Playlist For Your Soul: Here are 6 extremely soothing KPop songs that can easily be labelled as a lullaby

We're curating a playlist for you with the most relaxing K-Pop songs here.
IU's Through The Night is a goodnight love letter A still from IU's music video of Through The Night
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Troubling times, low energy, hectic office life, or just stress in general - many factors can keep one awake till the wee hours of the morning. K-Pop fans swear by the healing powers an artist's music possesses and so do we. We're not saying you can completely sleep without any struggles with these recommendations, but we're saying that these soothing songs might help you sleep better. 


Whatever the reason might be for your hard times, we're recommending some songs to you that you can add to your playlist and definitely rename it as 'The Lullabies from KPop' (or any other name you wish!) From the soft tones to angelic vocals, there's something for everyone to fall in love with and to fall asleep with the help of, in these songs. 


If you're reading this at any time after midnight, then this is definitely for you. So without further ado, let's get on with it! 


1. Through the Night by IU


The fact that IU wrote this song while struggling from her sleepless nights, might be enough to tell you that this song definitely works wonders. In an interview she said that she wrote this song for her loved ones, who'd sleep before her, leaving her alone and sad, she still wanted them to 'sleep well'. It basically is like a love letter to tell people goodnight, coupled with the singer's insane magical voice. 


Tonight, I’ll send the glow of a firefly

To somewhere near your window

It’s that I love you



2. Blue & Grey by BTS 


BTS' vocals and raps in this song take a healing turn from the first five seconds itself. Comforting at its absolute best, Blue & Grey talk about the tumultuous emotions that one carries with oneself. Even the rap parts in the song are pretty low-toned and will make you feel like you’re in a trance.


How did someone like you come to me?

If only we could be together right now

How nice would it be



3. Lights Out by EXO


EXO’s charming vocals in the background of light music set the mood perfectly. The high notes with piano suit the members’ voice exceptionally well. If (and when) you look up the lyrics, you’d find consoling messages from the boys that’ll tug at all the right heartstrings. Especially when you listen to the song again.


Fall asleep in my arms

Don’t wake up

Morning will come again

So you can peacefully dream

At the end of this loneliness

Just turn off the lights today



4. One of these nights by Red Velvet


The piano version of ‘One of These Nights’ will have you singing the song while you’re trying to sleep subconsciously. The chorus and repetitions will have you singing them too. Coupled with the members’ angelic voice and flawless high notes, this will make your nights a whole lot better. 


In your gaze, just for a minute

Within brushed past fingertips, stay for a minute

In that short moment, everything

Stops for us, in that moment

I think I sparkled at that moment



5. Other Side of Town by OOHYO 


An all-English song, OOHYO’s ‘Other Side of Town’ will make you reminisce about the good old days. With upbeat music and slow tempo, coupled with OOHYO’s soft vocals, this song is almost like an invitation. And when you listen to this while you try to sleep, it definitely will make your journey much better.


It's one of those days

Just one of those days

When you miss your mom and the little games you play



6. Out of Breath by Babylon ft. Suzy


A bit of a faster tempo than the ones on the list, both of the singers’ voices are peaceful and soothing enough to make anyone fall asleep. It’ll probably be the best if this song is not the last as it will get you pumped up too, but the soft vocals in this song will have you dream about a better world and a better life, hoping for a morning to come where you can achieve whatever you’d like. 


I wanna be happy

I wanna trust my wings and wanna fly

I comfort myself that am okay the way I am

I try to cheer up



We’re all in this together. Some with their music, some with their love, and us with our playlists. 


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What is that one song that helps you sleep? Share them with us in the comments below and help fellow fans create a playlist too!

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