Pinkvilla Picks: 5 reasons why you should not miss Mithila Palkar, Dhruv Sehgal's Little Things amid lockdown

If you are bored amid Coronavirus lockdown and are looking for some drama to binge on to, then Netflix's Little Things starring Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal is the perfect eye-catching narrative to watch this lockdown.
Pinkvilla Picks: 5 reasons why you should not miss Mithila Palkar, Dhruv Sehgal's Little Things amid lockdownPinkvilla Picks: 5 reasons why you should not miss Mithila Palkar, Dhruv Sehgal's Little Things amid lockdown
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The year 2020 has not started on a good note for many of us due to Coronavirus. And now due to the increase in the number of cases in some cities, the lockdown has been extended till 31st May. Although efforts have been made to curb the entire situation, it isn’t easy as it seems. Amid all, finding a Hindi web series to binge-watch must be getting very difficult for you at home. But don't you worry as Pinkvilla Picks is here with another web-series to watch amid lockdown with your loved ones. 

Today Pinkvilla suggests you watch Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal starrer Netflix's Little Things. The series first premiered on Pocket Aces' channel Dice Media in October 2016 with five episodes. Netflix later purchased the franchise and its second season, with eight additional episodes, premiered on Netflix on 5 October 2018. A third season was released on 9 November 2019 by Netflix. The first season was directed by Ajay Bhuyan and had an episode runtime of 15 minutes each whereas the second season was directed by Ruchir Arun. Little Things explores multiple themes, related to everyday life and the problems and challenges faced in it.

While there are many reasons for you to watch Little Things, we would like to give 5 reasons on why you should not miss this series which truly captures modern-day Indian relationships: 

1. Dhruv Sehgal:

Dhruv Sehgal played the role of Dhruv Vats a young individual who is in a live-in relationship with his girlfriend Kavya Kulkarni. Dhruv Sehgal is not only an actor but he is also one of the founders of Dice Media which produces the series and one among the writers and creators of the series. Little Things that revolve around Dhruv and Kavya and their relationship with one another and with others as individuals is the core of the series and the character of Dhruv Vats is brought alive by this extremely talented young artist. He not only plays the character effortlessly but also makes us feel for him and root for him throughout. Dhruv Sehgal could be the first reason for you to start bingeing this cute and relatable show. The actor has done a fabulous job of bringing this urban, sophisticated, grounded and hip series to people who are thirsty for quality stuff. 

2. Mithila Palkar: 

Kavya Kulkarni is a young strong and independent girl played by the bubbly girl next door Mithila Palkar. She started off her career in Bollywood through Nikhil Advani’s Katti Batti and gained all the attention through her character in Little Things. Her innocent and dedicated portrayal of the character made it relatable to the viewers and Kavya Kulkarni soon struck a chord with almost everyone. Mithila Palkar’s cute portrayal of the role is enough for you to fall in love with Kavya.

3. Story: 

Little Things isn’t one of those series where you watch seriously and has nail-biting moments or talks about the darker side of life. The show is all about situations that everyone comes across at least once in their lives. It revolves around a live-in couple Kavya Kulkarni and Dhruv Vats and the little things involved in their relationship. From fights to late-night deep talks, from career issues to insecurities everything is relatable and carried out in a very cute and loveable way. The storytelling and things discussed in the show has struck a chord with the millennial audience.

4. Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar's chemistry: 

The main reason for the success of the show other than its smart and cute writing is the lead pair’s chemistry. Dhruv and Mithila have aced their roles in this very cute show. Their chemistry with each other and the way they carry the show on their shoulders is commendable. Millennials connect with the show on a level for which these two actors are responsible. Their timing and dialogue delivery with one another will make one remind of their own relationship in certain ways. This show has been a breakthrough for both the actors and Mithila got her first step into Bollywood through this show and her character’s popularity. Dhruv and Mithila are just perfect to the T and they compliment each other's performance. 

5. Relatable Issues: 

While this Netflix show is not only written in a very relatable manner, it also deals with issues that we all seem to go through. From Kavya experiencing an existential crisis to her realizing her mother isn’t someone she always thought she was, from issues like unemployability and finding things to do what you love to problems with being away from home and meeting old friends everything that a normal person in today’s times goes through is discussed in the show in a very positive manner without losing its realistic portrayal. This series shows us the 'Little' issues in our lives and how much it impacts the growth of our lives and characters or personality. Watching your favourite characters going through problems and finding solutions to them that you have gone through or are going through will make you feel all fresh and positive from the inside.

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