Psy and JYP’s upcoming idol survival program LOUD reveals trainees; Faces flak from netizens for their age

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JYP and Psy to audition two new boy groups in new show, LOUD. (Pic Credits: News1)

There’s never a dearth of new talent with talent agencies keeping sure that they scout only the best. One of the most popular ways to debut and manage a group is through variety or survival shows. So gear up, because JYPE and P Nation’s boy group is on it’s way. The upcoming idol audition show, ‘LOUD’ is again gaining eyeballs, but this time, for something one would least expect.


The first broadcast of the show is slated to air on June 5, at 9 PM KST. The production house is expected to release more information and additional trainees until then. What makes ‘LOUD’ unique is that both JYP and Psy will be making their own idol groups from the winners, which means ‘IDOL’ won’t give rise to just one, but two boy groups. 


Today, on May 21, SBS unveiled promotional videos featuring a few of the trainees that are confirmed to be participants on the show. With each trainee revealed one by one, we have five trainees confirmed as of today: Yoon Min (22 years old), Song Joon Hyuk (21 years old), Kim Se Gon (18 years old), Kim Jung Min (15 years old), and Maiden Moon (13 years old). 


Check out the members below:







As the global audience for K-Pop keeps on growing, they know that idols usually start training around 14-15 years of age, years before they make a debut. Even though these are apparent, the announcement of the ‘LOUD’ trainees has received a lot of flak, majorly because some of them seem too young. 


Netizens find Kim Jung Min and Maiden Moon too young to be considered as trainees, especially Maiden Moon. Online forums are filled with both positive and negative comments, but it seems like negative ones overshadow the positive ones. Take a look at some reactions below: 


"What?? Aren't they all like eight years old or something?"


“13 years???? Lol i think he 6-8 years old”


"There still are some trainees who look handsome...but there are some trainees that are too young. I wonder how they will debut here".


"Omg why are they all so young?"


“He’s literally a child”


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Anonymous : This is absolutely disgusting, they are literally pitting 12 year olds against 21 YEAR OLDS. Unbelievable. I thought debuting at such a young age was a thing of past, like Taemin, or Hyuna.
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