Twinkle Khanna's training becomes successful as Akshay Kumar and son Aarav prepare dessert for guests

Twinkle Khanna a took to Twitter to share the picture of Akshay Kumar with son Aarav.
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Akshay Kumar is a doting father and well, we all are aware of this fact. Akshay shares a beautiful bond with both son Aarav and daughter Nitara. Twinkle Khanna took to Twitter to share the picture of the father-son duo cooking a dessert for the guests coming over. 
Twinkle wrote, "Father and son busy making soufflé and layered white chocolate mousse for our dinner guests .I've trained my boys well :) #sundayshenanigans."
Isn't that just a perfect to celebrate a Sunday?
Talking about Aarav, the tall teenage boy strikes an uncanny resemblance to both the parents and his pictures are one of the most searched star kids on the Internet.
He is often spotted on a Sunday outing with parents and totally looks like a family guy. He is a doting brother to his little sister Nitara. The charming lad was also awarded his first-degree black belt in martial arts.
Though media shy, Aarav is often snapped by the paparazzi as he is spotted with his friends for late night movies or during dinner dates or luncheons with family.
Check out the tweet here:
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I am pleased to see that their teenage son can cook.

Akshay used to work in the kitchen in restaurants, and their son has an interest in cooking. Akshay told the media once how he gets his son into cooking workshops and lessons abroad and supports his interest. She is the only one I doubt can do a thing around in the kitchen though. Regardless of their imperfections, I love this family photo. Their son is perhaps the only star kid who is genuine, humble and sorted.

This is the kitchen in their home??? Looks really tiny and in need of an upgrade!

Wasn't Akshay a chef!!! What training did she give to him exactly?????

It was meant to be sarcastic I think!

Why is mrs.funnybones trying so hard to shove down "Akki is the perfect husband"crap down our throat? To hide her husbands philandering ways perhaps.

Twinkle tries to hard it's so contrived her posts and her writing that it doesn't feel authentic it's like here see how witty and quirky and funny I am. I agree she has good vocabulary and she can put together sentences well.. the the effortless authenticity in her observations isn't coming across. Her hubby is a good man and her boy is sweet! I know Akkie plays the field though ...

mrs unfunny bones-- what exactly are you training them for? a Photo op? #entitledshenanigans

Akshay is soo handsome

Well done Mrs.Kumar.

what? No one needs to be trained in the kitchen, neither girls nor boys. Do it if you want, why ask for points when you probably never need to enter the kitchen. Just do it for 'fun' and then call it training. So silly. There are probably people out of the frame who will now clean up the pots.

Son is for real into it. Akshay-- just give it up man.

I don't like Twinkle. I'm impressed by Akshay and his son though, good cooking skills.

Lovely! Akshay's kid is so sorted and good looking.

Joyous times

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