Zero: Varun Dhawan has a funny take on Katrina Kaif’s ethnic look in this picture

Katrina Kaif is currently busy with the shoot of her most anticipated film, Zero starring Shah Rukh Khan. She keeps on sharing amazing pictures from the sets on her social media accounts.
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Katrina Kaif is currently busy with the shoot of her most anticipated film, Zero starring Shah Rukh Khan. In between her shoot, Katrina keeps her fans updated by sharing behind-the-scenes photos while on the sets on her social media accounts.

She shared a picture today on her Instagram account and looks beautiful from every inch of the frame. Wearing a maangtika and nose ring, Katrina nails the ethnic look. She captioned the image saying, ‘’ “ज़ीरो the #zerothefilm मुंबई फ़िल्मcity.’’

Check out the picture:

But while everyone was in awe of Katrina’s exquisiteness, Varun Dhawan found something else more attractive in the picture. Yes, that’s right and it was ‘the wall’. He wrote, ‘’Love the wall amazing.’’ Well, Katrina was quick to comment and she wrote, ‘’Hahahaha Varun.’’

Filmmaker Ali Abbas Zafar had his share of complaints too. He wrote, ‘’Look toward the camera buddy.’’

Zero marks producer-director Aanand L. Rai’s fourth feature film after Tanu Weds Manu, Raanjhanaa and Tanu Weds Manu: Returns. Besides SRK and Katrina, the film also stars Anushka Sharma.

Katrina Kaif will reportedly play the role of an alcoholic. A source had told a leading daily, "While everyone thinks that only Shah Rukh Khan has a special role in the film with a disability, they will be surprised to know that Anushka and Katrina's characters also face various challenges. While everyone knows Katrina plays a diva, nobody knows that she is also an alcoholic in the film. She battles with alcoholism, which affects her life in various ways. Anushka, on the other hand, plays a struggling scientist. The makers are trying to keep these details a secret because they don't want to give out too much information.’’

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this role was written for dp :(

Kimmy K West shld have cameo and dance for Zero why not, Katrina sets the bar

Grrr, I kind of have the feeling she is playing Deepika. As in she is a movie star, and this is one of her roles, but who is the one who plays all these classics SLB roles, DP! DP, why couldn't you have done this? Probably more suited for the role, would sooo rather see Anu-DP-SRK together, that would be a guarantee I would love it, not with Katrina, JTHJ was pretty iffy between SRK and Katrina, they had no chemistry.

Zero will cross padmavat life time collection in only 8 days and toh will do it in 7 day maximum 5 day minimum i can bet

Padmavat collections are due to Dp and zero tzh collections will be coz if khans Kat has nothing to do with it. Lol

Obviously zero has king khan and tzh has salman khan. What kat has to do with it? padamavat is the highest opener of 2018 and earned 278 crs in india while 500 crs ww. ALL due to Dp. KAt even cant dream of it. Padmaavt opened with19 crs all due to dp while all kat movie(phantom, jj, bbd, and fitoor) combined didnt get this much of opening truth need to be posted

Zero will break the record of tzh and toh both because of genius filmmaker anand l rai tzh was megablockbuster toh will be blockbuster because of amir stardom and Katrina item song but zero wll be all time blockbuster guarainty

Feeling so sorry for katty fans. She always proves her haters right and her fans wrong

Kat PR and minions ruling pv must call it katrinavilla

Nog being racist but From which angle she look indian han...n they have given her indian classical kya movie flop karne hai katrina leh acting seh

Kat PR and minions ruling pv must call it katrinavilla. Post pv plz don't be biased towards dp

So she is playing a classical indian dance but she disent looking bharitey lol what a movie

So lovely pic

Oh god ow this var-kat drama after sidkat and adikat. Sorry to say bollywood dont except older girls opposite younger man jodi unless the age is justified.

He is taking a dig at her. :P

Now kat is after young varun

Deepika bots ruling pv must call this deepikavilla

Katrina bots ruling of must call it katrinavilla.

We have seen kangana dp and pc in this look before. Kat should learn to act.

Nothing new. She can't act


Attention seeker Kat.

Copying Deepika or what?

First she leaked jj then tzh now zero.

Katrina leaking pics everyday. Publicity hunger

DP look was sane in RL. Copy katty

Lol kat trying hard to be Indian. Fake

Copying dp

Finally she has a different look.

She is doing a indian classical dance role n dosnet even look

So varun and Katrina are in abcd 3 pinkvilla is day by day becoming bigger than filmfare and all others interms of sources i mean they gave us this incredibly beautiful dream news first good job pinkvilla

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