The reason BTS makes music, V's perm & more: Here's all that happened at BTS' press conference for Butter

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BTS' group concept photo for Butter, courtesy of BIGHIT Music

Following the release of their second English single 'Butter', BTS held a global media conference for the same where they answered questions from reporters worldwide and shared their experiences while making Butter. The first thing that catches the eye as the members walk in is their outfits and their hairstyles. All the members look quite different from how they did in the music video for Butter but the spotlight is entirely on V's hair. V has light brown hair permed up enough to have it fluff up around his head. Jungkook has black hair once again and he has retained his eyebrow piercing for the press conference. J-Hope has bright yellow hair, which he states is to go well with the concept of butter. When asked about his hair, V said that he believes he can have hair like this only once in a lifetime but he expressed his concern about having unveiled it too soon. Jin even referred to V as a poodle! V shared that as he is in charge of the cuteness of the group, he decided to have his hairstyle to amp up the cute quotient.

RM participated in the rap-making and songwriting process and so did J-Hope and Suga. J-Hope described Butter as being cute and energetic and Jimin mentioned that it was a confession of sorts. The choreography was built from pieces of freestyle dances that the members came up with themselves on set, making it even more unique. Jin mentioned that the group put a lot of love for ARMY in the song, evident from the scene in the music video where the members make up the word "A R M Y" with their bodies. 

Suga shared that their first performance of Butter will be at the Billboard Music Awards which is significant and important for the group. BTS is nominated for 4 categories in the Billboard Music Awards this year. Jungkook expressed his wonder at being nominated for such an amazing achievement and the nomination of Dynamite even after a year of being released truly shows how the song is being loved worldwide. 

RM spoke about their future activities, saying that they were going to focus on promotions for Butter so that Butter truly becomes the number 1 Summer song, followed by their Festa celebrations where they're looking forward to spend some precious time with ARMY. 

When asked what each of the member's favourite part about Butter was, V said that his own part was his favourite. Jin also followed suit, saying that their favorite part also was his own part. Regarding their incredible success now as compared to their debut, RM gave a humble answer saying that they still wore name tags because there might be people who don't know them. When asked about the impact of Butter, Jungkook said that he hoped fans could spend a fun summer with BTS' Butter. J-Hope shared that going through 2020, he learned that music has enormous power and he hopes to continue to make music as he is now missing things that were taken for granted. 

About their variety show appearances, Jimin said that because of the pandemic, a lot of their plans got appended so they appearing on variety shows, especially Korean shows to communicate with fans as much as possible. When asked whether Butter was another try at the Grammys, Suga admitted that they can't say that it's not. RM said that they are indeed thinking of the Grammys and are hoping for a good result. 

Regarding the songwriting, especially in English, RM said that when they first encountered the song, it was already pretty complete. However, some of the parts were not fully compatible with BTS and as such, it inspired the members to participate in the process of song making. Suga and J-Hope also actively participated in the composition and lyrics, especially the rap. RM said that there was initially a gap while approaching the song but it came together quickly as there was not a lot that needed to be changed. Suga said that there's always a competition among the members and that Suga had been studying English but all his suggestions were immediately dropped without any second thought. RM also shared that K-Pop can no longer be explained away as a genre but rather as an industry at large. RM took responsibility for half of the rap sections, which he altered from the original version. 

When asked about whether BTS will ever go back to hip-hop, Suga said that BTS makes music beyond genre divisions. They rather make music for the people, they make pop music and as such, they don't really think about genres but rather about what could captivate listeners. They're always concerned with performance first. About collaborations, especially with regards to QUeen, BTS mentioned that they did not sample Queen but rather paid a homage to the same. Jin said that they have no plans for a collaboration but they are always eager to hear from other artists, especially Queen. Jin finished up by asking Queen to call them

Suga shared that when he started out in Daegu, he performed for two people and it wounded him to make music that no one listened to. He therefore further reiterated and emphasized on this being the reason why he makes music for the fans first and foremost

With a final greeting and a promise to sincerely carry out promotions for Butter, BTS signed off. 

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Anonymous : Thank you for this article. My favorite part is definitely all the parts of the song and/or MV... no part is boring. the beat is new and refreshing! Congratulations to BTS for the wonderful music!
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