Pinkvilla Picks: From laughing out loud to getting motivated; Reasons to binge watch The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

From laughing out loud to finding motivation, here is a list reasons to binge-watch The Marvelous Mrs Maisel amid lockdown. Check it out.
Pinkvilla Picks: From laughing out loud to getting motivated; Reasons to binge watch The Marvelous Mrs Maisel
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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is the best show to binge-watch during the ongoing COVID 19 lockdown. This stand-up sitcom will take your mind off everything. It will make you smile brightly, laugh your lungs out, and sometimes even make you cry but for all the right reasons. In this world of entertainment where creators have conditioned you into believing that strength is synonymous with muscle power, our hilarious Mrs Maisel successfully breaks multiple glass ceiling without even lifting a finger.

The show revolves around a Jewish-American housewife, played by Hollywood actress Rachel Brosnahan, who discovers her flair for stand-up comedy and starts moonlighting as a stand-up comic to explore what she is capable of. From outstanding actors to a gripping narrative, the show has everything. In addition to enjoying a loyal fan base, the show has bagged multiple Emmy awards. If you are still not convinced, here are five reasons why The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel deserves to be on your quarantine binge-watch list. 

The actors

The plot of the show is pure perfection, but it’s the actors that hold your attention and bring the story to life. The cast of this series knows exactly how to make you fall in love with the show. If you are someone who loves watching dedicated actors spreading their magic on screen, this is the show for you.

Each and every character in this show is outstanding. In addition to Rachel Brosnahan, who plays the role of our hilarious Miriam Maisel, this show features various remarkable actors. From Alex Borstein, who plays Susie Myerson to Tony Shalhoub starring as Abe Weissman, every actor in the show is a treat to watch!

Celebrating female empowerment

Do you need another reason? Do you need another reason? Ladies, this show is all the motivation you need to bend the rules and achieve your goals and fight the society that is designed to pull women down. Although the show is set in 1958, it is refreshing enough to belong to 2020. Make Miriam Maisel your role model and you are sorted for life. Miriam is unapologetically savage and outspoken and will teach you about standing up for yourself.

She decided to follow her passion for stand-up comedy back when the society did not allow women to take the stage and crack jokes. She decides to do something for herself and she fights and fights till she finally gets what she wants. And in the process, inspires the women around her to follow their heart.

The hilarious and witty dialogues

The creators of the show have done a brilliant job with the script of the series. It’s fast-paced and loaded with jaw-hurting hilarious one-liners. The writers of the show have a remarkable comedy timing and they never fail to leave their viewers in splits. And even though the dialogues make you laugh out loud, behind every joke, the writers show the reality of our society. For example, when Miriam says, “It’s The Bras. And The Girdles And The Corsets, All Designed To Cut Off The Circulation To Your Brain.”

Female lead

How many times do you come across a show that celebrated a female lead? And there is no catch here. It’s not like the makers have added a strong supporting male lead to share the burden. The show does feature various male characters and they are all amazing, but this show is about women. Not just the titular character, the show prioritises its female characters and they are all equally fabulous. The show comes with a brilliant character arc. You see these women, who are used to living in the background, grow into independent and confident individuals who rule their own lives.


Watch the show if you are missing your girlfriends during the ongoing COVID 19 lockdown, it will give you all the feels. The show celebrates women and it also celebrates the friendships. Even though Miriam and Susie don’t share the same philosophy about life, they are always there for each other. Supporting and motivating each other through all the ups and downs. They respect each other and value each other’s company. Susie is the force that keeps pushing Miriam to keep going.

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