Plan your perfect rainy day & we will reveal which BTS Soundcloud song you should listen to

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BTS pose for an OT7 selca (Pic credit - BTS Twitter)

It is that time of the year, when all you wish for is to sit by the balcony with your hot cup of tea and let the water droplets dot your face or go out for a long drive in your car, blasting your favourite music and sharing a hearty laugh with your friends. Rains are also reminiscent of the beautiful and heart-touching music we listen to as we watch it rain outside.

Over many years, BTS has given us a treasure trove of beautiful and diverse music in the form of their albums, solo releases and collaborations with other artists. BTS' magnetic and incredibly amazing performances on Muster Sowoozo has once again proven that BTS are true artists who love making music and performing for their fans. However, the true hidden gems from BTS' discography can be found on BTS' Soundcloud account, a community dedicated to musicians, artists, bands and content creators to create and share their music with their listeners.

But which BTS Soundcloud release you will vibing to this monsoon? Well, all you have to is answer a few questions and we will reveal which BTS Soundcloud song you should listen to. Sounds simple, then what are you waiting for? Take the quiz now.

You can take the quiz below:

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Which song did you get? Share your results with Pinkvilla in the comments below.


Credits: Twitter

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