Plan your ideal Monday and we will reveal which Rosé solo song you really are

Mondays are tough, but BLACKPINK's Rosé is here to make it better. Answer a few questions and find out which Rosé solo song you are.
Rosé released her debut solo album R on March 12 Plan your ideal Monday and we will reveal which Rosé solo song you really are
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The M in Monday stands for Monster! After a fun weekend of relaxation and recreation, comes the dreadful Monday morning! Waking up early, reaching college/work on time, a busy day ahead and finally when you reach home! Mondays can be a handful, and secretly everyone dreads a Monday! But, one M cancels out this Monster Monday, Music! Music is food for the ears and healing for the soul. 

On March 12, BLACKPINK's Rosé released her much-awaited debut solo album, titled, R. Rosé revealed in an interview that she had been working on the debut solo album for years now, a little post BLACKPINK's debut and finally, when she was ready, she released her solo album for the world to love. On The Ground is a theatric and operatic fantasy song about self-worth and being content with what you have. Her debut solo album opened to a thunderous response from fans and music-lovers worldwide, Rosé's On The Ground achieved the most number of streams in 24 hours on Spotify, A first for a K pop solo artist. Also, it became the fastest MV by a Korean female soloist to hit 100 Million Views. 

Rosé released Gone, a bitter-sweet song about love and breakups, during the live broadcast of BLACKPINK's solo debut, THE SHOW. Rosé's melodious voice with a heartbreaking tenor effectively elevated the emotions portrayed in Gone. But have you wondered which of the two songs you are? Well, you can find out now. Answer a few questions about how your typical Monday looks like and we will reveal which Rosé solo track you are.

Take the test below:

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Did you get On The Ground or Gone? Share your responses with Pinkvilla in the comments below.

Anonymous 2 months ago

I got gone

Anonymous 2 months ago

i got gone