POLL: TWICE’s Jihyo to NMIXX’ Sullyoon - Pick the best female visual at JYP

JYP is home to a total of twenty-nine female idols, including those from TWICE, ITZY, NMIXX, and NiziU, but who amongst them stands as the best female visual is hard to decide. Pick your favorite here.

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TWICE's Jihyo and NMIXX's Sullyoon; Image Courtesy: JYP Entertainment
TWICE's Jihyo and NMIXX's Sullyoon; Image Courtesy: JYP Entertainment

Within JYP Entertainment, a powerhouse in the K-pop industry, a constellation of twenty-nine female idols spanning groups such as TWICE, ITZY, NMIXX, and NiziU showcases remarkable talent and beauty. The quest to determine the ultimate female visual among these exceptionally stunning artists proves to be a challenging feat.

TWICE, the multi-talented girl group boasts members with striking visuals, including Jihyo, known for her ethereal beauty and graceful aura, and Sana, recognized for her captivating charm and radiant smile. ITZY introduces members like Yeji, who is admired for her charismatic stage presence, and Ryujin, who is celebrated for her alluring and dynamic performances.

In the vibrant roster, NMIXX's diverse members bring a fresh allure to the mix, with individuals like Sullyoon and Lily captivating audiences with their unique and captivating appearances. Additionally, NiziU's lineup showcases talents like Mako, capturing attention with her serene and stunning beauty.

Ultimately, the title of the "best female visual" remains a subjective and appreciative acknowledgment of the diverse beauty and talent found across JYP Entertainment's impressive lineup of female idols.

From the poll enlisted below, choose your favorite female visual at JYP.

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