RBW Entertainment shares update on MAMAMOO’s contract renewal: Will the group disband?

It's that time of the year again - contract renewal. Will MAMAMOO make it through?
RBW Entertainment shares update on MAMAMOO’s contract renewal: Will the group disband?
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One of the questions that hung heavy on a lot of fans of the girl group MAMAMOO in the last year was whether MAMAMOO was going to renew their contracts with RBW Entertainment. Especially after the disbandment of GOT7, fans were even more concerned about the same because if even one of them didn’t re-sign with RBW, it could essentially mean that the group would be over. However, RBW has recently released a statement specifying that the discussions about renewal of the contract of all the MAMAMOO members is still going on.

RBW Entertainment said that they are currently in the process of seriously discussing the renewal of their exclusive contracts with the members, keeping in mind their mutual trust. There is still a lot of time left in the current contract period of the members, but the company hopes to provide the members with sufficient time to reflect on and think about this matter as they have put their trust in the company for a long time, and so they began the discussion early on. However, recently, there have been numerous rumors and inquiries about the issue, and so the company decided to release this statement.

The agency continued by saying that two of the members of MAMAMOO, Solar and Moonbyul have already completed their contract renewals based on their mutual trust and expectations. Members Wheein and Hwasa have also exchanged positive opinions on the matter. The company is anticipating good outcomes, as each of the members have great affection and pride toward MAMAMOO.

It might be safe to say that now there is a 50-50 chance of the group staying together, with two members have already renewed their contracts and the rest reviewing the matter positively. Either way, there couldn’t be happier news for fans if the group decides to stay together longer and thus, continue to make amazingly empowering music that inspires people all over the world.

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Anonymous 4 weeks ago

MAMAMOO! WE NEED YOU!!!! I AM A MOOMOO ALL THE WAY!!! But... If you do disband, I am excited for what lies ahead for you girls. I am so proud of you.

Anonymous 1 month ago

I want so much that mamamoo remains a group, together the girls are changing the strict world of kpop. They are artists! They express to the whole world what we think in a low voice, they allow us not to be complex anymore in this world where appearance thrones, to be natural, to be simple, to have the right to be different physically and characteristically, not to be a doll to please others. They allow so many people to be themselves, I hope their influence will grow and mentally open up the kpop industry which imprisons its idols in a marketing image.