Plan your ideal summer and we will tell you which The Penthouse character you are

Are you the prima donna Cheon Seo Jin or the penthouse queen Shim Su Ryeon? Find out now.
Plan your ideal summer and we will tell you which The Penthouse character you are
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If The Penthouse could be described with an experience it would be a topsy-turvy, thrilling roller-coaster ride. A crazy ride that leaves you nauseated, but also euphoric by the end of it.  Set against the elite backdrop of South Korea's capital city, Seoul, it explores the story of the rich residents of Seoul's most luxurious residential complex Hera Palace and their never-ending greed for money, power and status. They are so ambitious to conquest their greed at any cost that they are willing to do anything that it takes to reach those heights. 

The first season opened with the brutal murder of Min Seol A, a poor orphan girl. Slowly we are invited into the lives of the rich and elite of Hera Palace, their lack of conscience, immoral behaviour and the perfect masks they wear in the guise of class and social standing in the society. The ugly truths about the conquest of wealth and power are stripped off, right in front of us, as their true faces are finally, unveiled in front of us. But, have you wondered which character you resemble the most? Are you Team Angel - Logan Lee and Shim Su Ryeon or Team Devil Joo Dante and Cheon Seo Jin or are you Team Neutral - Oh Yoon Hee. Well, answer a few simple questions about your ideal summer and get to know for yourself, which character you resemble the most.

Take the quiz now:

The Penthouse S2 concluded on April 2. In a shocking final twist, we see Logan Lee being brutally murdered by Joo Dante (?). Now The Penthouse S3 is upon us, will Shim Su Ryeon avenge Logan Lee's murder or is he actually alive? Wait to find out. The Penthouse S3 is slated to air sometime in June this year.

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Which The Penthouse character you got? Share your answers with Pinkvilla in the comments below.