Pinkvilla Picks: Stranger Things: From Eleven's powers to Jim Hopper's cop role; Reasons to watch the show

Pinkvilla picks Stranger Things for you to binge-watch over the weekend and lists down reasons why you should watch the Netflix series.
Pinkvilla Picks: Stranger Things: From Eleven's powers to Jim Hopper's cop role; Reasons to watch the show Pinkvilla Picks: Stranger Things: From Eleven's powers to Jim Hopper's cop role; Reasons to watch the show
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The ones who haven't watched the show already, what are you doing guys? A perfect balance of horror, fiction, science, and fun, Stranger Things is a must-watch for all the right reasons. Remember when all your other friends tag each other on Stranger Things memes and you're there sitting clueless? With the lockdown restrictions in place, we've got all the time in the world to follow new web series so before you hop on to anything else, you must binge-watch Stranger Things and we promise, you wouldn't be disappointed.

From Eleven's superpowers to Jim Hopper's cop role, Will's experience at the upside-down, Nancy and Jonathan's romance, Mike and the gang, and much more, Stranger Things is that science fiction that you'd absolutely love watching. And of course, the Demogorgon too! The show treats the 90s kids giving them a taste of the good old days. Stranger Things takes old ideas and refashions them into something new and exciting. So today Pinkvilla picks Stranger Things to keep you entertained through the weekend. Here are 5 reasons why you should totally watch the show:

Amazing star cast

The star cast of Stranger Things comprises a lot of kids but when it comes to acting, these teenagers ace their role like no one else could ever have. Be it, Millie Bobby Brown, as Eleven, Finn Wolfhard as Mike, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin, Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas and Noah Schnapp as Will, the kids are very well able to take us to the fantasy world with their incredible acting. Besides the young actors, the others have also done a great job in the series. From Winona Ryder as Joyce Buyers to David Harbour as Jim Hopper, Stanger Things has got quite the ensemble to boast about.

The Demogorgon and its scare

We've seen a lot of films with zombies, witches, ghosts, werewolves but never have we imagined something like a Demogorgon, who has a body of a human and the head of a dreadful monster. Making his way from the upside-down, the Demogorgon hunts down his victims in the most unexpected way and controls their minds. Season by season it got deadlier than before and we bet you can't wait to watch what happens in season 4.

David Harbour aka Jim Hopper

Even though it is Eleven who is vested with superpowers, Jim Hopper is basically the hero of the series and you'd know when you watch the series. When David Harbour aka Jim Hopper died in season 3, it felt like the end of the show but the teaser of season 4 unveils that Jim Hopper is very much alive and plays an integral part in the upcoming installment.

Science that seems a lot more fun

Let's admit it, we all were bored of long science lectures at school and we couldn't imagine that it can be so much more fun until we watched Stranger Things. From Dustin's machines, his walkie talkie phone, the Hawkins National Laboratory to Russia's secret underground unit, Stranger Things has science and gadgets that freak you out.

Eleven and her superpowers

Millie Bobby Brown plays the role of Eleven, yep that's her name! While you must be wondering what would be special about the 12-year-old character and we'd say again, watch the show and you'll get to know. Despite having relatively little dialogues, she manages to turn the character into something unbelievable. Quiet but brave, Eleven is the one that saves Hawkins and her friends from the Demogorgons each time. With the ability to track minds and to do things with her power, she's quite the hero of the town.

Mike and Eleven's love story

Stranger Things reminds you of the school romance once again with Mike and Eleven's cute love story. It is only in season 3 that they start dating with daddy Jim Hopper's permission, they meet at his place with the door open 3 inches wide! Mike befriends Eleven and hides her in his home. The strong bond of friendship soon turns into love.

P.S. - Stranger Things 4 is in the making so you might as well stay in the loop.

Anonymous 1 year ago

Unpopular opinion but I am not as crazy for this show as everyone else!