Playlist For Your Soul: 6 powerful songs to get your beast mode on for home workouts ft. BIGBANG, BTS & more

Published on May 11, 2021 10:29 PM IST  |  325.4K

On top of everything else we and the world is going through, taking care of our body and mind unfortunately always gets shoved to the back burner. But, trying to have a healthy body and mind is critical during this hard time too. If you also blame the pandemic for ruining your workout plans, you’re not alone. But if you need that little push to make up your mind about working out, we’ve got your back. 


The biggest issue that plagues everyone is the lack of motivation and willpower to get through the work outs.  Here, we have some tracks that will MAKE you blaze through your cardio sessions. Or at least try to get that adrenaline pumping enough to make you want to move your body. Gearing up with the right mindset, charting out a plan fit your you, and actually working out according to it almost daily will look possible with this playlist!


1. FIRE by BTS


The high energy in this song is guaranteed to get you fired up right from the warm-up sessions. A sure-fire way to ensure you power right through your workouts, if not your actual workout, you at least will be grooving to the song! (Which is a workout itself too, by the way). With the intensity and the lyrics, the problem is how will you be able to rev down, AFTER the workout is complete.


Live however you want, it’s your life anyway

Stop trying, it’s okay to lose

Errbody say La la la la la (La la la la la)

Say La la la la la (La la la la la)

Throw your hands up, scream, burn it up



2. Boss by NCT U


A superhit from the NCT’s sub-unit, Boss is one of the best songs to get your head in the game. The tempo and the tone make you feel like a boss who can conquer anything, right away. It gets your blood pumping, fills you up with energy and will get the reps done before you even know what happened.


I will show you an another you

Feel now fear none

We eye-to-eye

I’m the boss to the world



3. God’s Menu by Stray Kids


A personal favourite that always makes me want to get up and perform the chorus song on a loop, God’s Menu will make your workout session much easier. With its snazzy lyrics and the upbeat pace of the songs, you won’t help but move your body to its rhythms! Not to forget the maximum level of confidence that the song emanates!


We just keep on making new things

Because we're one of a kind

No one can copy us, our own game

From the start, it's all ours



4. Danger by Super Junior-D&E


Danger brings up the aggressiveness and locks in the mindset to finish the work out, from the A to the Z. The powerful theme, rhythm, beats, everything gets you on track to workout no matter where you are - the gym, your home or an open gym. PSA: The beast mode that this song will activate will be hard to switch off. 


I’m a bold guy, that kinda guy

I’m a guy who’s not scared, that kinda guy

La la la la la

Aimed at you, aimed at you, it’s all aimed at you



5. Hard Carry by GOT7


Definitely a great song for a workout session, Hard Carry makes you push past your limits. The track is flawless with upbeat, powerful music that will make you want to conquer the world. An amazing boost during the low, tired moments, this song will help your mind tunnel in and complete that session!


But I'm not full yet, hungry

Whatever it is, I won't lose spirit

In other words, I have a fighting spirit



6. Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang


Who knew years down the line, the iconic Big Bang song would go viral on TikTok and Instagram reels? But that’s just how unforgettable and evergreen the energy of the song is! Bang Bang Bang will have you definitely pumping up the heat and making sure you do the workout while having a fun time doing it! 


Switch up this lame atmosphere

Don't let them hide their madness

The dignity of men, the pretense of women

It's interesting to see this kind of unknown confidence (Confidence)



We’re all in this together. Some with their music, some with their love and us with our playlist. 


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What are the songs that get your adrenaline pumping? Share them with us in the comments below and help fellow fans create a playlist too!