Pick outfits for BTS’ Jimin and we’ll tell you which era Jimin should be on your phone wallpaper!

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BTS' Jimin in his pink hair era. (Pic Credits: News1)

Still reeling in the after effects of Jimin's looks on Muster SOWOOZOO Day 1, we're sure many ARMYs would have wished they were the stylists of him or other members. While everyone had incredible fun in Muster, almost every ARMY thanked the heat and Jimin's stylists for the outfit. Even today, on day 2 of Muster, Jimin has gone from an adorable guy to a chic man with his hair slicked back and forehead exposed. 


What if you were given a chance to style Jimin? Well, that's exactly what we're giving you an opportunity to! We have options for you to select from, and style him in whichever way you would want. While you're at it, we will also help you choose your next lockscreen (something we're sure many fans are confused about!) So take our Jimin style quiz and take a part in a win-win situation!



Jimin, aka Park Jimin, is a member of seven-member boy group BTS. He has impeccable talent to hit the highest vocal notes flawlessly. He has been the voice behind the famous songs Lie, Promise, Intro: Serendipity and more. On top of being an amazing singer, he also is one of the best dancers in BTS. Each of his performances are always nothing less than a work of art, with him hitting each beat with his moves. 


So, which era Jimin are you going to keep your lockscreen as? Let us know in the comments below! 


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Credits: News1

Anonymous : Teen jimin
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Anonymous : Baby jimin
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Anonymous : Teen Minnie
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Anonymous : TEEN JIMIN
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Anonymous : Me too I got teen Jimin
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Anonymous : I got baby Jimin
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Anonymous : H Baby jimin
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Anonymous : I got baby jimin
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