamineni was a lavish affair. South starlets Tamanna & Kajal Agarwal were in attendance. While Tamanna chose a heavy Kanjeevaram sari for the event, Kajal Agarwal went for an ornate Varul Bahl outfit. Both ladies looked gorgeous.

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kajal better suits charan

kajal looks taller tan charan

Tamanna is the most beautiful angel in the world

Tamanna is so beautiful


cute ram charan but his wife not match to him

ammma tamanna pls dont smile neeku ettupallanni maaku telusule makeup!! !!!!!!

thamana Ilike by: kayana

thamana I love you

both thamana and kajal r sooooo beutiful . they r in good dressing .both looks sooo prety.

super jodi

i love kajal and ramcharan


lets stick to bollywood??? post all these southies some where else please!

These people are South Indian superstars. They are very well known actors/actresses of the South Indian cinema


kajal look so cute in rams sangeet they both have a giid on screen chemistry let them work together in more films

lady in orange sari and bun looks like M Dixit

Kajal's dress is so beautiful

Tamanna is stunning

Tamanna has become extremely close to the Chiranjeevi extended family. She's done films with Allu Arjun, Ram Charan and now uncle Pawan. She goes to all the family functions. Chiranjeevi seems very fond of her and was heaping praises on her a few months back. I wonder if Charan had met Tamanna first, if she'd be the bride instead of Ms. Apollo.

Tamanna looks great. She is so beautiful. I saw the interview she and Charan did together, they have a lot of chemistry. Hope they act in more movies together.

Ram Charan is a handsome man. I don't want to be mean but the bride is very average and she looks old. Odd couple. On there hand Tamanna looks beautiful. I thought she was the bride. Peace.

he is ram chirinjeevi son and tamanah she is superstar of tamil films she had done her first video with indian idol abhijeet sawant song lafzon me keh na saku bin tere reh na saku....kajal agawal si singham girl...

he is chirenjivi son ram who is introducing with priyanka chopra next yar in zanjeer remake and tamanah she is punjabi butnow superstar of tamil films...tamanah had done first video with indian idol abhijeet sawant song lafjon me keh na saku..kajal agarwal is heroine of singham...

That Tamana woman looks just like Madhuri Dixit

i know upasana! lol cool.

Tamanna looks amazing, from head to toe. This is how one should dress for a wedding with elegance and style. Love the sari, the blouse, the jewellery, the bindi, and ESPECIALLY the mogra. And the sari is draped so beautifully, on top of everything. Can't fault a single thing.

Kajal's suit is a bit too busy for my taste. And the bride's lehenga is too short. I'm not really that impressed by its colours or design.

Who are these people? Never heard of them.

kajal is perfect match to charan than upasana

You are correct kajal is perfect match with ram charan than his wife

Tammanh's gorgeous!!! I heard she was in a film opposite Ajay? True or not?

kajal is sooooooooooo pretty

Kajal Agarwal had been very confident in her bollywood debut, also at that time she started making fun of south heroines (including tamanna) and films. saying she is from mumbai and going to bollywood is her dream.

After the movie release she did not accept any south films waiting for bollywood movie.insted she started asking directors to work with her sis who is not at all successful. At that time tamanna became very popular( Now tamanna is most wanted heroine in telugu). Now Kajal with her PR spreading rumors that tamanna got a bollywood movie and is ready to move any time. but its al reveled by a news channel that kajal with her PR is spreading such things.

There is a insecure feeling for her becos of tamanna. The media finally said Tamanna can really act but Kajal is a glam doll, who should be there in the movie for songs.

Kajal's dressing sense is one which attracts poeple but Tamanna my god she gets all the Halloween dresses for songs

Tamanna looks fabulous. Elegant and beautiful, she has flawless skin. Kajal looks pretty too but I wish she'd more effort with her hair. I heard she was there with Prabhas, when will the two of them 'fess up and come clean about their relationship?

tamanna and ramcharan makes a good pair...why cant they marry???

I'm sorry but Ram Charan and Tamanna look like the bride and groom here. The actual bride doesn't look all that comfortable.

The Groom's father was more Charming.

oh my god! I love kajal's outfit! totally want it!!!!

Tamanna looks gorgeous!

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