Playlist For Your Soul: Kpop songs about mental health to comfort you in tough times ft. EXO, Lee Hi & more

Taking care of your mental health should be one’s priority. Even more so during these times. Check out the songs that advocate mental health and offer comfort!
KPop songs that advocate mental health & make you feel good feat. EXO Chen's nosedive and Lee Hi's Breathe EXO's Chen and soloist Lee Hi clicked at promotional event.s (Pic Credtis: News1)
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Living and surviving more than a year of a pandemic is tough, to say the least. Especially for us Indians, where we’ve been badly struck with the second wave of COVID 19. Isolation, loneliness, the feeling of being stuck, anxiety and many more emotions are on the rise due to COVID 19. In an article by NY Times, they have talked about the ‘blah’ feeling that seems like a dominant emotion across the world now, and it’s called ‘languishing’ - a feeling of stagnation and emptiness. 


Thankfully, for Korean culture enthusiasts, K-Dramas and K-Pop are our saviours in times of trouble, albeit temporarily, helping us keep our spirits up. So today, we’re  making a playlist for you to escape your ‘languishing’ and help you motivate yourself to get through the tough times, one playlist at a time. 


1. Nosedive by Dynamic Duo and EXO’s Chen


Starting off the list with a wonderful song that aims to offer comfort and support to people battling with depression, we have ‘nosedive’. This song definitely has a healing power as they talk about giving solace. 


When I just follow the emotions I life, I feel I’ve become a ghost 

Loneliness is like a grave and you always pull me out of it…



2. Breathe by Lee Hi, composed by the late Jonghyun from SHINee


A gorgeous composition by the late Jonghyun, Lee Hi talks about her struggle of a mild panic disorder, that results in difficulty in breathing. She went into the details of a simple thing like breathing, comparing it to the will to live and to help others who struggle with it too. Breathing is difficult not only when someone experiences a panic attack, but in other situations too. Whenever you feel low, remember that there’s someone who will definitely understand you.


Though I can't understand your breath

It's alright, I'll hold you


She ends it with, ‘You did a good job.’



3. Borders by f(x)’s Amber 


People end up being hard on themselves most of the time. Declining self-esteem, punching holes in their confidence shields because of society’s stereotypes, it’s difficult for many to stay true to themselves and continue leading a path where they’re loved. Even by themselves. Amber takes on the deteriorating self-confidence and focuses on encouraging people to fight their way. If you’re looking for a motivating song, this is it. 


Cause mom said I’d be crossing borders

Never be afraid even when you’re cornered

Stand up straight

Fight your way



4. Wake Me Up by B.A.P


Another powerful song on the list, Wake Me Up by B.A.P showcases anxiety, depression, body image issues and aims to offer a powerful message to them. The lyrics offer hope, power and encouragement to help surpass one's limits and to not give in or give up.


Before it’s too late, I’m getting up

There’s a trembling in my new heart

Wake me up, shout out loud

Yeah wake me up



5. Over by Epik High


Group Epik High have always been staunch advocates for better mental health and have never shied away from talking about their struggles in a conservative society. Epik High’s ‘Over’ is an all-English song that motivates and encourages one to live to their fullest. It acknowledges the struggle and the pain, telling them to keep on going, because there’s still so much left for them to do. 


Keep on goin and taste the stars

Keep on growin and raise the bar

You're livin life for the A's down to the Z's

After the hill you gotta mountain to seize



We’re all in this together. Some with their music, some with their love and us with our playlist. 


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What is that one song that lifts up your spirits, no matter how low you feel? Share them with us in the comments below and help fellow fans create a playlist too!

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