This throwback picture of Saif Ali Khan with kids Sara and Ibrahim is priceless

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh's children, daughter Sara Ali Khan and son Ibrahim Ali Khan, are pretty much popular. We came across an old picture of Saif with Sara and Ibrahim and it's indeed priceless.
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Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh's children - daughter Sara Ali Khan and son Ibrahim Ali Khan are amongst our favourite star kids in Bollywood. We came across a throwback picture of Saif with Sara and Ibrahim. In the picture, Sara is walking with dad Saif and Ibrahim is looking at his dad. Isn't it quite a candid photo?
Check out the picture: 
In an interview with a leading daily, dad Saif got candid about son Ibrahim Ali Khan. Saif said, "Ibrahim (already) thinks he is an actor before Sara because he did Tashan (2008). And he was upset when it didn't work (laughs). But he is a good looking guy. All our friends' children in our peer group want to be actors because they see it as an attractive profession with respect, money, affluence and a certain amount of privilege. But how many of them are interested in acting, I don't know. Sara has a degree from the London School Of Economics and still want to be an actor over a banker so obviously, there is something very attractive about this lifestyle."
He had earlier said, "As long as Ibrahim is happy, he can do whatever he wants. It's good to have a job and have something to talk about in your life. You can become a teacher also. Sometimes we don't have that quality of life in Mumbai. I love the city but we pay a price too. Maybe, you can get a teaching job in Dehradun, which could be cleaner and nicer. So you can live however you want to but please think about it and decide. That's my advice to my kids. You can't blame anybody later. You should know what you want. Try and figure that out, and then stick to it." 
Sara is all set for a Bollywood debut with Kedarnath. When Saif was asked about Sara by a leading daily, he spoke about the advice he gave her. Saif said, "I told her once try to concentrate on the art. Look at people like Aamir Khan, you can make your own rules. Don’t get caught up with what it seems to be about. You can take a script and check into a Venice hotel by the canal, read your script, think etc. Be creative, see the world. If you don’t get caught up in the tiny little politics but push creativity. The compromises define you. My first movie I was told if I didn’t stop seeing the girl I was, I will be chucked out. I said okay chuck me out. But I bet a lot of people would if they were told by the king of Dharshraj (laughs) to do that. Not that they would."



Sara so fat

saif was so handsome back then. yo dude- hit the gym with bebo

He seemed to have more energy with his kids then. With Taimur he seems tired

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