Watch Ranveer's crazy antics from the DDD wrap party

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If you thought Ranveer Singh's entry and the outfit was crazy enough, wait till you see what Ranveer did while at the 'Dil Dhadakne Do' wrap party that happened last week.

A couple of fans who were inside the lounge at the party, got to see Ranveer and his crazy fun antics. He even posed for some photos with them which we have posted here.

The party was also attended by Ranveer's co-stars in the movie - Anushka Sharma and Anil Kapoor.

This highly anticipated movie is directed by Zoya Akhtar and produced by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar. The film features Ranveer, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Farhan Akhtar, Anil Kapoor and Shefali Shah. It revolves around a dysfunctional Punjabi family on a cruise trip and is scheduled to release on June 5, 2015.

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He loves his fans alot, but I don't see any crazy antics...he's just posing for pictures

Wow he is really interactive with his fans! I want to meet him. :-)

One thing that I like about him is that he is always very warm and affectionate with his fans...I wish everyone in Bollywood behave the same way.. Afterall fans make them stars...

Ranveer is growing in me these days..hmmm

it is growing ON me dear, not IN;)

Spamming should be banned

Hot Hot Hot

There was a poll conducted by a magazine which selected Ranveer Singh as "The Wild One".. I can see why..

I started liking him after watching Lootera..Now I am a big fan. Smile onnn

He surely knows how to work hard and party harder. Smart boy.

In bollywood I have seen stars going into a shell after getting stardom and success. Ranbir kapoor is the best example. He became an irritating and uninteresting guy post his success...But look here... Ranveer Singh still has that child within him...very warm and approachable... I think these qualities will take him to the top...All the best.

He is a crazy crazy crazy boy... very hard to hold such guys... they can't be tied... girlfriend need to worryyy

I absolutely adore this guy. He is unaffected by stardom. Some others got drowned in stardom and is very boring now. But Ranveer escaped that danger. Well done. Keep the fire burning..

hahahah..he's a good way...

Everybody should party like RANVEER SINGHV !!!!!!!

u mean photograph? he's big show offf

He is not a show off... he is real unlike the rest of bollywood. With Ranveer what you see is what you get. Simple as that.

Tooooo loud and noisy!

STAR.......................This is what I like. Others in bollywood are so stuck up but Ranveer is enjoying his stardom. Good to see that.

What did he do? He partied in style. This is how you should party.. Why is PV making a big cry for it as if Ranveer has done some sin!

Ranveer Singh is a raging bull.. exploding with energy all the time. It is impossible for them to stay loyal because so many women approach them.. Deepika is going to pay the price.

Ranveer...aap bahut pyaara hai. Love you. ..your Turkish fan

Tight hug...uhoo. Me so jealous :(:(

Ranveer is attracting a hell lot of female attention where ever he goes..There is something about him. I guess as Sunny Leon said in an interview Ranveer has an amazing personality...that attracts women.


Party sharty ehhhhh??? Crazzyy Veer

Very positive and energetic guy. Like him.

I was so touched by the love he has given to sweet of Ranveer. Keep spreading love and joy. I'll watch all your movies from now on..

Cho chweettt my cutie pieee..Take care

he is so much fun yaa.

Every time I see Ranveer Singh, I get a Redbull effect ha ha. Wonderful guy. Good to see him in the big league now.

Ohh great party. All the best for DDD Ranveer.

He is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Ranveer bhai, hume bhi kabhi kabhi partiyom main le jaaya karo yaar :(

He doesn't give a damn about anyone pr anything. I like that about him..very daring man

If you wanna party then do it like Ranveer Singh.. Full energy, fun, having good time, enjoying himself.

Woww, Ranveer is really having a great time...

Lucky girls.........I am still waiting..I want to meet him :(

Looks like Ranveer was thoroughly enjoying the absence of his girlfriend....Enjoy

He is a hotttieeee.... Chick magnet. Deepika needs to worry..

He is always surrounded by women :)

i like what he is wearing.

I wish I had a boyfriend just like him..It would be so much fun.

Most amazzing man ever

There are many pictures of Ranveer from the Tommy Hilfiger anniversary party....Also there is a video of him dancing so brilliantly at that party. PV, please post those pics and video.

Ohhh myyy....That is some partying Mr Singh :D

He gave his green color glres to that girl for a pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awiiieeeeee.........How sweet is that... Muahhhhhhh

Where can I find Ranveer's number? I want to ask him out for a date :p

Ranveer Singh is a wild child

From where does he gets this much energy? Very rare. I haven't seen anybody with this much energy!

I don't care what others say. I LOVE RANVEER SINGH... Full on.

I wish all B-Town actors were like Ranveer Singh....................this guy is really rockinggg

One RS is more than enough to irritate. No more RS or RS type plz.

he's my favorite flavor of crazy

Wildest, craziest, funniest and the most adorable man Bollywood has ever seen..

he gave one of the girls his glasses,lucky gal

crazy .........

Ranveer is crazy & fun... :)

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